Her Alpha Prince

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Chapter 24

Daniel sat at Nick’s dining room table waiting for Kylie and Amelia to come out of the bedroom.

“Nick, you need a bigger place,” he commented, seeing Kylie’s clothing line hanging in their living room. Nick had a three-bedroom penthouse at the top of a luxurious apartment building. Daniel noticed the other rooms were full of boxes from Kylie’s apartment, he remembered Nick had one room devoted to his records. He wondered what happened to it.

“We talked about it. We are looking into getting her a studio to set up her things. I am also thinking about getting a home a little further away from the palace.” Nick handed him and Alex beers sitting with them.

“There are some pleasant houses Amelia and I passed on our way over,” Daniel replied, taking a moment to enjoy the beer. Using his hearing, he listened in to Amelia and Kylie talking about color choices.

“So what are we doing about Amelia and her file?” Nick asked, thumping his beer bottle on the table.

“We sent the DNA kit off today. I want to contact the hospital where they patched up her broken arm from when she came to the orphanage,” Daniel answered, seeing the surprise on Nick’s face.

“Do you think they will even have her file? I don’t know how long they keep the files at hospitals,” Nick replied, frowning.

“I want you to call Mercy Hospital and find out. Say we have Amelia’s permission and need to see her files immediately,” Daniel ordered, Nick nodded but gave him a skeptical look.

“I’ll try, but I am not promising a miracle,” he answered, rubbing the back of his neck.

“We finished!” Kylie announced, pulling Amelia out of the bedroom. Daniel looked her over. She didn’t look any worse for wear.

“We have her debut dress designed, and the color picked. I’ll get to work on it tomorrow,” Kylie shared a look of triumph on her face.

“Will I get to look at it before?” he asked, pretty sure he knew the answer.

“No. I want you to be surprised like everyone else,” Amelia replied, kissing his lips before taking a sip from his beer. He laughed, pulling her into his lap.

“I’ll wait.” He wrapped an arm around her waist, tucking his hand between her shirt and pants to touch her skin.

“I made fajitas for dinner,” Kylie shared pulling the chicken out of the oven.

“I’ll help,” Amelia offered, starting to get out of his lap.

“No, no, you stay. Nick come help me,” Kylie ordered, Daniel chuckled watching Nick get up to help without complaining.

“Amelia, do you have any idea who you might be related to?” Nick asked, bringing over a tray of sauteed onions and peppers.

“None. I didn’t even know I’d broken my arm or had to have several sets of stitches growing up at the orphanage. I remember nothing,” she replied, Daniel rubbed her back offering her comfort.

“Hmm, I will look into your medical records, but may need your permission to access them,” he explained, Daniel kept a close eye on Amelia, he wanted nothing to upset her.

“Okay, do you want a written letter from me?” she asked, accepting a glass of wine from Kylie. Daniel hid his concern, they’d had unprotected sex and she might be pregnant. Kylie sipped her own glass and she and Nick mated. He wouldn’t make a big deal about anything tonight. Tonight they would put together a plan to get Amelia answers.

“A letter will be fine,” Nick answered, handing her a blank piece of paper. Daniel watched as Amelia wrote a letter giving Nick permission to access her medical records.

“Did anything strange happen while you were with the Naustin family?” Alex asked Daniel, waited for her and Kylie to think things through. A look passed between the two women and he knew they’d thought of something.

“Well, I don’t know if this has anything to do with me, but when we first went to the Naustin family, a man followed me around. I told Hector, he became angry telling me to ignore the man. I didn’t see him again, but I’ve always felt someone followed me around that town. The sense of being followed didn’t go away until I left,” she explained, Daniel and Nick exchanged concerned looks.

“What did he look like?”

“Like any average person,” Kylie replied, setting a plate of sliced chicken and tortillas on the table.

“Anything else comes to mind?”

“They forbade us from wandering around the town. No friends over, no shopping,” Amelia ticked off the rules of their time with the Naustins.

“Any injuries you couldn’t explain?” Nick wanted to know, Amelia looked at Kylie and again Daniel saw a look pass between them.

“When I was about seventeen, I went home after closing at the cafe I worked at and someone tried to kidnap me. I fought them off with the self-defense classes they taught us in gym class,” she explained, Daniel’s body froze, someone tried to kidnap his mate.

