Her Alpha Prince

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Chapter 18

Amelia walked into her apartment to find Kylie and Nick working on putting together packing boxes.

“Hi Kylie,” she called, her friend’s blond head popped out of the cardboard box she’d been folding to give her a bright smile.

“Nick baby, can you finish making the boxes? I need to talk to Amelia.” Nick gave her a lopsided grin and nodded.

“Daniel?” she asked, looking over at her mate. He nodded and went over to help Nick. Alex had come with them and was organizing the footmen they’d brought with them to help her pack and move.

“Kylie I have so much to tell you!” Amelia exclaimed once they were behind closed doors.

“Me too!” Kylie dropped onto her bed, Amelia looked around and saw all her clothing was in neat piles ready to be packed.

“You first,” she said sitting with her friend. Today would be the last time they would be in the apartment together. After they packed away everything both women would live with their mates.

“Nick and I mated last night,” Kylie began and Amelia laughed. She knew they had. She could smell the change in her friend’s scent.

“I can tell. What happened?”

“I told him about our time with the Naustin Family, well not all of it.”

“What part did you share?”

“About them kicking me out and you, Trish and me working part-time jobs to put ourselves through school.”

“Same, I also mentioned the trips they would take and leave us home,” Amelia added and Kylie nodded.

“Nick became so angry for me. I had to stop him from storming out of the room and beating them up.”

“Daniel is having them investigated.”

“Haha, serves them right!” Kylie thumped a fist into the comforter on her bed.

“We are going to get a DNA kit and figure out my heritage. I also can’t continue to use my business for profit,” Amelia shared and Kylie gasped.

“But you worked so hard! Is he making you give it up?”

“No, I want to turn my company into a nonprofit. All proceeds after expenses will go toward foster kids and helping them after they age out of the system. I have a position of power as the alpha prince’s mate and I want to use it for good. I intended to do a thorough investigation of all foster families and orphanages, starting with ours.” Kylie stared at her in shock, then hugged her tightly.

“Amelia, this is amazing! I will do anything I can to help. Does Daniel know your choice?”

“No. We got distracted,” she commented, and Kylie laughed.

“Nick and I have been like bunnies. I wouldn’t be surprised if I am pregnant already,” she remarked, and Amelia paused. Daniel had used protection last night. Did he not want kids?

“I know that face, you are overthinking things. What is wrong?”

“Daniel and I used protection last night,” she admitted, and Kylie gave her a gentle smile.

“You two aren’t mated yet. The first time you do it unprotected is when you mate. Nick explained that to me the first night after we’d had sex,” Kylie explained and Amelia felt relief pass through her body.

“Thank you. That makes me feel better. Oh, change of subject, did you speak with our landlord?”

“No. Nick and I wanted to get a head start on packing. I wasn’t sure if you would be here today or not,” she explained and Amelia smiled.

“I met the alpha king and luna queen last night. I hadn’t planned on spending the night with Daniel. I didn’t want to presume anything. His Butler Floyd supplied me with clothing, toiletries, and extra towels. I have no idea how he did it, but the man could be a thief if he wanted,” she shared and Kylie gaped at her.

“Nick told me he has servants who help keep his home clean, but he does his own cooking.”

“It is amazing how different their lives are from ours. I am worried I will do something wrong and be the shame of the kingdom,” Amelia confided in her friend and Kylie hugged her. She pulled back and tucked a wayward curl behind Amelia’s ear.

“You will not be perfect, but that makes you who you are. The kingdom will love you no matter what. Prince Daniel’s wolf chose you, your wolf chose the prince. Believe in the power of mates and nothing will break you two apart. How did his parents react when you met them?”

“Like normal people. We talked late into the night and they want to help me learn where I come from. His mom is so sweet and his dad was commanding but didn’t push his alpha power on me. They were there as Daniel’s parents, not the leaders of our country.”

“Whoa, I am frightened about meeting Nick’s dad and stepmom. He seemed nervous when he talked about them.” It was Amelia’s turn to comfort Kylie.

“You said it yourself, believe in the mate bond. You also have the support of Daniel and myself.”

“Thanks, Amelia. I think we’ve left the guys on their own long enough. Let’s pack this place up and move out. Time to say goodbye.” Kylie hopped up and the two women walked out to see Nick, Daniel, and Alex taping boxes and commanding men to station themselves around the apartment.

