The Fox (Riders of War - book one)

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Chapter Eleven


I can’t concentrate on anything but her. Everything about her drives me wild. The more time I spend with her the more the desire takes over. The desire to touch her, hold her. The desire just to be with her.

As soon as she walks in she had my attention. I knew she was coming tonight but I expected her to bail out. I know Riders of War parties can get out of control. Especially if a prospect starts on Talon, there will be a fight.

Bella looked a little frightened when she first walked in. The party was in full swing already so frightened was understandable.

Now that I am next to her I can take her all in. I knew she was beautiful but right now she is unintentionally sensual.

They way she looked in those jeans makes hot. Her perky round ass right there for me to grab. But I can’t.

The tight clothes she wears makes my jeans a little tight too. I try to discreetly adjust my dick before she notices.

“Are you the one that broke Dominic’s nose?” Elizabeth pulls Amelia off somewhere leaving me alone with Bella. She has turned to face me and crosses her legs. Her legs look even longer when she does that.

“The first time,” Dominic says handing us two drinks.

“First time?” She places the straw between her lips and sucks. Everything she does turns me on more.

“He has a smart mouth, which can land him in a bit of trouble with the brothers,” Bella laughs and I can’t help but watch her boobs bounce under her top. That top is going to be the death of me.

“Oh of course.”

We drink and laugh. Bella insist we do shots. It isn’t long before she is a giggling mess.

She moved her chair over closer to mine as we talk. I feel her arm brush against mine. Heat from spread up my arm. Every time she touches me I feel like I’m on fire. Whenever she laughs you place a hand on my thigh.

Does she know what she’s doing to me? Is she doing it on purpose? Does she want this as much as I do?

“So did it hurt?” I pass her another drink. She eagerly takes it and move even closer to me.

“Let me guess, when I fell from heaven?” Her eyes sparkled with amusement.

“No, when you fell for me.”

Realisation flashed across her face as she processed what I had just said. She puts her drink down on the bar and tries to suppress a laugh.

“On no, that’s not good,” she held her face in her hands. If it wasn’t good why is she laughing. I laugh with her.

I brush her hair out of her face then turn her face towards mine. The alluring expression on her face pulls me in. I stand to get closer to her. Her head tilts back to look my in the eye. Her hands grip the bottom on my shirt. I lean in a little more.

“Bella, come dance with me,” Amelia appears pulling Bella up and out to the dance floor.

“I tried to stop her but she got to excited.” Elizabeth walks behind the bar to grab herself a drink.

“I know you did.” We both laugh and follow the two crazy drunk girls to the dance floor.

Bella moves her body to the rhythm of the music. I have never been one for dancing. There's so much sweat on my skin and not all of it's mine.

I feel Bella’s body press against mine, I suddenly love dancing. Her ass grinds against my dick as she sways her hips. I grip her waist and hold her close.

After a while I leave the girls to dance and sit at the bar with Alex. He smiles at me and hands me a beer. I turn to watch Bella, she fits right in.

“She having fun?” Alex asks watching the girls dance.

“I think so,” Bella is sandwiched between Elizabeth and Amelia. She has the biggest smile on her face and can hear her laugh from here.

“I think she will fit in well here,” my head snaps over to Alex.

“What do you mean,” I ask taking a swig of beer.

“You have been obsessed with her since you met her,” I skew up my face and look at him a derisive look. He sets his drink down and crosses his armed over his chest.

“How many hussies have you slept with since meeting her?” I had to think about it. None. I just sigh and sit back in my chair.

“Exactly, I doubt you could get it up for anyone but her,” He nods his head over toward the dancing girls. “I mean I get it, have you seen the tits on that girl.”

I feel my blood boil. I swiftly grab Alex by the collar of his shirt and throw him against the bar. He just stands there with a proud look on his face. He had said that to stir me up and it worked. I sit back down and glance over at Bella. She was still dancing but was looking at me confused.

“Man she’s got you wrapped around her finger already.”

Bella walks over to us. Alex looks at me wiggling his eyebrows and walks off. Bella stops right in front of me and places her hands on my knees.

