Her Alpha Prince

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Chapter 13

Daniel pulled into Amelia’s apartment’s parking lot, frowning at the darkness surrounding the parking area. Alex had found the man responsible for the location, but Daniel had yet to speak with him. He hoped he could convince her to move in with him soon. Last night he hadn’t slept. He recalled a conversation he and Nick had earlier that afternoon.

“Dan, I’ve met my mate,” Nick announced, marching into his office. Daniel set down the paperwork he had been working on. Savannah’s gender reveal went off without a hitch and he slipped out after two hours of shaking hands and pretending to pay attention to them speaking to him.

“Congratulations, I sense there is an issue,” Daniel commented, gesturing for his beta to have a seat. Nick dropped into a chair and sighed.

“My dad,” Nick replied and Daniel could see his friend’s dilemma.

“Is he going to cause problems because Kylie isn’t part of the court?” he asked, leaning back in his chair.

“Part, the other part is where she comes from. She is a foster kid, her mother died from a drug overdose. She wouldn’t talk about her time as a foster child,” Nick shared, and Daniel cocked his head to the side.

“Amelia and she were together, right?” Daniel started searching his desk to pull out the information he had on Amelia from the past ten years.

“I’m not sure, I remember from the information we gathered they placed her with two other girls from the orphanage,” Nick replied holding his hand out for the file. Nick knew just as much about Amelia as Daniel did from helping him search for her.

Daniel had a plethora of questions to ask Amelia and he wanted to know more about her. Nerves settled as he thought about his parents meeting his mate tonight. He also had to break the news to her she would meet the king and queen. Shaking his head, he turned off the car and walked to her apartment. To his surprise, Nick was also waiting outside the door with a bunch of flowers. Mentally cursing himself for not bringing her a gift, he laughed when Nick caught sight of him.

“I told you I had a date tonight with Amelia. She is meeting my parents,” Daniel explained when Nick gave him a shocked look.

“I forgot, I am surprising Kylie. She doesn’t know I am here,” Nick shared and Daniel clapped him on the shoulder.

“Have you knocked?”

“No, I was trying to get up the nerve to knock,” Nick replied and Daniel chuckled.

“I got you, step off to the side and I’ll knock.” He pointed to the side of the apartment door to hide. Nick jumped out of the way, and he knocked on the door. To his delight, Kylie answered the door.

“Hello, Your Highness.”

“Good evening Kylie, I am here for Amelia,” he greeted her, and Kylie turned to yell over her shoulder for Amelia.

“It is good you answered the door, I have a surprise for you,” he continued and Kylie cocked her head to the side, eyebrows furrowed in confusion. Daniel beckoned for Nick to step out of the dark. Nick stepped forward and Daniel moved into the apartment when Kylie threw herself into his arms.

“I didn’t think I would see you today!” Kylie cried and Daniel went in search of his mate. He didn’t have to go far to see her walking down the short hallway that led to their bedrooms.

“Amelia,” he sighed, and she looked up, the look of desire flashing through her eyes was too much for Daniel. He pulled her into his arms and smashed his lips on hers. Her body stiffened then softened, her mouth opened for his tongue and he dove in. Her lush body felt perfect in her arms and his wolf roared to life, pushing to take his mate. Her tongue moved with his in an erotic dance, pushing him for dominance of the kiss. Her hands gripped the edge of his shirt, pulling him close, her curves pressed against him. He walked her backward, letting his wolf guide them by scent back to her bedroom. He wanted a private moment with her and if Nick and Kylie were still making out, he didn’t want to be in the same space.

Pushing into the room he knew was hers, he closed the door and slammed her against it. His hands clenched her waist and pulled her hips flush with his. Her lush curves pressed against his, spurring on his wolf.

Mate her! She is ours! He pushed back his wolf and groaned into her mouth. She was addicting, and he never wanted to let her go. Her hands found his hair, her dainty fingers slipping into his hair to tug gently. He kept his mouth pressed against hers, his hands wandering up her back and around to caress one breast through the thin material of her dress. He felt her nipple pucker through the fabric; he ached for her.

