Her Alpha Prince

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Chapter 31

Daniel didn’t want Lord Watson to meet Amelia this way. He knew the shock of seeing her would be too much for the man. Nick helped his dad sit on the couch and Daniel handed him the water Amelia rushed to get him.

“Dad, this is Amelia Byrne, she is Daniel’s mate,” Nick repeated Alex’s words, kneeling to talk to his father.

“She has Rosalind’s eyes,” Lord Watson whispered, taking the glass of water and looking at her. Daniel saw sadness pass through Amelia’s eyes. They didn’t want to tell him she might be his. It would be too much for the man.

“Why does she have her eyes?” he demanded, dropping the glass of water on the floor.

“Lord Watson calm down,” Daniel ordered, he stood in front of the man debating on what to do. Just as he opened his mouth Floyd walked into the room.

“I have your results,” Floyd announced before Daniel could move, Amelia flew across the room and took the paper from Floyd. He watched her give Floyd a look, he nodded and left the room. Daniel knew Amelia didn’t want the news spread around, no matter how much he trusted Floyd he saw her reasoning.

“Excuse us for a minute,” he whispered in Nick’s ear, Nick nodded and continued to calm his father. Daniel took her into their room and sat on the bed. These were her results, and he’d let her read them first. She paced the room, holding the sealed envelope.

“Can you?” she finally asked, he nodded and took the envelope.

“Whatever the results, nothing changes,” he promised, kissing her then tearing open the envelope.

Ms. Amelia Bryne,

These are the results of the DNA sent to our lab. We have determined you are descended from Laura Trent Watson and Nathanial Watson.

West Woods Lab

“Lord Watson is your dad,” Daniel announced, showing her the paper. He watched Amelia’s eyes roll into the back of her head as she fainted. He caught her laying her onto the bed.

“Kylie!” he hollered. Within seconds Kylie burst into the room, stopping short upon seeing Amelia passed out.

“What happened? Why is everyone fainting?” Kylie demanded, going into the bathroom and returning with a vial. She waved the open vial under Amelia’s nose, bringing her around.

“She found her parents,” Daniel answered, watching Amelia slowly sit up.

“Is there any way that could be wrong?” Amelia asked, pointing to the letter he’d discarded on the bed to catch her.

“No. The West Woods Lab is the one we have used for generations,” he replied, sitting next to her and pulling her into his arms. She rested her head on his shoulder, he was certain she needed to process the information.

“How are we going to tell everyone? You saw Lord Watson’s reaction to just seeing me without knowing,” she pointed out, Kylie took the letter and read it. She gave Amelia a smile and then laughed.

“Remember us talking about how you could be the long lost child of some noble family?” Kylie asked, Daniel gave her a confused look, but Amelia let out a chuckle.

“I can’t believe you keep being right.”

“Just goes to show you picked the right best friend. Come on, you need to tell them, do it like a bandaid. Both those men have had a lot of heartbreak over losing both you and your mom. Now you can give them a little peace of mind,” Kylie urged. Daniel nodded his agreement. It would be best to tell them now.

“Let’s go.” He took her hand helping her stand. Her legs were still shaking. Holding her, he walked them back into the living room. Nick looked up from where he was sitting next to his dad. Alex stood in the kitchen, a hard look in his eyes. Daniel handed him the paper for his files and walked over to Nick and Lord Watson.

“Lord Watson, Nathaniel,” he began getting Lord Watson’s attention.

“Nick, we have some news.” Nick gave him a worried look but nodded.

“As you know, Amelia comes from an unknown background. We sent her DNA off to get tested. Results were priority number one for us. Floyd delivered those results twenty minutes ago. Amelia Rose Byrne is Rosalind Amelia Watson.” He let his words hang in the air as the two men took in his news. Lord Watson was the first to break the silence.

“One hundred percent she is mine?” Alex handed him the paper, Lord Watson’s eyes scanned the words.

“Oh, my god. How?” he asked, his shaky hands reaching for Amelia. She let him hold her hands.

“We aren’t sure. Amelia arrived at the orphanage with a broken arm. I suspect they gave her to the orphanage to hide her from whoever had tried to kill her and Laura.”

“They were returning from a day at the beach. Nick stayed behind with me because he was sick. They found the car at the bottom of a cliff where the ocean met the beach. We assumed Rosalind washed out to sea. That is why we couldn’t find her body. Her nanny was the only one to survive the crash.”

“Where is the nanny now?” Alex asked Daniel knew he wanted to question the woman.

“I don’t know, she left our employment right after the accident. She couldn’t bear to be around our family. Her name was Hope LaFayette.” Alex opened his phone and walked out of the apartment, Daniel knew he would hunt down the nanny if she was still alive.

“What happened after the crash?” Daniel asked, he didn’t enjoy making him relive the death of his mate, but they needed to know.

“Laura’s body was inside the back of the car, the driver dead too. Hope had minor injuries, she needed stitches, and her wrist had been broken. The car was a mangled mess. The investigators couldn’t get much from it. The water washed any prints away. We held your funeral,” Lord Watson said his eyes pinned on Amelia.

“When was Rosalind’s birthday?” Daniel inquired, just to see what information they changed.

“March twentieth. I can’t make it through that day without visiting her grave, which I guess now we can take down?” Lord Watson looked at his son and Nick smiled.

“We have her back,” Nick replied, taking one of Amelia’s hands in his own. Daniel saw the tears in all their eyes. Today would be a day none of them would ever forget.

“I… I don’t know what to say,” Amelia began, she shook her head, Daniel knew the information was a lot to take in.

“You have a dad and a brother,” Lord Watson answered, placing a gentle hand on her face.

“I think we should have dinner tonight and the three of you can get to know each other.” The news of Amelia being their family was something the three of them needed to work through.

“Saturday we can announce Amelia is my mate and you’ve found Rosalind. I assume you will want to be called Amelia since we have called you that most of your life?” Daniel asked, looking over at Amelia. She nodded, and he saw tears sliding down her cheeks.

“Can Amelia stay with us for a weekend so we can get to know each other?” Lord Watson asked Daniel didn’t like the idea of Amelia being on her own.

“You and Alex are welcome. I know being away from your mate is hard,” he continued when neither of them agreed to his plan.

“We can spend a weekend at your estate,” Daniel agreed, he couldn’t keep Amelia from her family.

“I can’t believe I am finally not an only child,” Nick whispered. His dad turned to him and laughed.

“What about Caleb and Gwen?”

“Who are they?” Amelia asked and Daniel sighed.

“My other children with Valerie,” Lord Watson replied, and Nick frowned.

“How old are they?” she asked, Daniel saw she wanted to know everything.

“My half brother and sister. Caleb is twenty-three and Gwen is nineteen,” Lord Daniel answered, making Amelia smile.

“So I have a brother and two half-siblings?” she remarked a watery smile on her face. Daniel put his hands on her shoulders and squeezed.

“Maybe next weekend we can all head to your home?” she suggested, Lord Watson gave a bright smile and squeezed her hands.

“I’ll tell Valerie to prepare our estate by the beach for a long weekend away,” he replied, leaning forward to kiss her cheek.

“Nick and I will be back for dinner. I have some news to share with Valerie and my other children.” He stood, patting Nick on the thigh and standing to leave.

“See you tonight,” Daniel replied, watching Lord Watson leave their apartment. Nick stayed behind and Daniel knew he had more questions.

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