Her Alpha Prince

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Chapter 19

After dinner, Amelia sat back and looked at Daniel. He was finishing his meal of fried chicken, green beans, and mashed potatoes.

“What are you thinking?” he asked, taking a swig of his beer. While they were unpacking some of her things she’d discovered his love of craft beers. She preferred wine but would drink a beer now and then.

“I want to talk about my business,” she said, and he set his beer down, leaning forward to give her his full attention.

“What about it?”

“I don’t want to stop doing it because it has been my work. I want to change it to a nonprofit and set up a fund for foster children who age out of the system. I don’t want another child to go through what I did when I turned eighteen. It would be a fund to help them go to college, get an apprenticeship, or start at a job that can set them up for success. Obviously there would need to be stipulations, such as keeping away from drugs, and becoming a contributing member of society,” she explained clenching her hands worried he would hate the idea.

“I love it! You can continue to make cookies, but the money issue is resolved. I am impressed,” he replied, finishing off his beer.

“Thank you. Did you send my list of things to Floyd for me?” she asked, now she was itching to get back into the kitchen and start to fill the orders. She had to put a pause on accepting orders when she decided to move in with Daniel. Her time would have to be split between cookies and becoming the alpha prince’s perfect mate.

“I did. Floyd assured me that by tomorrow you will have everything you need to make cookies. Do you have any orders due soon?” he asked, picking up their plates and setting them on the tray for the hallway.

“I have two I need to get done this week, but the rest are small orders that I can do multiple at a time. I won’t need to do the farmers market anymore, but I want to keep Tom on. He has been amazing for me and I won’t use anyone else. If he needs a pass to get into the palace then I want it to happen,” she explained, Tom would not be replaced.

“I will have Alex do a background check on him,” he promised bending down to kiss her gently.

“Thank you. I want to unpack my cookie things and you can tell me which cabinets I can use.” Amelia stood up and walked over to the tower of boxes left for them to unpack.

“Most of the cabinets are empty. There are a few with snacks and then the basic cookware. You can reorganize however you see fit,” he replied popping open a box and pulling out the first of many cookie cutters.

“I wish I could organize those better. I had them in boxes labeled for the time of year. I’ve seen places where they put up a pegboard and put the cookie cutters up on the wall,” she mused aloud putting the first box of cookie cutters away. Daniel brought over another box placing it with the first.

“Do you have a picture?” he asked and she pulled out her phone. Her favorite thing to do was scroll through the internet and save inspiration for her cookies. Handing him the phone she continued to unpack.

“We can set something up,” he assured her after a few minutes of looking at the picture.


“In our new apartment. It is larger with many rooms. It takes up an entire wing of the palace,” he explained and she gaped at him.


“Yes. We can make changes to the suite before we move in.”

“When do we move?” she asked, wondering if unpacking was a good idea.

“Not until we get married. The suite is for the alpha prince and his wife plus any children we have. It will become the royal family suite when I become alpha king. I don’t want us to have to move again at the end of the year.

“Wait, married?” she asked, suddenly things were moving too fast again.

“I won’t propose yet. We’ve only begun to get to know each other. I know you have a lot going on and adding a wedding to everything is crazy,” he replied and she frowned. Did he want to get married?

“Baby, stop those thoughts now,” he ordered. Amelia looked up in surprise.

“How did you know?”

“I saw the worry on your face. You are my mate and we will get married. The wedding is only for the kingdom to watch, our mating is the true connection,” he explained pulling her into his arms and kissing her worries away. Amelia let his tongue in to explore and sighed when his hands cupped her bottom. This was her mate, her wolf never steered her wrong. Tonight was the night she gave herself to him. Daniel released her and nuzzled her nose.

“Want to go for a run?” he asked and she knew he meant their wolves. She hadn’t seen his yet and was curious if the rumors were true about him being midnight black.

“Yes! My wolf needs to get out,” she replied kissing him once more and bouncing like a puppy. Daniel laughed and took her hand leading her out a back door she hadn’t seen before.

“We can’t go into the wood proper, but there is a nice wooded area with a pond we can swim in,” he explained, opening a door into the pitch-black night. Amelia wiggled, normally she and her wolf had to be content with the small patch of trees near the apartment, now she had room to run. Stripping her clothing she stood naked next to Daniel, he’d stripped as well. Taking a minute to appreciate his physique her wolf rumbled in her chest. He smirked and asked,

“Are you looking at me?”

“All six-plus feet of you baby,” she replied with a wink and shifted into her wolf. Her wolf was chocolate brown like her hair, Kylie said she kept her green eyes. Normally when a wolf takes over the person’s eyes change to dark brown or black. Not her wolf, she kept her emerald green eyes. Daniel shifted next to her and her wolf panted with need, he was black as night his eyes still striking hazel.

How come you kept your eye color too? She asked through their mind link.

Only those with noble blood keep their eye color. Another clue into your heritage. That made her pause, she was noble blooded?

Come on. I want to show you my place. He took off and she ran to keep up. Daniel moved swiftly through the trees headed to a place he wanted her to know.

He is perfect! Her wolf gushed and Amelia shook her head. Her wolf was acting like a pup, wagging her tail needing to be close to their mate.

He is nice to look at. She admitted, his wolf was larger than hers, with sharp teeth glinting in the moonlight. There was no worry of being attacked in the palace grounds, she could relax and enjoy being a wolf.

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