Her Alpha Prince

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Chapter 26

Daniel tried to stay focused during the parliament meeting, but he kept thinking about Amelia. She came to bed so late last night he worried she wouldn’t get enough sleep and the maids would wake her.

“The last item on the docket is Prince Daniel’s news,” his father announced, turning to him. Daniel straightened in his chair, then stood. He walked down to the center of the floor and turned to face the others who did not know the news.

“Members of Parliament, I would like to apologize for missing our meeting last Friday. It was for a good cause. I found my mate,” he announced, letting his news sink in. He knew rumors were floating around, but he wanted to address them head-on.

“Who is she?” Lord Watson asked, he had the same eyes as Amelia, which made Daniel think back on a conversation he had with his parents. His mother posed a theory she was his missing daughter.

“Her name is Amelia Byrne. We are planning a party to introduce her to everyone this weekend. I ask you to be patient with us, she does not come from nobility so is not used to being the focus of media attention. Her name does not leave this room and if it does, we will know it was one of you,” he explained looking at each of the twelve members of parliament in the eyes.

“Understood Prince Daniel. We look forward to meeting your mate,” Lord Cline replied, giving him a soft smile. Lord Cline would accept Amelia, his mate Lady Cline did not come for nobility either.

“Thank you gentlemen and ladies of parliament,” he finished and sat back down. Catching his father’s eye he saw approval.

“If that is everything we will dismiss and meet again on Friday for any developments from the issues brought up today,” King Stephan announced ending their meeting. Daniel waited for everyone to leave before noticing Lord Watson hadn’t left with the others.

“Lord Watson?” he asked, staying in his seat.

“I need to meet Amelia before the party,” Lord Watson demanded, Daniel knew this was coming from the email he received the night before.

“You will meet her with the rest of parliament at the party on Saturday,” he answered knowing his answer wouldn’t make him happy.

“Why?” he demanded and Daniel heard his father sigh.

“Because Richard, Amelia needs time to accumulate to being in the palace around the servants. She doesn’t need the country’s beta breathing down her neck if she is good enough. She is Daniel’s mate, nothing will change that. Your opinion on non-noble mates has been duly noted,” King Stephan explained. Daniel silently thanked his father for his support.

“Do you know her background?”

“She is an orphan who spent most of her life in a foster home,” Daniel shared watching Lord Watson’s eyes dim with sympathy.

“Still, I think I should meet her as your second-in-command I want to know the girl before she meets everyone else,” he countered and Daniel sighed.

“I will speak with Amelia and see how she feels about meeting you before the party,” he finally replied, Lord Watson, nodded his agreement.

“We will let the future luna queen decide,” Lord Watson answered, offering his hand to shake. Daniel shook his hand and left the room. He needed to see Amelia and his stomach growled.

Walking into his apartment he found Amelia arm deep in a batch of cookies. To his surprise, his personal chef Ramon stood near the oven watching whatever was inside.

“Hello?” he called, Amelia looked up at him and gave him a bright smile.

“Hi sweetheart, Ramon offered to help. He said he is very good at cooking, but baking isn’t his forte,” Amelia explained walking over to give him a kiss. He returned the kiss and brushed the flour off her face.

“Are you teaching him or is he helping you?” he asked opening the fridge to grab some water.

“Both, I am showing him how to make my most popular sugar cookie cut-outs. I needed to make them for an order and he showed up to discuss this week’s menu. We got to talking while I was baking and soon he jumped in to help me. I hope that is okay,” she replied he saw the worry pass through her eyes at doing something wrong.

“Ramon is our chef, so his working here isn’t a problem. I am hungry though,” he commented making her laugh.

“Lunch is in the fridge. We decided on panini sandwiches since they were something we could make in the middle of all this,” she shared reaching for a flower cutter, her hand missed it and he grabbed it to hand to her.

“Can I help too? I don’t want to be that lazy mate who watches and never helps,” he admitted making her laugh.

“No one would call you lazy. You can do the cutter while I start on the icing. Our first batch of cookies should be cool enough to start icing. Ramon, come here and I’ll show you my special frosting,” Amelia ordered handing the cookie cutter back to Daniel. He smiled watching Ramon dutifully take out the tray of cookies, put another one in and go over to Amelia. He took his time pressing the cutter into the dough. He wanted to get the maximum amount of cookies from the rolled out dough. The first thing he noticed when he started moving the cookies onto trays was the uniform thickness. How did she manage to roll the dough out evenly? The timer went off while Ramon and Amelia were busy with frosting. Daniel took the tray out and put in a new one. This he knew how to do thanks to helping her last week.

“I’ll start on the paninis,” Ramon announced once the frosting had been made.

“Thank you, I am starving,” Daniel replied just as his stomach rumbled.

“Thank you for helping, this is moving the process along much faster than usual. I think I might be able to make all the orders I received on Saturday,” she replied, washing the icing sugar off her hands.

“Glad to help. I have a meeting with Nick and Alex at two then I have racing practice at four. After that I will be back for dinner with my family,” he explained. She gave him a sweet smile wrapping her arms around his waist.

“Perfect, is there a dress code for dinner? I assume my baking attire is not appropriate,” Amelia joked. He laughed and kissed her gently.

“I’d say nice pants or a dress. My mother and sister wear dresses most of the time, but I know that isn’t your style preference.”

“Okay, I’ll look through the clothes Floyd provided for me. He took one look at my closet this morning and tsked, he actually shook his head.” This made Daniel laugh even louder, Ramon chuckled too.

“I take it he did not approve of your leggings and tunics?”

“Exactly. He sent a maid to bring me “appropriate” clothes for a princess. Those were his words,” Amelia explained making Daniel frown. Amelia should be allowed to wear whatever she wanted in the privacy of their apartment. He would speak to Floyd about his open disapproval of her wardrobe.

“Lunch is served. Lady Amelia I will come back in an hour to learn how to frost cookies,” Ramon announced, setting two steaming sandwiches with hand-cut and fried chips in front of them.

“Thank you, Ramon, this looks wonderful,” Amelia thanked him, Ramon gave a smile and left them in peace. Daniel watched Amelia take a bite from her sandwich and moaned.

“Ramon makes wonderful food,” she gushed. An emotion Daniel didn’t recognize raced through his body. He hated that she loved Ramon’s food, she shouldn’t be moaning for anyone but him. His wolf growled, she looked up in surprise at him.

“Why did you growl at me?”

“I am sorry, my wolf didn’t like hearing you talking about Ramon,” he explained, embarrassed by his lost control. He took a bite of his own lunch, it was very good as usual.

“Are you jealous?” A smirk played on her face as she asked.

“Jealous me?” he asked, evaluating his feelings, he sighed.

“Yes, I shouldn’t be. I know you are my mate, but we only just mated and my wolf isn’t secure in our connection,” he shared, she reached across the table and squeezed his hand.

“How much time do you have until you have to meet Nick and Alex?” she asked with a wink.

“I have time,” he answered standing and picking her up to take her to their bedroom. He made love to her until both were exhausted. By the time they made it back to the table, their lunches were cold. Amelia heated them in the microwave and he scarfed it down before rushing off to his meeting. He left her with a kiss and a promise of more love later that night.

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