Her Alpha Prince

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Chapter 16

Daniel kept checking his phone for the time. His parents were laughing at a story Amelia was telling about her time in culinary school. He wanted some alone time with her to finish what they started on the couch she and his mother were sitting on. Sitting with his leg shaking, he checked his phone for what felt like the hundredth time. It was closing in on ten-thirty and he wanted his mate. His mother caught his eye and laughed.

“I think we have overstayed our welcome. It was wonderful to meet you my dear and I look forward to spending time together. Once you and Daniel are mated we will begin the hard work of learning about our courts.”

“I learned a lot in high school, but I don’t know how to plan a party or anything,” she replied and he smiled.

“Don’t you worry about that, you and I will do it together. Stephan isn’t retiring for a year, you will have plenty of time to learn.” His mother squeezed her hand and stood. His dad stood and took her hand.

“It was lovely to meet you, Amelia. You will be a wonderful breath of fresh air to our courts,” King Stephan said. Then he and the queen left the room. He shut the door behind them and locked it, turning to look at Amelia. She was up and cleaning up the dishes from their dinner.

“Is there a place I should put these?” she asked, pointing to the plates.

“Set them on that tray and I’ll put it in the hallway,” he replied, placing a kiss on her cheek. She was so cute cleaning up.

“You don’t have to take them back to the kitchen?” Her look of surprise made him smile, he couldn’t wait to spoil her as the future luna queen.

“No. We leave it in the hallway, and the maids will pick them up. Normally they come in after we eat, but we’ve been busy and our conversation was a private one.”

“Wow,” she replied, handing him the plates. He put them in the hall and turned back to his mate.

“Your parents are so sweet,” she told him sitting back down on the couch. Daniel nodded and slowly unbuttoned his shirt.

“They seem to like you already,” he replied, dropping his shirt and walking around the couch. Her eyes widened, and he smiled. This was his mate, and he needed to feel her naked skin against his.

“I want you.” Daniel held out his hand, waiting for her to take it. If she did he was taking her tonight and making her his.

“Does this mean what I think?” she asked, hesitating to take his hand.

“I want to make you mine,” he replied and her eyes widened even further.

“You mean mate?”

“Yes. Amelia, you are my mate and I won’t find another. I want to keep you here with me. I don’t want you to go home.” He knelt at her feet taking her hands in his, he needed her to know how important she was to him.

“I want to say yes,” she replied shaking her head.

“Nothing will change us being mates. You heard the approval of my parents. As long as they approve no one else matters. I won’t push you into mating me tonight, let’s take this one day at a time,” he answered looking into her captivating eyes.

“Can we still be intimate?” she asked, and he smirked.

“Yes.” He picked her up and strode into his bedroom placing her on the bed, he stripped her of her dress looking at her curvy body clad only in a matching set of navy blue bra and panties. Reaching into a drawer, he pulled out a condom. She didn’t want to mate just yet and he would respect her. His manhood hardened. Laying next to her, he pulled her into his arms. He still wore his pants and watched her reach up for his belt.

“Only fair you are as naked as me,” she pointed out, and he lifted his hips to let her pull his pants off and into a heap on the floor with her dress. He pulled her back into his arms.

“Your hair is amazing,” he murmured, leaning up to place a kiss on top of her head.

“It’s a curly mess,” she complained.

“And dark as night, silky, and the perfect length for me to wrap around my hands,” he told her, her eyes opened wide, and he kissed her hard on the lips. She pulled back and kissed her way down his neck, leaving a trail of tingles. Her teeth scraped across his shoulder, he shuddered and lay back, letting her take her time. She laid a gentle kiss on his heart and made her way down his stomach. She dipped her tongue into his belly button and he sucked in his breath. He hadn’t known that it was a sensitive spot until now.

“I love how you look with your lips kissing my skin,” he whispered. Amelia’s hands tugged at his boxers, he helped her pull them down and watched her eyes widen at the sight of his manhood.

Her eyes flicked up to him while her mouth planted a kiss on the tip of his shaft. He jerked his hips. She smirked and slipped the tip into her mouth for a moment before moving down his legs. He leaned upon his elbows to watch her make her way down one leg and back up the other. Sucking in his breath, he kept his eyes on her as her tongue darted out and licked from his balls to tip. Moaning, he gripped the bedsheets; he didn’t want to hurt her by grabbing her shoulders.

