Her Alpha Prince

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Chapter 29

Daniel walked her into their bedroom, stripping her clothing along the way. Her hands made quick work of his clothes too, she needed to feel his skin pressed against hers. She wanted to get her hands on his broad chest.

“Amelia, promise me I won’t lose you,” he begged, kneeling at her feet, running his hands up her legs.

“I won’t leave you,” she promised, watching him cradle her foot kissing the top and making his way up her leg. She wore only her panties and bra. His lips kissed her thighs and went back down her other leg to kiss the top of her foot. She giggled, his stubble tickled her sensitive skin.

“Tonight I worship your body,” he murmured, and she sighed.

“I am too curvy,” she complained, and he shook his head.

“You are perfect to me. I love a woman who won’t break when I make love to her. Your curves are a part of you and I love every inch. I love your curly hair, I love your dainty feet, I love you, all of you.” Daniel crawled up her body, pressing her into their massive bed. The first time she’d seen the bed, she’d been shocked at its size.

“Daniel, you are too good to me,” she huffed, putting her arms around his neck and kissing him gently on the lips.

“You are my mate I want to spoil you.” He gave her a smirk then pressed a kiss to her nose, then one cheek and the other before finding her lips. Each spot he kissed tingled. She needed more. Impatiently, she tugged on the boxers she’d left on his hips. Pushing them off his hips, she marveled at his muscular thighs. There wasn’t an ounce of fat on his body. She still couldn’t believe he loved her curves.

“Tonight we take it, slow baby.” He caught her hands, placing them above her head.

“You keep your hands there while I pleasure you,” he ordered, and she crossed her hands at her wrist. Laying back, she waited, her body impatient for his touch.

“First these need to go,” he remarked, and instead of unclipping her bra, he ripped it off along with her panties.

“Hey!” she protested, about to sit up. Daniel pinned her with his gaze.

“I will replace them,” he promised, and she laid back down. Daniel went back to worshipping her legs, this time he nipped causing lightning to course through her veins. Rubbing her thighs together, she prayed she didn’t ruin their sheets. He kissed across her stomach, up to her left breast. She watched as he kissed around her puckered nipple, not touching it yet. Her body trembled with need for him. He kissed through the hollow between her breasts, licking up to her mate mark on her neck. He sucked on it. Her hips bucked, pressing her apex against his shaft.

“Hold still,” he ordered, and she dropped back to the bed, whimpering with need for him.

“But I need you,” she moaned, making him chuckle.

“Okay, I will reward you,” he replied and sucked one nipple into his warm, wet mouth. Amelia couldn’t control her moans, she released a loud one when he tugged gently, releasing her nipple with a pop. He took her other breast and repeated his actions, drawing louder moans from her. Every nerve in her body sat on edge, waiting for his next move. One of his hands slipped down her stomach and spread her thighs. He took a finger and dipped it between her dripping core, pleasure as she’d never experienced crash down on her.

Daniel’s head followed his fingers. His tongue probed at her nerve center. Every touch pushed her closer to the edge of her orgasm. Amelia gasped when he put in his second finger. She felt stretched but pleasantly so, a familiar sensation built deep in her womb. She felt like a spring tightening each time he entered her. His tongue went in and out sucking on her nub. She couldn’t fathom how she kept tightening and knew she would burst any second. Daniel swiftly put his fingers back in and sucked hard. The world shattered as she burst, her body rippling from the effect of her orgasm. Her body felt like molten gold, not a single muscle able to move.

Letting her recover momentarily, Daniel reached into the side table and pulled out a condom. He quickly slipped it over his manhood and crawled on top of her, capturing her lips in a deep kiss.

“I need to feel you contracting around me, drawing my orgasm from my body,” he groaned kissing her lips, his tongue pushing in to play with hers.

“Daniel more,” she demanded, wrapping her legs around his waist. He pulled her up to sit in his lap, her arms around his neck. Bouncing on him, his shaft hit deeper inside her, sending shock waves through her body. Pushing Daniel onto his back she took over, her lips traveled over his tan skin. She flicked her tongue over his nipples, biting gently. Her actions drew a moan from his lips. Encouraged, she lifted her hips and slid into him excruciatingly slow. She didn’t know who she was tormenting more, him or her.

“Amelia, my love, you are torturing me,” he groaned, his hands gripping her hips with his firm hands. He helped her move at a faster pace, one she was certain he needed. The strain of his neck muscles let her know he was nearing his climax. Every time she bottomed out on him, she swirled her hips, his manhood hitting all the walls of her womb.

“You feel perfect inside of me,” she groaned leaning forward, placing her hands on his chest using him to help her pump. Her hips were tiring, but she wanted him to come, she needed to push him over the edge. Leaning down she kissed him and slammed her hips down, her orgasm crashed over her, making her unable to continue bouncing on him. Daniel thrust in once more and cried out her name as he hit his orgasm. Dropping onto his chest, she gasped for breath. If they continued to have sex like that, she would need to work on her cardio. Curling up in his arms, she sighed.

“You okay, baby?” he asked, running his fingers through her curls.

“More than okay. I love you, Daniel.”

“I love you Amelia and I promise we will get you your answers,” he murmured. She smiled and curled up in his arms to get some sleep.

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