Her Alpha Prince

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Chapter 33

Dinner time came around and Amelia’s nerves were getting the best of her. Daniel had gone to tell his parents about Lord Watson, and they insisted on having everyone for dinner in their personal suite. With Kylie’s help, she dressed and did her hair. She wanted to look her best for her father. She’d chosen a blue and black dress with matching flats. When Floyd filled her closet, he had purchased no heels for her. She assumed he noticed her own shoe collection and realized she didn’t own any.

“You ready?” Daniel asked, holding out his hand. She nodded and let him lead her to an unknown part of the castle where his parents' suite was situated. Daniel had showered and changed into black slacks, a navy blue dress shirt and a black vest with silver buttons. His dress shoes shined as they walked down the hallway. Nick and Kylie were meeting them there, Nick needed to change into appropriate attire for dinner.

“What do you think your mother will say about being right?” she asked, leaning into his side. Daniel wrapped his arm around her shoulders, pulling her closer.

“She is going to gloat in her own way,” he answered with a chuckle. She looked up at her handsome mate. She felt so lucky to be mated to him. Every day he showed her why he loved her.

“I bet.” They stopped at an ornately decorated door with two royal crowns depicting King Stephan and Queen Imelda’s emblem. Daniel bent down and kissed her gently before knocking on his parents’ door. The queen opened it surprising Amelia, she would have thought they’d have servants helping.

“Come in, you are the first to arrive. I want to talk about a few things before Lord Watson and his son arrive,” Queen Imelda announced motioning for them to enter.

“What is wrong Mother?” Daniel asked sitting down on an antique settee. Amelia sat gently next to him afraid the furniture would break under their weight.

“After you sent the news about Amelia being Lord Watson’s daughter Rosalind I did some digging through old documents. When royals are born sometimes their mates are found right away. Not in the sense, your wolf announces their mate, it is something more. The two are drawn together, they can’t stay apart. If they are apart their dreams haunt them.” Queen Imelda opened a file she had on the coffee table between them.

“What did you find?” Amelia bent over to look at the papers. Her birth name and Daniel’s were written down next to each other.

“Well, it turns out you and Daniel met before. When you were a little over two we had a picnic lunch for all the nobles. That was the first time your mother Laura brought you to a function. She felt you were too little to come before. Anyway, I remember watching Daniel dote on you. He held your hand, helped you walk around the place. He was only five at the time, so I initially thought it was him being kind. He had Savannah as a little sister so he knew how to be caring. As King Stephan and I watched we saw something more. Both your eyes glowed.”

“Glowed?” Daniel interrupted, Amelia, squeezed his hand.

“The sign of mates before puberty.”

“Then how come he didn’t have the same thing happen when we were playing soccer at the orphanage?” Amelia wanted to know.

“It may have happened, you wouldn’t notice and if you were playing around the other kids wouldn’t have either. We never saw you two together. The woman in charge walked us around explaining about the children but never introduced us to them. We called Daniel and Savannah back from playing with everyone and left to make sure you older kids found foster families,” King Stephan answered, sitting with his wife.

“Then why was I targeted?” she asked chills creeping down her spine.

“We don’t know. I don’t think we will know until you are introduced to the court and your heritage is revealed,” King Stephan explained, she watched Daniel frown.

“Do you think they will come after her again?”

“Hard to say. You two have mated, that means you are taken and no longer looking for your future queen. It could also put her in danger from whoever wanted her gone in the first place. It wasn’t a secret you and Rosalind were fated, mates. Those are rare and the whole kingdom celebrated the news,” Queen Imelda replied, closing the file. This news gave Amelia, even more to think about when a knock sounded on the door. Daniel walked over to open it revealing Lord and Lady Watson with Nick and Kylie behind them. Amelia caught Kylie’s eyes and saw a look of panic. They must have met in the hall, she wondered what happened. Using a silent signal for her friend Kylie shook her head. Amelia knew it meant she wasn’t sure what to think yet.

“Welcome Lord and Lady Watson. Nick and your mate are most welcome.” Queen Imelda glided over to greet each with a kiss on the cheek.

“Your Majesty, allow me to introduce you to my mate Kylie Longfellow. I met her when Daniel found Amelia,” Nick explained, Kylie dipped into a deep curtsy, one much better than Amelia ever managed.

“You were Amelia’s roommate then?” Queen Imelda asked, taking Kylie’s hand and leading her over to the seating area. Amelia smiled at her friend, trying to give her comfort.

“Yes Your Majesty,” Kylie answered sitting with the queen.

“How did you and Amelia meet?”

“We were part of the same foster family.”

“So you too were a product of the Naustin Family?” King Stephan asked, bringing out beer for the men and wine for the women. Amelia noticed Lady Valerie had a worried look on her face.

“Yes sir. Amelia and I were placed there together along with a third friend. She lives in the Aubrun Kingdom finishing her Ph.D.”

“How interesting that two of the most powerful women in the country were at the same foster home?” Queen Imelda commented with a bright smile. Amelia let out a laugh and shrugged.

“Who knows? Our friend Trish is the smartest of us though. She is getting her Ph.D. in environmental sciences,” Amelia added and both the king and queen looked at her.

“Is she a wolf shifter?”

“No, a bear,” Kylie answered.

“We would love to meet her. If the two of you are as lovely as Amelia we will be in great hands. Have you met Lord and Lady Watson?” Queen Imelda asked motioning to the lord and lady who hadn’t sat with them.

“Only informally in the hallway and when Amelia found out Lord Watson is her father,” Kylie shared. Amelia watched as the queen looked up at the couple in question. If she didn’t know better, she would have been challenging them to argue with their son’s choice of mate. Wisely neither of them said anything.

“Dinner is ready,” Chef Andres announced, uncovering dishes of roasted pork, glazed carrots along with mashed potatoes.

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