“We better get them started or they will pack up the wrong things. You start with your clothing line and I’ll get the kitchen sorted. I am assuming you only want the mugs you are fond of? We don’t particularly need any of our dishes, do we?”

“Nick’s place is fully stocked. I say we leave the things here and the landlord can count the place as fully furnished,” Kylie replied and Amelia nodded.

“All right, gentlemen. I need half of you in the kitchen with me, the other half with Kylie in the living room. We need to pack things efficiently and make sure everything is labeled properly. There are two trucks downstairs, one for Kylie and Nick, one for Daniel and me. Please do not get the boxes mixed up,” Amelia announced. Everyone stopped and listened. Something she wasn’t used to. Once she finished speaking, everyone split into two teams and they packed up the apartment. Amelia explained which items in the kitchen to pack and how to pack things so they wouldn’t get bent or dented. When she was happy with the men packing things in the kitchen she and Daniel tackled her bedroom.

“For everything in the drawers, place them in the boxes. We can use one box for each type of clothing,” she said watching Daniel’s eyes widen when he saw the amount of clothing she had.

“This is a lot,” he remarked, and she laughed.

“You have a ton of clothing too, you don’t realize it because you have someone to put it all away for you,” she teased, and he laughed.

“You are too much,” he grumbled, pulling her in for a sweet kiss. Amelia melted in his arms, kissing him back. Kylie was right. Trust the mate bond.

“Tonight I want you to mate me,” she announced and his eyes widened.

“You do?”

“Yes. I talked with Kylie. I need to trust our mate bond and believe everything will work out the way it should.” Daniel whooped with joy, picking her up and spinning around.

“I cannot wait to get you home tonight. I want my mark on your shoulder and my seed deep within your core,” his heated whisper sent a shiver down her spine.

“Mmm, I like the sound of that.” Amelia kissed him again, this time adding tongue to push him to the edge of his control. Daniel growled and pushed her down onto the bed, his hand slipping under her shirt to cup her breast. She moaned when his fingers found her nipple. He rolled it between two fingers, adding a touch of friction. Her body flamed, ready for him to sink his erection into her and make her his for all eternity.

Knock, knock. Fuck! She mentally swore when Daniel pulled away, and she sat up, straightening her appearance. He opened the door and growled,


“Excuse me, sir, we have a question for Lady Amelia,” a man said with a deep bow. Amelia walked over and leaned into Daniel’s side. He put an arm around her waist.

“What can I do for you?”

“We wanted to check with you on how we should pack your cookie cutters,” he explained. She nodded and let go of Daniel. He turned back to pack her clothing while she helped the men in the kitchen.

Five hours later the apartment was packed up and in the trucks. Amelia and Kylie asked everyone to wait for them downstairs. They needed one last moment in the apartment before starting their new lives.

“Six years, we spent six years here. It is amazing the number of things we have done without making it work. Thank you for being an amazing roommate and best friend,” Amelia said putting an arm around Kylie’s shoulders.

“I promised myself I wouldn’t cry. We aren’t moving across the country from each other, only down the street. I will miss having you try on all my new outfits and pick your brain if I am stuck.”

“I will miss having you test flavors for me. Thank you for always encouraging me to be the best I could be. I love you Kylie and I cannot wait to see where our new lives begin.”

“I love you too.” Kylie sniffled, trying to keep her tears from coming. Amelia handed her a tissue and took one for herself. She knew she and Kylie would still see each other, but it wouldn’t be the same. They weren’t together in the same place anymore.

“If anything happens, you are the first person I will call,” Amelia promised once her tears were under control.

“Same here,” Kylie answered and the two women embraced. Letting go of Kylie, Amelia looked over her shoulder to see Daniel and Nick waiting by the door. She gave them both a smile and her eyes connected with Nick’s. He gave her a confused look and whispered something to Daniel. Daniel shrugged and patted him on the shoulder.

“Come on, our mates are waiting,” Amelia whispered, releasing her friend. Kylie dried her tears and laughed.

“Time to move to bigger and better things!” Amelia nodded and walked out to her mate. Tonight would be the night they made love.

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