Her Alpha Prince

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Chapter 15

Daniel was furious. How could she be used and abused like that and no one found out? He needed to find that family and demand some answers. Her hands touched his, and her lips pressed onto his. Desire roared in his veins, drowning out everything. He relaxed and swiped his tongue across her lips. She opened, and he dove in to taste. She was an addiction he never wanted to give up. Their tongues touched, and he devoured her, pulling her onto the couch and pinning her against the cushions. His hands slipped down her body, finding the edge of her dress. Touching her bare thighs, he marveled at how silky her skin felt underneath his rough palms. Her dainty hands tugged on the buttons of his shirt until she had his shirt open and her hands underneath his undershirt. The touch of her fingers was electrifying, and he needed more. Breaking their kiss, he nipped down her neck to the top of her dress. Pulling down, he revealed the tops of her perfect breasts. Kissing the delicate skin, he felt her shiver. His free hand slipped up her dress and under her bra to caress her nipple. Her moan broke through her plump lips tempting his control, he needed to feel her pussy wrap around his aching cock but he didn’t want to push her faster than she was ready.

“Amelia, you feel amazing in my hands,” he whispered sucking on her breasts leaving behind a red mark.

“Daniel,” she huffed, opening her eyes to pin him with her emerald gaze.

“Can I have you?” he asked leaving kisses up her neck and seeing the goosebumps he sent down her body when he kissed the spot where her neck met her shoulder.

“Yes,” she gasped when he bit down again. His wolf rumbled in his chest in triumph. They would mate tonight.

“You smell delicious, I can’t get enough of your desire for me,” he groaned into her shoulder, his hands making quick work of the sweater over top of her dress. Her hands pushed his shirt off shoulders and his undershirt was halfway up his body when they heard a knock on the door.

“Daniel?” Amelia stopped and turned her head toward the door.

“Ignore it,” he growled and kissed her again, delving his tongue into the warm confines of her mouth. She relaxed against the couch cushions again, Daniel found the zipper of her dress and pulled it down to reveal her creamy porcelain skin.

“You are beautiful.” Daniel pulled back to look at her, her dress straps slipping down her shoulders to reveal a black lace covered bra. Her breasts were pushed up, begging for him to touch. Her nipples strained against the fabric, he could see them pushing against the fabric. Tugging, her dress slipped down to her waist, and he popped her breasts out of her bra. Her nipples were rosy and ready for him. Bending his head, he cupped one globe with his hand and sucked her perky nipple into his mouth. Her gasp of pleasure made him feel like a god, he needed to please her more. Sucking gently he cupped her other breast rolling her nipple between two fingers drawing a deep husky moan from her lips.

“Daniel,” she rasped her hands holding his head to her breast. He let go with a pop and switched to her neglected nipple biting, licking, and sucking.

Bang, bang! Amelia pulled out of his arms and jumped.

“What was that?” she asked, all lust disappearing from her clouded eyes as she looked at the door.

“Damn it,” he growled and stalked over to the door. Ripping it open, blocking whoever was at his door’s view into the room. He didn’t want them seeing Amelia half-naked on his couch. His eyes widened when he saw his mother and father standing outside his door with amused expressions on their faces.

“Give me a minute,” he told them and shut the door. Turning around, he saw Amelia had put her bra back up and her dress was on her shoulders again, covering her luscious skin.

“Who was that?” she asked, and he sighed.

“My parents, I forgot they were coming,” he replied and her eyes went wide with panic.

“They will love you because you are my mate,” he assured her walking over to take her in his arms again and kissing her. She melted in his arms and then pushed away.

“We can’t start up again, your parents are waiting,” she pointed out.

“Turn around, I’ll zip you back up,” he said motioning for her to turn around so he could zip her. She turned, unable to resist he bent his head and nibbled her neck while he zipped her up.

“Daniel,” she whined with a laugh in her voice.

“I can’t help it. Every second I spend with you confirms without a doubt you are my mate and an amazing woman.

“You can’t say things like that to me,” she protested. Daniel cocked his head to the side and buttoned his shirt.


“Because you will put ideas in my head that you want me as yours,” she argued, and he stared at her.

“But I want you as mine. I want to be yours, I want us to be a mated pair,” he said, finishing with his buttons and tucking his shirt into his pants.

“How will this work? I am a nobody,” she replied, and he ran a hand through his hair.

“You aren’t a nobody, you are my mate.” Daniel bent down and placed a fiery kiss to her lips, wanting her to feel what he felt.

“Amelia Byrnes, you look at me,” he commanded and her head snapped up.

“I will say this once so listen well. You are my mate, I will not find another. I want you.” He punctuated his words with another kiss before his parents knocked on his door again.

“Daniel,” she sighed and wrapped her arms around his waist, pressing her face into his chest. This felt right. She was the perfect one for her.

“We need to let my parents in. I don’t know how long they will wait in the hall for us and might just barge in,” he admitted, and she stiffened in his arms.

“Be yourself.” He kissed her gently and opened the door.

“Took you long enough,” his mother laughed and swept into the room only the way she could.

“Mother, father, I’d like to introduce you to my mate Amelia Byrnes,” he said taking Amelia’s hand and pulling her into his side.

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