Her Alpha Prince

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Chapter 17

The next morning Amelia awoke to a heavy arm wrapped around her waist. She turned her head to see Daniel fast asleep. Laying in his arms, she thought about everything that happened yesterday. The king and queen were exceedingly nice to her and accepted her as their son’s mate without hesitation. Her only hang-up was her business. How could she keep it? She knew the monarchs of the kingdom did not run businesses for profit. What could she do to continue to do what she loved? Mulling over everything, she slipped out of bed and walked into the bathroom. Daniel said there were extra toothbrushes and toothpaste for her to use. Last night after making love she fell asleep before taking care of her teeth and now her mouth tasted awful. She also needed a shower. Turning to look at the shower, she saw two towels, one blue, and one white. Both towels were monogrammed with Daniel’s initials. A pink bottle caught her eye, and a note attached to it.

Miss Amelia,

I have taken the liberty of supplying some more feminine products for your use. Your change of clothing is hanging in the closet.


She looked around and wondered how Floyd got into the apartment without either of them waking. Shrugging her shoulders not worrying about amazing butlers she turned on the shower and waited for it to heat up. There was no denying she was Daniel’s mate and she didn’t want to reject him. Kylie had Nick and today would be the day she packed her life up and moved in with Daniel. Past boyfriends had asked her to move in and each time she panicked and said no immediately. Daniel was different, her wolf would never steer her wrong.

Amelia climbed into her shower and settled to mull over the idea of what to do with her business. What did royals do with their time? As a child, she watched the queen advocate for the education of all children in the country. What did she feel strongly about? Partway through conditioning her hair the idea hit her. She could use the money from her business to fund a charity for foster children. It would be used for those who age out of the system and get them into college, vocational school, or to an apprenticeship. She never wanted another child to age out of foster care and be frightened for their future.

Rinsing her hair she began to go over her business plan. Once she had a good idea for how to set up the charity she would talk to Daniel about it. Amelia stepped out of the shower and bumped into a naked Daniel.

“Hello.” His voice was deep and raspy from sleep. His neatly combed hair was disheveled making him look even sexier than last night. She smiled and leaned up to kiss him gently on the lips.

“Good morning,” she said, wrapping herself in the white towel.

“How long have you been up?” he asked, reaching for his toothbrush.

“About an hour. Floyd left me some body wash and hair things along with a note saying my clothes were in your closet,” she explained, towel drying her curls. Daniel opened his mirror cabinet and stopped short.

“What is all this?” he asked, pointing to multiple hair products.

“Those would be what I use to contain the curls,” she answered, reaching for a bottle of smoothing conditioner. Putting a small amount on her hands she rubbed it through her hair, then she grabbed the moose to help her curls keep their shape. The last thing she did was put a thin layer of hairspray to set everything. Once she was done she turned to see Daniel standing there with his toothbrush hanging from his mouth. She laughed and patted his bare arm.

“I know it takes a lot to keep this hair from becoming a frizzy mess,” she commented and reached for her own toothbrush. Standing next to him they brushed their teeth, it made her laugh thinking about how domestic this felt.

“Are we packing up your apartment today?” he asked, she heard the hesitation in his voice and knew he was trying not to push her into anything.

“We can start moving me out. I know Kylie said she and Nick were going to move her into his apartment soon,” she answered, going to the closet to see a pair of jean capris and a purple swing top hanging. Daniel reached passed her and took out a polo shirt and a pair of khaki shorts.

“Hmmm,” she murmured wondering if her choice in clothing wasn’t suitable.

“You look perfect,” Daniel whispered, kissing her shoulder, then the crook of her neck. A shiver went down her spine making Amelia moan softly.

“I like that sound,” he groaned in her ear, his hands resting on her hips.

“Well when you kiss me there it makes me moan,” she huffed and turned around to look up into his hazel eyes. How could she ever have forgotten how handsome he was? Her time with the Naustin family did a number on her self esteem.

“When do we go back to my apartment?” she asked, trying to diffuse the sexual energy passing between them.

“After we eat,” he replied and released her. He walked over to the door and opened, admitting a servant with a pushcart.

“Good morning Your Highness,” she said with a wink, and Amelia’s wolf growled. Amelia was shocked at her wolf’s reaction to the servant. The servant wisely did not make eye contact with her and placed their breakfast on the table with a speed Amelia appreciated. Once she was gone Amelia apologized.

“I am so sorry about growling at her.”

“Don’t be. I liked the possessive side of your wolf. I was worried you were second thinking about our relationship when you didn’t let me mate you last night.”

“I just wasn’t ready to make that large commitment. The moment you mate me I am no longer Amelia Byrne. I will be the alpha prince’s mate,” she explained.

“I understand that.” Daniel kissed her gently on the lips before sitting at the table.

“You are amazing,” she sighed sitting across from him taking the cover off her breakfast. To her surprise, there was an omelet, a bowl of mixed fruit, and toast.

“Do you choose what you eat or do they just deliver what’s on the menu?” she asked, cutting her omelet.

“The chef and I go over what I want to eat each week and he prepares it,” Daniel shared while eating his own meal.

“Do you ever want to cook for yourself?” she asked looking over at his kitchen. It was a large kitchen, one that could be found in any normal-sized home.

“I don’t know how to cook. How did you learn?” he asked, popping a grape into his mouth. She set her fork down and paused.

“Is it a bad story?”

“I learned to cook while I was with the Naustins. Kylie, Trish, and I traded off nights where we cooked dinner for the family,” she explained cloning her eyes against the awful memory.

“I have ordered for an investigation of the family and the social services were to take the foster children away from their care immediately,” he replied and she gasped. How did he do that? She only just told him about them.

“When you and my parents were talking last night, I had Alex contact the social services. I got a text while you were in the shower saying he had completed the task.”

“I cannot believe it is that easy to just take children away from their horrid home?” Amelia shook her head in surprise.

“Anything is possible when you have the power to wield for good,” he answered covering his empty plate.

“I suppose so,” she replied covering her own empty plate. The food had been delicious, something she could get used to on a daily basis.

“If I wanted to cook every now and then would I be allowed too?” she asked once again, staring at his amazing kitchen.

“Yes. I have offered you the kitchen for your business. I bet you could do a whole lot of orders with that counter space. Give Floyd a list of the ingredients you need to be stocked at all times and he will make sure it happens.”

“I have a spreadsheet with everything I use on it and how much I have on hand in the apartment.”

“You can email it to him, Floyd will get it for you. He is our personal butler and makes sure we are comfortable here in our apartments. When we officially mate and have our ceremony we will be moved into the married apartments on the other side of the palace. Right now this is a bachelor’s room,” he explained and she stared in amazement.

“This is insane,” she whispered, unable to grasp how much space the palace had.

“Do others live here too?”

“My sister and her husband have rooms here when they come to visit. Any visiting dignitaries and sometimes when we host balls we let people who have overindulged stay. Sometimes my cousins come and visit.”

“How many cousins do you have?” she asked wondering if she had any cousins.

“I have five.”

“I wonder if I have any,” she commented and Daniel gave her a big smile.

“Floyd has been instructed to get the DNA kit. I don’t think it will take long to make it to the palace. Things like that happen to come in faster because we are royals,” he answered standing up and offering her a hand.

“I should take you home so we can get you packed up and moved in,” he said and she nodded, taking his hand. This was the start of her new life.

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