Her Alpha Prince

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Chapter 25

Amelia spent the night baking away. She needed to get these cookies finished for Tom to pick up in the morning. She’d texted him to let him know he had a delivery he needed to take. Using the time she had in the kitchen alone, she thought about everything that had happened in just a short weekend. Daniel came to her to convince her they were mates. They mated by the lake, making it their space, then went to the orphanage to find information about her. Now she knew she came from a noble family, someone wanted to kill her then and she assumed if her true heritage came out, they would try again. The whirlwind of everything happening made her think about her relationship with Daniel. The date on the beach helped her get to know Daniel as a person, their trip to the orphanage showed her Daniel the prince. Now she had to figure out what Amelia the princess would be like. Obviously she knew she’d have to keep some of her thoughts hidden from the world.

Amelia pulled her last batch out of the oven, seeing the time on the oven clock say three am. Daniel had offered to stay awake with her, but she didn’t want both of them to be exhausted. He’d let her know his schedule for the day, which made her exhausted thinking about all his meetings. She hoped her days wouldn’t be full of meetings where she couldn’t bake. Packaging the cookies, she wrote the label and set it out. Daniel assured her Floyd would give the cookies to Tom at the gate for him to deliver. Checking her computer for the next set of cookies, she saw she could make one batch for two orders after she woke. Amelia took her time washing the dishes, she wanted to make sure they were spotless and ready to be used once she had rested and showered.

Crawling into bed, she snuggled up to Daniel, his skin warm from being under the covers. Instantly his arms wrapped around her, helping her fall asleep quickly. All too soon the light poured in from the window, waking her. The space next to her cold, Daniel must have gotten up a while ago. Sitting up, she checked the clock to see it say ten o’clock. Stretching, her hand connected with a piece of paper.

My Love,

I didn’t have the heart to wake you when I got up this morning. I saw the cookies and Floyd has let me know he will give them to Tom. I’ll be back to have lunch with you, next time you don’t have to wash the cookie dishes, the maids do that. I love you.

Just Daniel

She smiled at the way he signed the note. It had become a joke between them now. Getting out of bed, she stepped into the bathroom to see a maid busy scrubbing away at the floor.

“Oh, excuse me.” Amelia went to leave when the maid stood and curtsied.

“I am so sorry, Lady Amelia. I did not know you would need the bathroom. I will leave at once.”

“Oh no! You finish cleaning and I can shower later. I just need to brush my teeth,” she replied, uncomfortable with the maid not making eye contact with her.

“I will step out and let you brush your teeth.” The maid scurried out through a second door out into the main area. She’d have to talk to Floyd about setting up a cleaning schedule that didn’t interfere with her abilities to get clean. Normally she worked late into the night except for Saturdays when she needed to be at the farmers market early in the morning. She grabbed her toothbrush and quickly brushed away her morning breath. Going back into the bedroom, she hid in the closet to get dressed. She worried the maid would come back and try to clean the bedroom. Dressing at record speed, she walked out of the bedroom to see a tray of breakfast waiting for her. Lifting the lid, she found a bowl of fruit with yogurt. All things she could eat cold.

“Is everything to your satisfaction?” Floyd asked, coming through the servant entrance into the room.

“This is perfect. I don’t indulge in heavy breakfasts often. Is there coffee?” she asked, getting up to find the pot.

“Please sit, I’ll get the coffee,” Floyd instructed, Amelia sat feeling chastised by the butler. Floyd brought her an individual coffee pot and a fine china cup. He placed them next to her along with cream and sugar. Amelia prepared her cup and set to eating her breakfast.

“Floyd, is there a way to work the maids schedule a little?” she asked once they had cleared away her plate.

“Ah yes, Joy, let me know she was cleaning the bathroom when you awoke. Do you have a specific time you normally wake? When I came in to help Prince Daniel I noticed the cookie dishes were still wet from use,” Floyd replied, placing everything onto a rolling cart.

“I am usually working late into the night on cookie orders. I know Daniel told you about Tom and his deliveries. Sometimes cookie batches take a lot of time because of their intricate nature. I can make sure I am awake at nine every morning if that will help?” she offered, she didn’t want to make things more complicated for Floyd and the staff.

“I’ll let the maids know not to come in until ten. We will work around your sleep schedule. The luna princess cannot be losing sleep because the maids are coming in and waking her up,” he answered, and she felt even more awkward. This would take some getting used to on her part.

“I don’t want to be a burden,” she replied, and Floyd gave her a soft smile.

“I understand this will take some time to get used to all this. We are here to make your life easier so you can help run the country. If you need, I will have a dishwasher on hand to make sure your dishes are cleaned immediately.”

“No, I am fine doing my own dishes. If this becomes more than I can handle, I will ask for help,” she promised. Floyd inclined his head and finished gathering the food dishes.

“If you need nothing else, I will leave you. Prince Daniel should be out of his parliament meeting shortly. I was instructed to prepare a picnic lunch for you two. I’ll see you at noon,” Floyd explained, bowing and leaving her alone. Amelia did a turn around the apartment to make sure all maids were gone, then collapsed onto the couch. She needed a minute. Being a royal seemed you never had a moment alone. She’d have to talk to Daniel about her privacy, she’d grown up without all of this and didn’t feel comfortable making others do things she could manage on her own.

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