Her Alpha Prince

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Chapter 30

Thursday morning Amelia was awoken by Daniel.

“I’m sorry to wake you when you worked late last night, but Kylie is at the door to do your dress fitting,” he murmured in her ear. She opened one eye and glared at her mate.

“Don’t glare at me, love, you have a party to prepare for.” To keep her from falling back asleep, Daniel snatched the covers off the bed. Cool air passed over her warm skin, making her shiver.

“Mean,” she grumbled sitting up pushing her curls out of her face.

“Tell Kylie I’ll be out in fifteen minutes. What do you have planned today?” she asked, stretching and getting out of the bed.

“I have a meeting with Nick and Alex about security for the party. Also, Lord Watson, Nick’s dad keeps pestering me to meet you before Saturday. Would you be opposed to meeting him before the party?” he asked. She sensed the trepidation in his words.

“Why would I be opposed?” she asked, stopping at the bathroom door, crossing her arms over her chest.

“Lord Watson isn’t known for supporting mates who aren’t of the same social class. Lady Cline didn’t come from the same social class as Lord Cline and Lord Watson made a big deal about it. Also, he is potentially your dad,” he remarked and her heart stopped.

“Do you know when the results will come back?”

“I’m hoping today,” he answered and she sighed.

“If they do not come today, I will meet Lord Watson tomorrow. I don’t want him to continue to bother you when I can meet him and make life easier for everyone. I won’t say anything about him being my potential father, I haven’t said anything to Nick,” she replied with a smile. Daniel chuckled and nodded his head.

“I’ll see you at lunch.” He walked over, kissed her, and left. Amelia jumped into the shower and went out in a tank top and shorts to see Kylie set up in her living room. The stand for her stood in the middle while Kylie had her dress on a dress dummy.

“That is beautiful,” she gushed, walking over to touch the soft fabric. The dress had cap sleeves, a cinched waist under the bust line, and knee-length. Kylie decided on a deep sapphire after placing several fabrics near her face the week before.

“I spent most of this week working on this gown. I made mine too, I decided I wanted pale pink, that way we compliment each other. I have a strong feeling you and I are going to be together at the party a lot. You are the future luna queen and I am the mate of the country’s future beta.” Kylie pulled the dress off the dress dummy and handed it to Amelia.

“Go put it on and I’ll pin it,” she ordered, Amelia went into her bathroom and put the dress on. The silk fabric flowed around her. Amelia took a minute to admire Kylie’s work. She’d never worn something so elegant.

“Kylie this is amazing. I’ve never worn anything like this. Please tell me Daniel is paying you for your work?” she asked, she would hate to find out Kylie did this for free.

“No, Daniel sent Floyd out to talk to me to get an idea on the cost of the dress. I’ve been paid handsomely,” Kylie assured her motioning for her to step up. Amelia stepped onto the stand and watched Kylie move around her pinning the dress. It reminded her of Kylie fixing her dress to meet Daniel.

“I want to thank you for urging me to meet Daniel. If you hadn’t told me to go I would have missed my chance to find my mate.” Kylie looked up at her with tears in her eyes.

“You would have found him, but thank you. Are you still worried about having kids?” she asked and Amelia took a moment to think about her answer.

“Children still scare me, but I believe in my link with Daniel. He wouldn’t let me be a bad mom if I tried. We are waiting for a little before getting married, I want to know about my background,” she explained looking down to see a smile on Kylie’s face.

“I understand that. Nick and I talked about my life and the concern he has about his father. I haven’t met him yet, Nick wanted to wait until he met you to see his reaction to you before me. I think he is hoping if his dad accepts you, he won’t make a stink about me. I understand his concerns, but I think he is being a baby,” Kylie remarked making Amelia laugh.

“He is being a baby. Nick should introduce you to his dad and stepmom. You are his mate, they can’t change anything. You two are mated.”

“Plus you have the support of Daniel and me,” Amelia added watching her friend chuckle.

“Thanks, Amelia. Okay, I am done fitting it to your body. Take it off and I’ll have it ready by tomorrow,” Kylie announced stepping back and admiring her work. Amelia did as she was told, taking the dress off making sure not to prick herself on a pin.

Knock, knock.

“I wonder who that would be?” she asked Kylie, Kylie shrugged and took the dress back. She settled on the couch pulling out a sewing kit. Amelia laughed, this felt like their days at their old apartment. She would be in the kitchen baking and Kylie working on a design. Opening the door she stared at the unfamiliar man at the door.

“Can I help you?” she asked, looking over her shoulder at Kylie. The man had her eyes, something she’d never seen.

“Rosalind?” he asked and she gave him a confused look.

“I’m sorry, I’m not Rosalind. Are you okay sir?” Amelia reached out to touch his arm and he jerked away from her.

“How are you alive?” he asked again, this time Amelia became uncomfortable and pressed a button by her door. It would alert Alex to danger in the royal apartment.

“Sir, I am not sure who you think I am, but I am not Rosalind,” she repeated. He looked haunted, within seconds Alex came barreling down the hallway with Daniel and Nick behind him.

“Lord Watson?” Alex rumbled, Amelia stared at the man in front of her looking at him in a new light.

“Why is she here?” Lord Watson demanded, pointing at her. Amelia took a step back into the apartment, letting the men separate her from Lord Watson.

“Lord Watson this is Amelia, Prince Daniel’s mate,” Alex corrected, he seemed to be the only one who could speak at the moment. Nick looked over her at Kylie with panic in his eyes.

“Why does she look like my Rosalind? How can her memory still haunt me?” Lord Watson asked, this time he collapsed, Nick caught him and the ladies jumped into action. Amelia ran into the kitchen to get water and Kylie cleared the couch for them to place him down.

“Daniel,” Amelia said, handing him the water, she didn’t want to make Lord Watson faint with her presence. He took the water and gave her a soft smile.

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