Her Alpha Prince

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Chapter 21

Amelia lay in Daniel’s arms, basking in the glow of their lovemaking. She was his mate; he was hers, no one could break them apart.

“You okay, baby?” Daniel asked, shifting his head to look down at her. She looked up and kissed his lips gently.

“More than okay. I am the happiest I’ve ever been in my life. I have you and nothing could bring me down,” she replied, curling closer to his naked body. The cool night air made goosebumps appear on her skin.

“You have made me complete Amelia.” Daniel captured her lips in a heated kiss, his tongue exploring her mouth. She whimpered wanting more, he didn’t disappoint. Daniel released her lips and kissed the spot he’d marked her. Fire laced her veins, her core gushed ready for him again.

“Daniel!” Alex’s voice broke through their passionate embrace.

“Fuck, he wouldn’t bother us unless it was important.” Daniel let go of her and shifted into his wolf form. Amelia followed, worried something bad happened. They came out of the woods to the open grass. Alex stood waiting in his wolf form, he wasn’t much smaller than Daniel with golden blond fur. The three raced back to the door leading into Daniel and Amelia’s palace suite. Amelia took her clothing in her teeth and went into their bedroom to dress in privacy. Once dressed she came out to see Alex and Daniel sitting in shorts with beers around the kitchen table.

“What happened?” she asked sitting next to Daniel putting her hand on his thigh. She needed to be touching him.

“We received a threat against you,” Alex explained and her eyes widened.

“Me? How? No one knows about me.”

“The whole royal family to be exact. We suspect the Naustin Family, specifically Hector Naustin. He is livid they took away their foster children, and he is under investigation.”

“So does he know it was me?”

“No. He is angry at the royal family. The social worker who visited them let them know it was under royal decree all foster children be checked on. The social worker found four children forced to live in the attic with two beds to share. The children are all teens, two girls, and two boys. For the moment they were taken and placed with a temporary home.”

“Who are they placed with?”

“One of the social workers took the four.”

“That is quick. I only told you about the Naustins yesterday,” Amelia replied, leaning closer to Daniel. She needed his presence closer to her. Daniel put an arm around her shoulders and pulled her close.

“The king and queen were adamant we investigate the Naustins after hearing from you,” Alex explained. It occurred to Amelia that Alex was speaking more to her than ever before.

“So what now?” Daniel asked, his warmth comforted Amelia.

Knock, knock. Alex stood and stepped lightly toward the door, sniffing. Amelia watched fascinated as Alex went from tense to relaxed when he recognized the scent.

“Nick is here.” Alex opened the door and let in Nick. Amelia looked for Kylie, but she wasn’t with him. Disappointed her friend didn’t come, Amelia frowned.

“Kylie is unpacking. I didn’t want to scare her,” Nick explained, and she gave him a surprised look.

“I knew you’d want to know why Kylie wasn’t with me. I heard about the threat from the Naustins. I heard from the king and queen,” Nick added and grabbed a beer from the fridge before settling at the table with everyone.

“What next?” Daniel asked, sipping his own beer. The surrounding men fascinated Amelia. Each one had their own presence, Daniel commanding, Nick comforting and Alex foreboding.

“The king and queen want to introduce Amelia to the kingdom. Rumors are circulating about you having found your mate,” Nick explained, leaning back in his chair.

“Now?” Amelia asked, she knew nothing about being a royal and already they wanted to throw her into the middle of everything.

“Yes. It will make protecting you easier. If the people know about the prince’s mate they will be vigilant. Most of the country will love you,” Nick replied, and she frowned.

“But we don’t know my background,” Amelia objected, panic was settling in. She couldn’t do this so soon.

“We can introduce you, it doesn’t mean you have to be thrown into the middle of politics. We will start with a small party,” Daniel answered, squeezing her tightly.

“We will speak with the king and queen tomorrow. Tonight it is too late for us to do anything but talk through our ideas. Amelia wants to turn her cookie company into a nonprofit to benefit foster children. We will use that to show she thinks of others and is using her talents for good. Nick, I want you to continue to assure those who come up to you I have found my mate, but we are planning a party to introduce her to the world. Alex, you will continue to look into the threat to the family specifically if they want Amelia. I know you said Hector Naustin is the lead suspect, but I don’t want us to become lazy with her safety. Amelia and I will get the DNA kit and speak with the orphanage about her heritage. Everyone keeps this private. Her name is not to be released to anyone,” Daniel ordered. His commanding presence turned Amelia on, he would make a wonderful alpha king. Amelia calmed down, knowing they had a plan. Tomorrow they will begin the hunt for her heritage.

“Done.” Nick and Alex stood, leaving the suite quietly. Amelia stayed in Daniel’s arms, eyes closed, enjoying his warmth.

“You okay?” he asked, she nodded. It would be part of her life to have threats made on her. She mated the alpha prince.

“Yes. You, Nick, and Alex will keep me safe. Tomorrow will be another day and we can drive out to the orphanage and get some answers. I’ve never gone back, I didn’t want to revisit all the terrible memories I had of the place.”

“Was it as bad as being at the Naustin’s home?”

“About equal. We exhausted the woman who ran it all the time. I don’t think she could take care of us all without help. Her assistant got married and ran off when I was five. She didn’t have the funds to replace her, I am guessing,” Amelia explained and Daniel frowned.

“I am appalled at the treatment you have had to endure. We need to do better for our orphans and foster children in this country,” Daniel replied with a growl in his voice. Amelia patted him on the leg and kissed his cheek.

“You will make an amazing alpha king.”

“You think?” He looked down, and she saw he needed the affirmation.

“Yes. You care about your people. I saw that with Billy and complimenting his work. You listen to Nick and Alex. You care for me. You have all the right qualities for a king,” she explained, nuzzling his neck.

“Mmm, I love it when you do that,” he murmured, capturing her lips. Amelia kissed him back, slipping into his lap to straddle his hips.

“Make love to me again,” she begged. His eyes glowed with his wolf, she felt certain her wolf shone in her eyes too.

“With pleasure.” Daniel picked her up and carried her into their bedroom to make love to her into the early hours of the morning.

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