“Going to tell me what that was about?” She raises an eyebrow at me. I shake my head no and look around the room.

“How do you feel about being at a Rider party?” The smile come back to her face as she orders another drink.

“It’s interesting,” she takes a slow sip and faces the rest of the room. “Is it always like this?”

“Just on weekends or when the Hussies are around,” she frowns a little and turns to me pursing her lips.

“Hussies?” She asks taking another sip of her drink. I can’t stop staring at her lips. Her soft, full lips.

“The girls like Cherry over there.” Cherry was currently sitting onto of a prospect with her skirt hiked up riding him while he sucks on her tits.

“Cherry? Well that’s a stripper name is ever I’ve heard one,” she tries to laugh it off. She stands in front of me, blocking my view of Cherry.

“Is that jealousy I hear?” I stand up towering over her.

“Maybe a little,” I take the drink out of her hand and set it in the bar behind me.

“Trust me you have no reason to be jealous.” My voice gets deeper and I can see lust take over every feature on Bella’s face.

“Oh really,” she whispered sliding her hands up under my shirt.

“Really,” her nails run down my abs. She takes ahold of my cut and pulls me closer.

“Prove it.”

I grip her waist and pull her into me. I push her hair out of her face and hold her face in my hand. I bring my lips down on to hers. Her soft lips feel like heaven on mine. She responds quickly by pushing herself up on her toes to wrap her armed around my neck.

I pick her up off the floor and her ankles hook together around my waist. She runs her hands through my hair slightly tugging as she does.

I move to head upstairs with her body still pressed against mine. From behind I hear a bunch of brothers cheering and whistling. Amelia and Elizabeth yell from the dance floor but I am too caught up in Bella to care what they said. Once I make it upstairs I head straight to my room and close the door.

I push her against the back of my door and kissed her fiercely. She let out a low moan. A sense of urgency is present during the kiss and the soft grunts that I let slip let her know how much I want this.

My hard dick digs into her abdomen as I press against her.

She fumbles with my belt and loosens my jeans. She grabs ahold of me from inside my boxers. She slowly started to move her hand over my dick. I kiss down her neck, when she let out another moan I know I have found the sweet spot. I bit and suck on her neck as her grip around my dick tightens.

She pushes me back, her eyes burn with desire. She inhaled deeply.

She sank to her knees and slipped my dick into her mouth. She sucked, slurped, taking me deep. Then she gently swirls her tongue over my tip. She licked along the underside of my cock before taking me in her mouth again. I felt the back of her throat open as she took my entire length.

She pushed my jeans to the floor and I step out of them. Her hands rise up pushing my shirt up too. I quickly take my cut off then pull my shirt over my head not wanting to miss a thing.

As her head bobs I undo the knot holding her to up. Her top falls exposing her breast. Naughty girl isn’t wearing a bra. I pinch her nipples and she lets out a moan. The vibration from her moan almost causes me to explode right there.

She gasped when I pull my cock from her mouth. Shocked, she looks at me then smirked. Clearly she’s not done and neither am I.

She rose to her feet. She pulls her top up over her head, drops it to the floor and faces the wall. Bracing herself against it, she quivers when I push her pants down and drag her thong aside. My cock noses her soaking slit.

“Ahh…” I slid smoothly inside and fuck her hard: deep plunges. My hand falls slapping her ass. Her knees trembled as the twinges of an orgasm grew.

With a guttural groan, I pump harder and dig my fingernails into her fleshy thighs. Her orgasm is so close. Desperate for release, I reach for her clit and rub furiously.

“Yes…Yes…” The waves built and the first tiny jolts she throws her head back. Closer, almost there. “Yes!”

Spasms shook her. She grips the wall, her knees threatening to give way, she clamps her thighs around my hand. She cried out, delirious with bliss.

My body shudders as I come inside her. I paused to catch my breath, cock pulsing, then slick cream drips down her thighs when I slowly withdrew.

“Best party ever,” she stands breathlessly against the door.

“Oh it’s not over yet.”

I pick her up and throw her on the bed. Ready for round two.

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