Her Alpha Prince

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Chapter 12

Saturday, Amelia spent the morning at the Doyle farmers’ market selling cookies. As usual, she did several demonstrations and sold cookie decorating kits.

“Amelia, we sold out of the chocolate rollouts, the plain sugar flowers, and all the kits,” Tom announced at the close of the market. Tom was a twenty-three-year-old graduate student. She’d found him through a bulletin board on the college campus. He had dark brown hair, chocolate eyes, and was lanky. He reminded her of a boy she knew at the orphanage named Branson. Branson was five years older than her and was as skinny as a beanstalk. Tom was working his way through school to become a lawyer. Amelia did what she could to pay him a decent wage. It was a reason she took so long to leave her job. She wanted to make sure she had the funds to pay him.

“Thanks, Tom. Those kits always sell out. I will have to bring more next week,” she answered, packing away the few items she had left.

“My sisters would love those.” She turned to see Tom thinking through an idea.

“Come back to the apartment with me and I’ll give you three to take home,” she promised and his eyes went wide.

“No, Amelia, that is how you make your money,” he objected and she laughed.

“Tom you’ve been the best delivery guy a girl could ask for. You’ve never broken a single cookie, no complaints about your customer service and you help every weekend. Three decorate kits won’t hurt my profits. You can pick the cookie flavors too. I made a batch of Hogwarts crests and had extra cookies leftover,” she replied, putting her last box on her rolling cart.

“Thanks, Amelia, you are the best. How did the order for Princess Savannah go?” Tom asked, helping her back to her car.

“Not sure yet. The party is today,” she replied, nerves settling in her stomach. If Princess Savannah hated her cookies, it could ruin her.

“Let me know the minute you know. It was scary delivering them to her residence. I had to go through four security checks and even then I never saw the princess. I handed them to the housekeeper,” Tom explained, and she blanched. What if the housekeep broke one? Shaking her head, worrying over the uncontrollable was a waste of time. She needed to get home and started on her finances. Every Saturday after the farmers’ market, she went through her budget to make sure she was on track. Then she would take inventory and go shopping at the restaurant depot.

“Come on, let’s get back to my apartment and I can give you the three decorating kits,” she told him climbing into the car. Tom followed and in no time at all, they were back at her apartment and Tom was leaving with new decorating kits. Looking at the clock, it said one, and Amelia thought about Daniel and the gender reveal party he had to be at. She grabbed chicken pasta salad from her fridge and settled at her computer to input her sales for the day and check her finances. To her surprise, this month would be her best yet, and that fourth stand mixer was next for her to buy. Moving on to her online orders, she gasped when she saw thirty orders in her mailbox. How the heck? She only ever had five at a time max. Going through the orders plenty of them were for kids' birthdays, and a couple gender reveals, specifically the stork cookies she’d made Princess Savannah. News sure traveled fast. Checking her phone, she saw the princess had announced she was expecting a boy she knew and there was a picture of her cookies with her company’s name underneath. Gasping, she ran down the hall and barged into Kylie’s room only to find Kylie not there.

She looked around the room and noticed Kylie hadn’t come home last night. Frowning, she sent a text to Kylie wondering where she was. It took less than a minute for her to get a response.

I’m with Nick. We spent the night at his place. I’ll be home in five minutes. Amelia smiled and was thrilled for her friend, she’d been searching for her mate for a long time. Going back into the kitchen, Amelia spent the time she waited for Kylie to come home writing out a list of ingredients she would need for all of her orders.


Just Daniel: I’ll be picking you up at six. We are having dinner at my apartments in the palace.

Amelia: What should I wear?

Just Daniel: Something sexy. ;)

Amelia: Daniel…

Just Daniel: The dress you wore last time was perfect.

Amelia: Thanks, I cannot wait to see you. I have some amazing news to share with you in person.

Just Daniel: Cannot wait! See you soon, my mate.

She plugged her phone in and went into her closet to search for a dress to wear to dinner with Daniel. It would be in his rooms in the palace, which meant intimate. It didn’t surprise her he wanted privacy. She could tell he was vigilant on their walk around the beach, making sure they weren’t photographed. He had Nick and Alex with him the entire time they walked the boardwalk, also they went during a time the beach wasn’t as popular. Deciding on a green swing dress that matched her eyes, she paired it with a navy blue sweater (Daniel’s favorite color) and picked out silver flats. She was not steady in heels, sometimes she wore wedge sandals when it became warm.

“Amelia!” Kylie called, she popped her head out of her room to see Kylie in the same clothing she’d worn yesterday.

“Don’t you look happy,” she commented and Kylie blushed walking into her bedroom and back out with fresh clothes.

“Shower and then we can talk about everything, I think our lives will be changing drastically these next few weeks.”

“But in a very good way!” Kylie gushed and walked into their bathroom to shower. Amelia laughed and pulled her iron out to make sure everything was perfect for tonight. Last night she hadn’t slept well. Her wolf kept whining for Daniel. She still didn’t believe she would go into a depression, but her wolf was sad they weren’t together.

“Done!” Kylie announced half an hour later, Amelia was in the living room marking on a calendar which day she needed to make each order.

“Whoa that is a lot of orders,” Kylie commented when she sat next to her on the couch.

“I wanted to show you something,” Amelia shared, handing her phone with the article about Princess Savannah’s baby reveal.

“This is amazing, Amelia! You are going to turn into a sensation overnight.” Kylie hugged her, handing the phone back.

“That is where all these came from.” Amelia motioned to the list of orders that were still growing.

“Are you going to be able to do it all in our kitchen?” Kylie asked, and they both turned to look at the dinky little kitchen.

“I’m going to have to do my best. Thankfully, many of these are small orders and I can do multiple orders from a batch of cookies.”

“I have something important to talk to you about,” Kylie began and Amelia knew where this was going. Kylie was going to move in with Nick as soon as possible.

“Say no more, you and Nick are mates. Daniel and I had this conversation yesterday.” Amelia held up her hand to stop Kylie from telling her the sad news.

“Nick asked me to move in with him. He has an apartment near the palace,” Kylie explained, and Amelia gave her a soft smile.

“I will miss having you down the hall, but don’t think this gets you off the hook helping me with my wardrobe. I am Prince Daniel’s mate, you know I am going to need to look fashionable,” she joked and Kylie laughed.

“I’ll be your personal stylist,” Kylie promised and Amelia laughed.

“I am counting on it, and Nick is Daniel’s beta, we will see each other all the time. You will be required to attend all the same events I will,” Amelia remarked and looked up to see Kylie pale.

“You okay?” she asked, squeezing Kylie’s hand.

“It just hit me, I am the mate to our country’s beta and you are the mate to the alpha prince. How did our lives turn out this way?”

“Because life is funny that way. Two foster kids making it big. I hope the Naustin Family doesn’t think they can try to reconnect with us,” Amelia remarked and Kylie frowned.

“They might, I know they are going to say something about being our foster family and how they made us into the amazing women we are today,” Kylie replied and Amelia huffed.

“Daniel wants me to talk about my time as a foster kid, he pushed yesterday for me to share,” she explained and Kylie nodded.

“Nick did too. I told him I would share in time, but it isn’t something I want to relive,” Kylie added and Amelia agreed wholeheartedly.

“So we need to look at our lease and find out how we can break the contract,” Amelia continued and Kylie jumped up to find their contract so they could read through it and decide when they can afford to break their contract.

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