Her Alpha Prince

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Chapter 11

Daniel watched Amelia move about the kitchen, rolling out the dough, cutting cookies, and baking them. He helped move cookies to the cooling racks as she asked. He liked the feeling of being helpful to his mate. If he didn’t have Savannah’s baby reveal to be at tomorrow, he would ask her if she needed help at the farmers' market tomorrow.

“How does being at a farmers' market work?” he asked, wanting to hear her voice again. Amelia had a melodic voice, one he could listen to all day and never tire of hearing.

“Tom is my delivery driver, he helps me set up and run the stand. I take down the custom orders and usually do a demonstration of how to decorate a plain sugar cookie. We have decorating kits for purchase with plain cookies. They are our most popular seller, I’ve been approached many times to make the kits for birthday parties.”

“Is Tom your only employee?” Daniel wanted to know everything about his mate. If she wouldn’t share about her time as a foster child, then he would ask about her company. It impressed him how well known her company had become if his sister Savannah knew about it. That meant many of the women in court either purchased items from her or would be soon.

“Yes, Tom is my only employee, and he works for a delivery service when not delivering for me.” He watched her move with a grace that would rival a dancer.

“It just occurred to me, you know if Savannah is having a boy or a girl,” he commented, giving her a big smile.

“I’ll tell you the same thing I told Kylie when she asked. You will have to wait,” she replied, and he groaned, walking over to wrap his arms around her waist.

“Even if I do this?” he asked and nipped at the exposed skin on her neck. He felt her knees buckle, but she shook her head.

“No, I am under strict orders to keep the gender a secret. Even being my mate I cannot break my client’s confidence,” she explained, and he whimpered, kissing the tender spot behind her ear.

“Daniel,” she sighed, leaning into his body. He knew he was affecting her, and if he were, to be honest with himself, he wanted to take her to her bedroom and make love to her.

“You are perfect in my arms,” he murmured, sucking gently on her skin leaving behind a red mark. Her rounded hips and bottom pressed against his rising need, and he groaned in her ear.

“Do you feel that?” he whispered, pressing his hips into her bottom.

Beep, beep! The oven timer blares and reluctantly he lets her go so she can get out her last tray of cookies. His phone vibrated, and he looked down, checking his phone. He had three missed messages from his father asking where he was, and why he hadn’t attended a council meeting.

“I’m coming out to get you tomorrow and we are going on another date. The party is scheduled to start at one, I am picking you up at seven,” he told her, kissing her quickly on the lips.

“You are leaving?” The look on her face almost broke his resolve.

“I need to attend to my princely duties. I missed a meeting today and my father is unhappy,” he explained and she frowned.

“I am sorry.”

“It is not your fault. He won’t mind once I explain I found my mate,” he assured her, placing another kiss on her lips.

“Are you sure?”

“Positive, I’ll see you tomorrow night.” Placing one last kiss on her lips, he forced himself to leave her in the kitchen and head back to the palace. The drive back he thought about her curves and how amazing she would feel beneath him. Alex stayed silent in the car, leaving Daniel to his thoughts. When they pulled into the parking lot for his cars he was greeted by his father King Stephan and mother Queen Helena. He and his father looked exactly alike with their blond hair and hazel eyes. Daniel was taller than his father by two inches and more muscular.

“Hello Father,” he said, getting out of his car. To his surprise, his mother stepped out from behind his father. She was a head shorter than them with white-blond hair and bright blue eyes, Savannah took after her.

“Where have you been? We’ve been worried sick,” his mother started walking over and offering her cheek. He dutifully bent over and placed a kiss on her cheek.

“I found her Mother,” he announced and saw it take a minute for his news to register on his parent’s faces.

“Amelia? You found her?” Queen Helena asked with a smile on her face.

“Yes, I’ve spent the last twenty-four hours trying to convince her she is my mate,” he explained, a large smile on his face.

“How wonderful! Where is she?” Queen Helena looked around at Alex, trying to see if she was hidden behind his guard.

“I left her in Doyle, I didn’t want to pressure her into joining the court. She was a foster child and didn’t have the same upbringing as many of the people in court,” he shared and saw his father frown.

“Will she be up to being the future luna queen?” King Stephan asked the entire time they spoke, they were headed inside to talk in his father’s office.

“Yes, I know she has it in her. She will need to be trained, but is smart, talented and most importantly my mate. No one will take her away from me, I have searched for ten years. I am not interested in hearing anyone say anything bad about her,” he growled, dropping into a chair in front of his father’s desk.

“I never asked you to give her up. I just want you to be aware of what she will have to go through. We’ve never had a commoner be a royal’s mate before,” King Stephan clarified and Daniel relaxed.

“Amelia told me she doesn’t know where she comes from. The orphanage I visited didn’t have any information on her either. They left her with them at two, a suitcase, her name, birth date, and a stuffed animal. The lady who ran the orphanage didn’t seem to think much of Amelia,” he shared and saw his mother frown.

“What does she look like?” Queen Helena asked sitting in the other chair in front of the desk.

“She has rich brown curly hair, the most amazing emerald eyes I’ve ever seen. She is about your height, and perfectly curvy.”

“Emerald eyes?” Queen Helena exchanged a look with King Stephan and Daniel sat up.


“I’ve only ever heard of Lord Watson having emerald eyes. Are they really emerald?” King Stephan asked and Daniel frowned.

“Exact color, they’ve been in my dreams for years,” he replied.

“We keep this to ourselves for now, but the body of Lord Watson’s daughter Amelia never was found. Did Nick meet her?”

“Yes, but he was distracted, her roommate Kylie turned out to be his mate.”

“Hmm, can you bring her to the castle and we can help her figure out her heritage? I don’t want to stir up something that may not be what I am thinking,” King Stephan shared and Daniel could see where his brain was headed.

“If she is Lord Watson’s daughter, what happened?”

“I don’t know, but we keep this a secret between us until we have her heritage figured out,” Queen Helena ordered and the two men agreed.

“I have a date with her tomorrow after Savannah’s gender reveal,” Daniel shared.

“Bring her to the castle, have a private dinner here and we can meet her,” King Stephan suggested and Daniel thought about it.

“Only if you two promise to be my parents and not the alpha king and luna queen?” he replied worried they would make her nervous.

“She is your mate and our future daughter-in-law. We will be ourselves just like with Savannah’s mate,” his mother promised, and he squeezed her hand.

“I don’t know if you two are right about her being Lord Watson’s daughter, but I want you to meet her. I’ll let her know we will have dinner here at seven and you two can come into my apartment at eight-thirty,” he informed them.

“Thank you, we will see you at dinner and I expect you to make your apology to the council for missing our meeting today. You can explain to them you met your mate and will introduce her to the kingdom when she is ready,” his father reminded him and Daniel groaned.

“I will make my apologies,” he promised and left to find Alex and Nick. Although Nick was probably still with Kylie, if Daniel didn’t have to attend to his duties, he would have stayed with Amelia all day.

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