Her Alpha Prince

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Chapter 23

The four hours went by faster than she expected, but soon they were pulling into the driveway near their suite. Alex stepped out to do a turn around the area before nodding to them. They stepped out of the car and went into their suite, Daniel had her file in his hands. Snatching the file from his hands, she opened it to find a stack of papers and a note written in neat cursive.

To The Owner of Horton Orphanage,

This is Amelia Rose Byrne. She is two years old, her birthday is March twentieth. Please take excellent care of her, she is very special. She is the daughter of a noble lord but needs to be kept hidden from those trying to kill her.


Her mother

Amelia didn’t know what to make of the letter. There was very little to tell her about anything other than she was of noble blood. That she suspected because she is Daniel’s mate. Why would someone want to kill her? What happened to her mother? What about her father? Flipping through the paperwork, she found several doctor notes about weird injuries occurring. She had a broken arm when dropped off at the orphanage. What happened?

“This has opened so many more questions. Who would try to kill me and why?” she asked, looking up at Daniel. He’d read the letter over her shoulder.

“I don’t know. Is there anything else in the file?” he asked, and she turned over a document about her time at school. Her report cards throughout high school were in the file.

“Why would they have my report cards from after I left?” she asked and again no answer was readily available.

“What happened to the woman who ran the orphanage?”

“She died,” Alex answered her this time. Cursing silently, Amelia felt frustrated tears gather in her eyes.

“Your Highness?” Floyd called walking into the suite. Floyd held a box in his hands.

“What is it, Floyd?” Daniel snapped and Amelia’s eyes widened. She’d never heard him take that tone with anyone.

“I have the DNA kit asked for,” he replied unperturbed by Daniel’s tone.

“Thank you, Floyd,” Amelia replied, standing to take the kit from their butler.

“Thank you also for my things you supplied in the bathroom. It made my first day here more comfortable,” she thanked him and saw a slight blush tint his cheeks.

“I just did my job, Lady Amelia.” Floyd bowed and went to leave.

“Wait, I want to do this now and send off as soon as possible,” Amelia announced, stopping the butler from leaving. He nodded and stood out of the way. Amelia opened the kit and saw she needed to swab the inside of her cheek and fill a vial with spit.

“I’ll be just a minute.” Amelia took the kit into the bathroom. She didn’t want them watching her spit into a vial. Filling the vial took her longer than expected. Laughing at how much spit she had to make, she stepped out of the bathroom. To her surprise, Nick had shown up and stood in the room looking through her file.

“Here you go, Floyd.” She handed the box to the butler, he bowed and left.

“Kylie wanted to invite you, Dan and Alex over for dinner,” Nick told her, she smiled and nodded.

“I would love to have dinner with Kylie. Then we can talk about my dress and more of this letter,” she replied, pointing to the file.

“I read it. I am curious about which lord you are related to. I don’t know of any who are missing children,” he answered, frowning at the letter.

“What time does she want us over?”

“You can come with me now. We need to talk through this and in private,” Nick shared, Amelia nodded and looked over at Daniel. Daniel had her purse in his hands and a smile on his face. Tonight would be a late night because she needed to make a set of tea time cookies. Tom would deliver them in two days.

“Let’s get back in the car then,” she answered, taking her purse and grabbing a light sweater. Alex followed silently, Amelia looked over her shoulder at the man. He no longer scared her. She thought of him as a brother to her, almost. A protective presence that made becoming a princess not so scary. Daniel wrapped an arm around her shoulders and pulled her into his side. He pressed a kiss to her temple and whispered.

“I am proud of how you are handling all of this.”

“Thanks, I don’t know what to think right now. I hope the DNA kit comes back quickly,” she remarked, getting into the same car they’d driven earlier.

“Floyd has orders to have the results rushed back to us. I think we will have to wait three days. That will give us time to get the party planned. I received a text from my mother letting me know we will dine with them tomorrow for dinner. She wants to see you again and talk through the party,” he shared making her laugh.

“I like your mom.”

“She loves you. Savannah will also be at the dinner and has been bugging me to meet you. Her husband Wynston will be with her too.”

“I am glad I’ll get to meet her. I want to hear her opinion on the gender reveal cookies,” Amelia shared making him laugh this time.

“I know you two will hit it off. She is happy to have another woman in the family.” Amelia laughed and leaned back in her seat. The drive to Nick’s apartment took five minutes once they exited the palace gates. This thrilled Amelia, she could see Kylie more than originally planned.

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