Her Alpha Prince

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Chapter 37

Monday morning arrived with Amelia handing off a set of cookies to Tom and awaiting news on when Hope LaFayette would arrive. She was anxious to know the story from someone who witnessed it firsthand.

“Amelia?” Daniel called from their bedroom. She went back to see him standing in the closet holding two different ties.

“Which one goes better with my shirt?” he asked. She took each and held them up against his shirt.

“I like the satin light blue with your navy shirt. Which vest are you wearing?” she asked, looking at the vests he had available.

“I am wearing the navy blue one,” he answered, reaching for the vest. He’d tied his tie faster than she’d seen anyone do it. Looking at her mate, she glanced down at her own attire. She’d chosen jeans and a t-shirt. Sighing, she turned to her side of the closet. If she were to be seen with Daniel, she needed to wear something more appropriate. Jeans and t-shirts were fine when she baked, but when presenting herself as the mate to the alpha prince she needed to look presentable.

“You don’t need to change baby,” Daniel assured her, wrapping his arms around her waist. His hands slipped between the edge of her shirt and jeans. She giggled at his butterfly soft touch.

“But if we are to be seen together I need to look nicer. You are in a three-piece suit while I am in jeans and a t-shirt.”

“Are you coming with me to my meetings today?” he asked and she frowned, she hadn’t even thought it through.

“I’d like to see what you do all day. I know I will have to be a part of it someday,” she replied thinking about what her life had in store.

“I had another question,” she added thinking back on the party.

“Shoot,” he replied, kissing her neck.

“Why did you announce me being Lord Watson’s daughter? Wouldn’t that make me a target?”

“We did it so we could draw out the person or people who came after you. Alex has been hunting down everyone who came to the party and having them followed for the next few days. We want to follow a few hunches Nick and I had the day his dad met you. We didn’t know he was your father, but wanted to use your introduction to society to possibly pull them from the shadows.”

“Who do you think it is?” she asked straightening his tie when she turned around to face him.

“Well Lord Jeffries comes to mind as a prime suspect,” he answered, slipping on his shoes and buttoning his vest. She watched him put on his princely armor getting ready to face his day.

“No surprise, anyone else?”

“I didn’t tell Nick, but Lady Valerie is on my list. She swooped in right after your mother and you “died” I don’t like it. It took a while for Lord Watson to move on from his mate dying, but he is happy with Lady Valerie.”

“I don’t think you are wrong. She didn’t seem happy to see me or Kylie. We thought it might be because we didn’t grow up as nobility,” Amelia explained and Daniel nodded his agreement.

“She is very vocal about her dislike of Lady Cline. It made Lady Cline’s entrance into our world much harder than needed.”

“That is sad. Does my father hold these same ideals? I don’t want them making Kylie’s time awful,” she replied sighing over silly ideas over one’s heritage.

“He did. I am hopeful that by finding you and knowing your background he will be more open to things,” Daniel answered, stepping out of their closet. Amelia leaned against the kitchen counter watching Daniel grab his protein shake.

“This weekend we are going to his home by the beach right?” Her concerns about her heritage came rushing back upon hearing her father’s views on those who didn’t grow up among the nobility.

“Yes. If you ever feel unwelcome we will come straight home. I will not tolerate any kind of rude behavior toward my mate.” Daniel kissed her hard, pushing his tongue in. She relaxed in his arms letting his love for her pass over her.

“I will come back for lunch and then we can meet with Hope about what happened,” he told her once he let go.

“Sure. I have a few orders to get done today so Tom can pick them up tomorrow. I think I have a steady set of orders to fill this week around lessons with your mom. She is going to help me with members of parliament first. I hope our dancing on Saturday was acceptable.”

“It was perfect. Where did you learn?” he asked, putting on his suit jacket.

“High school. It was one of the gym classes.”

“Well, I am glad to see you didn’t forget anything. I will see you at lunch.” He kissed her one more time before leaving. Amelia closed and locked the door behind him. She didn’t want any unexpected visitors. Yesterday several invitations to dine had come from members of parliament. Daniel took them all and would have Floyd respond with the dates they were available. When she’d complained about constantly being away from their home, he told her she needed to show her face. Everyone was curious about the kingdom’s princess and the best way to keep rumors from spreading would be to meet the people. Putting her music on Amelia dove into baking, she let it soothe her. Today she would be decorating a set of princess cookies, each one needed to be a different princess. She pulled out her guides and set about making the frosting. Sunday she’d made the cutout cookies. In no time she was bent over the counter working carefully on Cinderella. The client requested Cinderella, Snow White, Rapunzel, and Belle. Each princess took thirty minutes to make. The base color had to dry before she could use the next color. She didn’t want anything to bleed together and ruin the look. After each layer, she placed the cooking into a dehumidifier to dry out the icing faster. Becoming engrossed in her work she didn’t notice when someone walked into her apartment through the servant’s entrance.

“Beautiful,” a feminine voice said behind her. Amelia jerked her head to come face to face with Lady Valerie.

“How did you get inside here?” she asked, Lady Valerie was about her height, but much thinner. Her hair was starting to go gray, Amelia could see she was dying her hair because of the dry ends.

“There are other ways than the front door my dear,” Lady Valerie replied, settling herself onto a kitchen chair.

“Uh, so um what do I owe the pleasure?” she asked surreptitiously looking for her cell phone. Spotting it by the sink she made her way over to act as if she just needed to wash her hands. Setting a towel over the top she pushed a button on the side that would call Alex to her in an instant. She didn’t want to be alone with the woman if she could help it.

“I wanted to talk about your father,” Lady Valerie began, inspecting her manicured fingernails.


“He is ecstatic that you are back in his life. I on the other hand don’t want you to drum up old memories. It took me years to help him get over Laura. I won’t go back to be second in his life again,” she explained venom dripping from her lips.

“I have no intention of taking him away from you. I am sure after a few months this will all fade and it will be like I was never gone. I promise I don’t want him to neglect anyone in his family,” Amelia answered praying Alex would hurry up and get rid of Lady Valerie.

“Which servant let you in?” Amelia asked she wanted to know who to ban from her room. If a servant let someone into her room on purpose they could be bribed to do it again.

“Some little ninny that you growled at. She was complaining in the gardens about how she wouldn’t get a chance at Daniel anymore,” Lady Valerie remarked waving her hand dismissively.

“Well if that is all you wanted to talk to me about would you please leave. I have work to get done,” Amelia explained trying to get the woman out of her space.

“There is one more thing I want to talk to you about,” Lady Valerie answered leaning forward.

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