Giving him a smirk, she slipped the head into her mouth. She sucked in her cheeks and he groaned. God, she would make him spill his seed like a teenager if she continued. Her tongue swirled around his head, rubbing at the sensitive underside. He shifted his hips, his hands speared through her hair, holding her head he gently pushed down. He needed her to move or he would die from the tension building in his body. Taking the hint, she bobbed up and down on his shaft, making it slick with spit. Her tongue slithered from side to side of his shaft, her tiny hand pumping the portion that didn’t fit into her mouth. Being careful not to hurt her, he helped her set a pace for sucking his shaft. Dropping his head back into the fluffy pillows, he moaned. She scraped her teeth gently up the sides and he almost lost himself in her. Sweat beaded across his forehead and his blood sizzled as she continued to torment him. Letting her bob up and down a few more times, he yanked her off.

“You can’t continue doing that to me or I will spill my seed down your throat. I want to spill it in your core,” he growled.

“Condom first,” she commanded, reaching for the condom on the night table. He watched Amelia tear it open and slip the condom down his shaft. It disappointed him she wouldn’t let him mark her as his yet, but he respected her need to take things slowly. Becoming a princess wasn’t something that happened to a woman every day.

“Take me,” she replied, he pulled her to straddle his hips, guiding her down onto his shaft. Holding her by the waist, he pressed his shaft at her entrance.

“I need you,” he groaned, she smelled amazing. Helping her, he let her slowly take his massive shaft in her core until she was fully seated on him. The feel of her core was like sliding home. She was it for him. There would be no one else. Capturing her mouth in a heated kiss, he moved his hips. She rolled her hips back and forth, he growled into her mouth. She laughed, threw her head back, and rode him. Dipping his head down, he caught one nipple in his mouth and he sucked hard. She screamed, her hands spearing his hair, her fingers gripping his head tightly to her breast. Matching her thrusts with his hips, he pushed her closer to her orgasm. He could feel her body starting to tense with the telltale sign of her orgasm. He moved to her other nipple, rolling the nipple he’d just had in his mouth with his fingers. Tugging, he heard her gasp and bounce faster on his shaft. Wrapping his free arm around her waist, he helped her move faster. She felt amazing wrapped around his shaft; he couldn’t wait much longer. He released her breast, laid back, and thrust harder and faster into her. Watching her breasts bounce, his thighs tightened and his orgasm took over. Roaring his pleasure, he pumped harder and faster inside her, reaching down he tapped her clit twice and she was screaming her orgasm. Her core sucked in his shaft, drawing out every drop of his semen. His muscles contracted to where he couldn’t control his movements anymore. Watching her, her eyes rolled into the back of her head, her hair fell down her back and her lips parted as her orgasm wracked her body. Wrapping her up in a tight embrace, he laid them down on the bed, trying to get his ragged breathing under control. He could tell she was having the same trouble, her heart beating so hard he could feel it in his chest. Placing gentle kisses across her shoulder, he stroked her arm snuggled around his mate.

It was several minutes before he could get up and throw away the used condom. Coming back into his room, he used a warm washcloth to clean her up. Her eyes fluttered open when he touched her.

“You okay?” he whispered, and she smiled at him.

“That was wonderful.” Amelia sat up, reaching for his hand. He leaned over and kissed her gently.

“Want to shower? Then I can take you home,” he said watching her frown.

“You want me to go home?”

“No!” He panicked and sat next to her, kissing her.

“You didn’t bring overnight things, I didn’t want to assume you would sleepover,” he explained, and she smiled.

“I hadn’t intended to stay the night. I didn’t want to have unrealistic expectations,” she explained, leaning her head onto his shoulder.

“I can have Floyd pick up some clothing for you? You just have to tell him the size dress you need. I have extra toothbrushes and toothpaste here. Is there anything else you need?” He would do anything she needed to make her comfortable.

“Now?” she asked, and he looked at the clock to see it well past midnight.

“I’ll send him a text message and by tomorrow morning before I take you back to your apartment so you can pack we will have a dress for you.” She grimaced, and he worried he’d overstepped by asking her to pack her things.

“Does it have to be a dress?” she asked, and he laughed.

“It can be anything you want,” he promised, and she smiled. Her smile warmed his heart, and he pulled out his phone.

“You type the text and hit send. Floyd will do the rest,” he told her, handing her the phone. He snuggled her, nuzzling her neck. She typed away on his phone and handed it back, he plugged it into his charger.

“Thank you, Daniel,” she whispered, snuggling into his arms and falling asleep. He wrapped her up in his arms and held her close. His wolf and him in complete harmony with their mate sleeping with them.

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