“Did it happen again?”

“No, I hit the guy in the balls and broke his nose then ran home. Again Hector did nothing other than tell me to be more careful. He didn’t want to explain to social services what happened to me,” she answered, resting her head on his shoulder.

“Both suspicious, did the man look the same as the guy from when you were eight?” he asked, needing as much information about her attacks as he could.

“I don’t know. Why would someone want to kill me? I understand nothing,” she growled, thumping her fist on the table.

“Easy there, killer. We take this one step at a time. We need to wait for your DNA test to come back. Then we find your noble family,” Daniel explained, taking her hands in his.

“Let’s eat dinner and talk through everything we can think of,” Nick suggested leaning back in his chair. Daniel nodded his agreement, letting Amelia slide into the chair next to his.

“I want to hear what growing up was like for you two. You know about Kylie and me,” Amelia replied, Daniel, smiled at her.

“What do you want to know?” Nick asked, biting into his fajita, moaning his pleasure.

“Did you two ever get in trouble and how did you meet Alex?” she asked, eating her own. Daniel watched Nick think he wondered what he would tell her.

“Dan and I have been friends since we were born. He helped me through the loss of my little sister, I was five when she and my mother died in a tragic car accident. We got in trouble all the time in school for pulling pranks. I think my favorite prank would be when we were in high school. We took three pigs and labeled them one, two, and four, making the custodian think there were four pigs running around,” Nick shared. Daniel shook his head, he hadn’t thought he would share that story.

“How mad were King Stephan and Queen Imelda?” she asked, looking at him this time.

“Furious. They made us scrub every floor and clean any classroom the pigs destroyed,” he replied a smile on his face. He and Nick hadn’t caused that kind of trouble in years.

“What about meeting Alex?” Kylie asked Daniel, turned to take in his mate’s best friend. She had a thinner build than Amelia, with a much lighter complexion.

“We met in high school. Alex had been dating a close friend of ours Kirsten,” Nick replied, Daniel, prayed the girls wouldn’t ask about Kirsten. Alex didn’t enjoy talking about her.

“She is the one you lost?” Amelia asked, looking at Alex this time. How did she know that? Alex nodded but stayed silent.

“I am sorry for your loss. I won’t ask you to share because I know it is hard to talk about losing someone,” Kylie replied. Patting Alex’s hand, Amelia nodded her understanding. Daniel smiled at both of them. They are amazing not pressing Alex. Many of the women in the courts bothered Alex about finding a new mate all the time. Once Alex growled at Lady French when she asked, Daniel had to step in and smooth things over.

“Thanks,” Alex grunted and Daniel turned the conversation away from his loss.

“Kylie, tell me about your clothing line.” The smile on her face told him she would be happy to talk his ear off about her creations. Several hours went by with them talking about Kylie’s clothing line and Amelia’s cookies. It occurred to him she’d mentioned she needed to make an order to go out.

“Amelia, we should head back so you can make your cookies,” he commented seeing his watch said almost nine.

“Thank you for dinner, Kylie. I’ll see you in a few days for the fitting.” Amelia stood, taking Daniel’s hand.

“See you soon girlie.” Kylie gave her a tight hug, making Daniel appreciate the friendship the two had. He walked her out to his car and drove her home, letting her settle in the kitchen while he went through any emails he’d neglected throughout the day. The one that caught his eye came from Lord Watson.

Prince Daniel,

I have been informed by Nick you found your mate. Congratulations. I want to know when Lady Valerie and I will meet her. As the current beta to our country, I need to meet her before the rest of the court.

Lord Watson (Beta)

Daniel frowned at the email, he didn’t know how he felt about Lord Watson meeting Amelia. Nick’s concerns about Kylie being a foster child came to mind. If he didn’t like his future daughter-in-law coming from common folk, what would he be like with Amelia? He knew she had noble blood, but what family? Maybe one that died out or became disgraced? There were too many questions to answer before letting Lord Watson meet her. He didn’t care what his mother said about Amelia possibly being Lord Watson’s daughter. That was such a far-fetched idea, he didn’t want to think about it. No, they would wait until the DNA test came back before exposing Amelia to anyone else.

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