Her Alpha Prince

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Chapter 27

“Amelia you look lovely tonight,” Queen Imelda complimented her when she sat down for dinner at their large dining table.

“Thank you,” she replied. Daniel helped her pick out a pink dress with white trim.

“Where is Savannah?” Daniel asked, sitting next to her and putting a hand on her thigh.

“They are running late as usual,” the queen replied, Daniel rolled his eyes making Amelia laugh.

“My friend Trish forever made us almost miss the bus to get to school,” she added, seeing all three turn their eyes on her.

“I had private tutors, so I never went to public school. What was it like?” Daniel asked, sipping his wine.

“Lots of crazy antics, tons of studying and working a part-time job,” she replied trying to downplay her childhood.

“Sounds like my time, but no part-time job,” Daniel answered, bringing a hand to his lips. Tingles erupted down her arm, settling in her core.

“What kinds of antics did you get up to?” King Stephan asked with a sweet smile on his face.

“One Halloween Trish, Kylie and I went around dressed like the power puff girls and went around trick or treating. We lost Kylie for a while and spent about two hours running around town trying to find her. Turns out she saw someone with a princess costume she wanted to look at.”

“Kylie?” Queen Imelda asked, trying to place her name.

“She was my roommate until I moved in with Daniel,” she answered, wondering when Savannah and her husband were to show up.

“Where is she now?” King Stephan asked, Amelia looked over at Daniel unsure if she should tell them about Nick and Kylie.

“She moved in with Nick, they are mates,” Daniel shared squeezing her hand.

“How lovely, we shall have to meet her soon. I dare say she will be at the party with Nick on Saturday when we introduce you to parliament,” Queen Imelda replied.

“Your Royal Highnesses and Lady Amelia, I present Duke Wynston Geraghty and his wife Lady Savannah,” Floyd announced ushering the couple in. Amelia’s heart stopped, Princess Savannah looked even more beautiful in person than she did in all the pictures taken of her. She felt like the country cousin compared to Savannah’s grace as she sat at the table. How would she be the next queen when she had Savannah to compare to?

“Savannah I would like to introduce my mate Amelia Bryne,” Daniel introduced her to Savannah. Savannah turned her eyes on Amelia and gave her a bright smile.

“I am thrilled to finally meet you! I know Daniel has been looking for you for years. I like to think I had something to do with him finding you. I showed him your website when I ordered the stork cookies. They were amazing and delicious to boot.” Savannah reached across the table to squeeze her hand.

“It’s nice to meet you and I am glad you were happy with the cookies. They made my website crash because so many people were trying to order,” she explained, making Savannah laugh.

“I am sorry for that but happy to hear you have plenty of business,” Savannah replied, looking over at her husband with a bright smile. Amelia saw the love the two held for each other.

“Amelia has decided to turn her business into a not for profit and donate money toward the foster children in our country,” Daniel announced, Amelia heard the pride in his voice.

“What is your intention toward the foster children of our country?” King Stephan asked. The servants walked in with the first course placing soup bowls onto their charger plates.

“I want to help them after they age out of the foster system. I had a scary time when my foster family threw me out. I want no one else to feel that way,” she answered, dipping her spoon in and tasting the butternut squash soup.

“That is an admirable goal. Fit for a princess,” the king replied, making her smile.

“I hope so.” She finished her soup and set her spoon down, signaling to the servant behind her she had finished.

“When is the wedding?” Savannah asked. Amelia paused, she and Daniel had decided to wait before they wed.

“We are waiting. Amelia is new to all this and I don’t want to pressure her into marrying me and having an heir. We discussed this and decided to wait until I take the throne,” Daniel explained as Amelia cut into her steak.

“I see,” Savannah replied, and Amelia could see disapproval in her eyes.

“I think you are being smart,” Queen Imelda added, smiling at her. Amelia nodded her head, unable to come up with a response.

“How is the baby dear?” The queen turned the conversation to Savannah, giving Amelia a chance to listen and eat.

“The doctor says I am healthy and so is baby boy,” Savannah replied, Amelia watched Wynston, he stared at his mate as she was the most important person in the room. She’d yet to hear him talk and wondered if he spoke at all.

“When is your due date again, Vannah?” Daniel asked he had placed his hand back on her thigh when he’d finished eating.

“I’m about twenty-four weeks, my official due date is the middle of August,” Savannah replied, taking her water goblet and draining it. She held it out for a servant to refill.

“Do you know that exact day?” Daniel probed and Savannah laughed at him.

“We are keeping the exact date secret, Mother said she was late with both of us. I don’t want the kingdom hovering at our front doorstep waiting for him to arrive,” she explained, Amelia nodded her agreement.

“I understand not wanting them at your door day and night waiting for you to go into labor,” Amelia commented, Savannah gave her another bright smile.

“Thank you, Amelia.” She watched as the servants removed their plates and brought out a decadent dessert. She’d never be able to keep the weight off with meals like this every day. Maybe she could talk with Daniel about adding meals that were healthier for both of them.

“Have you found more out about your heritage?” Queen Imelda asked once the servants finished placing their chocolate tarts in front of them.

“We visited the orphanage yesterday,” Amelia replied, taking a bite of her dessert. She did her best to keep all expression from her face. She wouldn’t have made the dessert with almond milk, it took away from the rich chocolate and left a weird taste behind.

“And?” King Stephan prompted, also taking a bite of his chocolate tart and making a face.

“Is this rancid?” he asked and Amelia shook her head.

“They used almond milk to make the ganache, not cream,” she explained, then clamped her mouth shut when everyone at the table stared at her.

“Trained pastry chef,” Daniel shared leaning over to kiss her cheek.

“Why do you think they used almond milk?” Queen Imelda asked, pushing her tart away after a taste.

“I am sure I don’t know. If you would like a different dessert, that isn’t as fancy. Daniel and I have cookies I made earlier today,” she offered. She could hurry back to their apartment and bring the cookies she’d made today for them to have.

“Why don’t we all go to your apartment and talk about what you found from the orphanage. There are too many eyes and ears in here for your life to remain private,” King Stephan suggested the rest of the people around the table nodded their agreement.

“To Daniel’s apartment,” Savannah announced standing from the table. Amelia stood, letting Daniel take her hand and lead the way back. He whispered in her ear.

“Nice save with the cookies. We all would have tried to suffer through the nasty tart to be polite.” She laughed and shook her head.

“Life’s too short to let bad desserts be eaten.” Daniel laughed, this time pulling her in close and kissing her temple.

“You two are so cute,” Savannah commented, coming up on her other side.

“Thank you. I love your brother immensely,” she replied, looking up at Daniel with love in her eyes.

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