Her Alpha Prince

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Chapter 28

“I am glad to hear that he isn’t the easiest person to love,” Savannah joked, making Amelia chuckle. Still, Wynston hadn’t said a word. She turned to the man, he was almost as tall as Daniel with white-blond hair and icy blue eyes.

“How are you Wynston?” Amelia asked as they stopped at their apartment door. The man stared at her and didn’t answer, he made her feel uncomfortable.

“Wynston, Amelia asked you a question,” Daniel growled, Amelia sensed some tension between the two.

“I am fine. If you’ll excuse me I have work that must be done. Savannah honey, I will see you back at our place. I’ll make sure a car comes back for you.” Wynston kissed Savannah on the cheek and walked away, his steps echoing down the hall.

“Don’t mind Wynston. He and Daniel don’t get along,” Savannah replied, excusing her husband’s behavior. Amelia felt shocked. How could it be they didn’t get along?

“I sense a story there.” Amelia went into the kitchen and pulled out four fresh boxes of cookies for the group to pick from.

“Wynston and I are the same age. He and I have competed in many sporting events, I usually won. We keep it civil when around each other in the public eye, when alone Wynston lets me know he still doesn’t like me,” Daniel explained, snagging a frosted flower cookie from the tray she’d put together while listening to him talk.

“I am sorry. It is hard when one family member doesn’t like the other,” she replied looking at Savannah. Savannah shrugged and took two cookies while settling on the couch.

“These are amazing!” Savannah gushed, reaching for a third. Queen Imelda and King Stephan sat in the other two chairs, leaving Amelia without a place to sit. Daniel pulled her into his lap and wrapped an arm around her waist.

“So what happened at the orphanage?” King Stephan asked, taking a cookie of his own.

“We found my file and there were my report cards throughout high school in it. I don’t know why they had to report my information to the orphanage. In it there was also the note my mother left with me and a medical report of several injuries I had upon being dropped off at the orphanage,” she explained, using Daniel’s warmth to give her strength.

“What injuries?” Queen Imelda asked.

“A broken arm and I need several sets of stitches,” she replied and Daniel added.

“Plus, we did the DNA test, Floyd was supposed to send it out for a rush return.”

“So what does this tell you?” Savannah asked.

“The note told about my name, birthdate, and that someone was out trying to kill me.”

“She is also from a noble family,” Daniel finished for her. Amelia saw the look exchanged between the king and queen.

“What?” she asked, feeling comfortable asking what they were thinking.

“We shared our thoughts with Daniel last week. We only know of one family who lost a child around the same time you were put at the orphanage,” Queen Imelda began, Amelia’s heart clenched.

“Who?” she asked, could this be her answer?

“I wanted to wait until we got the DNA test back before I said anything,” Daniel told her, kissing her cheek.

“Who Daniel?” she asked, this time her voice harder.

“Lord Watson.”

“Nick’s dad?” Her heart stopped. Did she have a brother too?

“Yes, but I don’t want this news to leave the room until we have more information. We could be wrong and I don’t want to get that man’s hopes up.”

“What happened?”

“His first wife and daughter were killed in an accident except only the wife’s body was found. His daughter would have been two,” King Stephan shared, Amelia, gasped.

“You mean you think I am the missing child?” she asked, trying to make sure she understood what they were telling her.

“It is possible. The timeline fits, but it also could be a coincidence and we don’t want to assume anything until your DNA test comes back,” Queen Imelda answered. This was a lot for Amelia to take in. She didn’t know what to say.

“When do your results come back again?” Savannah asked, rubbing her showing stomach.

“They should come in this week. Let’s table this conversation until we get the results. I want us to focus on the threat to her life. The palace received a threat to the royal family specifically my mate,” Daniel explained. His mother’s eyes widened.

“Why didn’t I know about this?” she demanded, looking at King Stephan.

“Alex is looking into the threat, making sure it is a credible threat,” he explained to his wife kissing her cheek.

“What has he found?”

“Nothing yet. He is still looking into everything. We can meet again later this week when he has more information. I met with him and Nick today. Neither had answers yet. They are waiting for some of their contacts to reply to their inquiries,” Daniel shared Amelia hadn’t known that, but they didn’t have time to talk after his meeting with Nick and Alex before rushing off to dinner.

“I want an update on Friday. Saturday Amelia is being introduced to parliament. Tomorrow, Amelia, I want to talk about the party plans. Do you have time in your schedule? I heard from Ramon today you were teaching him how to bake,” Queen Imelda explained with a smile for her.

“Let me know what time. I can work my schedule around it,” Amelia answered, leaning into Daniel. The lack of sleep was wearing her down.

“Perfect, ten o’clock tomorrow we will meet and talk about the party details. The queen stood, motioning for Savannah and the king to follow.

“I can see you are tired. Have a good night and I will see you in the morning.”

“Thank you, Your Highness.” Amelia stood and kissed her on the cheek.

“It was wonderful to meet you Amelia. I might need you to send me some cookies. Those were delicious.” Savannah hugged her and followed the king and queen out of the apartment. As soon as the door shut Amelia turned on Daniel.

“How could you not tell me!” she demanded, stamping her foot.

“I didn’t want to get your hopes up or hint to anything for Nick. He and his dad struggled to move on from the death of Rosalind and Nick’s mom, Laura.”

“How hard did it hit the two of them?” she asked and Daniel frowned.

“Nick was only six when it happened, but I remember him crying for months. Lady Valerie changed their lives when she and his dad mated three years later. Nick never went back to his carefree ways, but he is also an adult,” Daniel explained, pulling her into his arms and kissing her hard on the mouth. She felt his desperation, he needed her. Talking about losing a mate hit him hard.

“I am all yours, Daniel,” she whispered once he released her.

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