“Dan,” Nick’s voice called through the door and he growled. Releasing Amelia, he yelled,


“Alex wants to know where you are,” Nick replied and it took him a minute to remember they were in her apartment and Alex came with him. Looking down at Amelia he saw her eyes clouded with desire slowly clear. He stepped back and allowed her time to straighten her appearance.

“We are coming,” he answered watching her peek into her mirror fixing her hair he had thoroughly disheveled. Catching her eyes, he realized he looked just as disarrayed and set about attempting to smooth down his hair. She giggled, and he smiled, reaching out to tug on one of her curls. She shook her head and turned to face him. He took that moment to admire her dress. It matched her eyes perfectly with his favorite color sweater over top. Noting she wasn’t wearing heels he wondered, every other woman he went out with wore heels because he towered over them. Not her, she was wearing silver flats.

“I am bad in heels,” she admitted, and he must have shown his surprise on his face.

“I think you look beautiful,” he told her, bending down to place a chaste kiss on her lips.

“We should go before Alex gets impatient,” he announced, taking her hand. She picked up the bag she had sitting on her bed and slung it over her shoulder. It was a plain black bag, small enough to fit her wallet and phone. He frowned at it, and she gave him a confused look.

“Is that all you are bringing?” he asked, and she cocked her head to the side, even more confused.

“I only need my phone and wallet,” she replied, and then it hit him. She wasn’t expecting to spend the night with him.

“Will you be okay coming back late?” he asked, trying to tamp down his disappointment.

“I control my work hours, so one late night won’t hurt,” she replied, and he nodded. He promised he wouldn’t push. She needed to feel comfortable around him before he offered her a night together.

“Perfect, come.” He took her hand, and they walked into the main area of the apartment. A note caught his eye attached to the front door. Amelia took it off the door and read aloud,

“Don’t wait up tonight. I won’t be back. Love you! Kylie.” She chuckled and placed the letter on the table, grabbing her keys from the table by the door. Daniel stepped out of the apartment and watched her turn off the lights and lock up.

“Ready?” he asked once she turned to face him again. She nodded, and he walked her down to his car where Alex was waiting, leaning against it. This time he’d taken his SUV, so Alex had space in the backseat.

“How many cars do you own?” Amelia asked him when he opened the front door for her.

“I have two that I drive regularly, but I also have some vintage cars I keep to work on,” he replied, climbing into the driver’s seat.

“I always thought you were driven places,” she remarked as he pulled out of her parking lot. Daniel caught Alex’s eye in the rearview mirror and knew he had something to say but didn’t want Amelia to hear it.

“Only when I am on official princely duties. I prefer driving myself, I trust my skills more than anyone else. If I have to have a driver Alex or Nick do it,” he explained.

“Alex is your head of security. Is he in charge of all security or just you?” Amelia asked and turned over her shoulder to look at Alex. Daniel sensed his unease but didn’t save his friend. Amelia was his mate, Alex would have to get used to speaking to her too.

“Just Daniel,” he replied, and she humphed at him. Daniel bit his lip to keep from laughing out loud. He could tell Amelia did not like the curt answer.

“And…” she prompted, waving her hand.

“Until Daniel takes over the throne. Then I will be in charge of all security details. I am currently in charge of him, Nick. If you accept being his mate, I will be in charge of you as well,” he answered and Daniel saw a triumphant smile grace her lips.

“That wasn’t so hard, was it?” she asked and turned back to look at Daniel. Alex said it two nights ago, she would be a brilliant match for him.

“Daniel, where are we having dinner?” she asked, and he remembered he had to tell her about their dinner guests.

“My apartments in the palace. I have the chef making us a delightful dinner. After dinner I would like to introduce you to my parents,” he shared and waited for her to panic.

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