Her Alpha Prince

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Chapter 39

Lunch came with Amelia waiting on Daniel. She didn’t want to eat without him. Twenty minutes later Daniel rushed in, pulling his tie loose.

“Sorry, Nick and I got caught up in an argument between two members of parliament.” He dropped into his chair, noticing his plate was missing.

“Ramon made a salad for lunch and I didn’t want it to get warm,” she explained, standing to get his plate. She brought back their lunches, plus a glass of water for him. He gulped the water. She watched as he relaxed.

“What was the argument about?”

“Fishing rights between two areas. Tripton and Gale border an enormous river with salmon. Both places have many fishermen and were arguing about where in the river there should be a cutoff. It took the better part of two hours to agree on a mutual point where their fishermen wouldn’t pass.”

“Sounds difficult, you want both sides to be happy with the decision made,” she remarked, taking a bite of her lunch.

“It is when both men have egos the size of mars,” he complained, picking at his salad.

“Is it like that every day?” Amelia watched him pick at his lunch wondering if it wasn’t what he needed.

“No. Some days are boring. Oh, tomorrow I have the opening of a museum tomorrow. I want you to come with me in an official capacity as my mate,” he stated. She stared at him in surprise. He wanted her to come with him?

“You want me to come?”

“I said that, didn’t I?” he asked with a smirk on his lips.

“When tomorrow?” She needed to check her schedule since she had lessons with the queen.

“Ten and then there is a reception afterward. We are being given a private tour of the place,” he explained.

“Sure. I love museums,” she replied, getting up from the table and grabbing out leftover steak from their dinner the other night. She popped it in the microwave to warm it just a smidge before bringing it over and placing it in front of him with a knife.

“What?” he asked, staring at the steak.

“You are picking at your salad. I know you want something more,” she answered, kissing his temple. He wrapped an arm around her waist, pulling her back to his side.

“Thank you. I didn’t realize you knew me so well.” Amelia ran her fingers through his dark blond hair.

“Of course, I know what my mate wants.” She kissed his lips this time before slipping out of his arms and sitting back down to eat.

“What museum is opening?” she asked once he had started to eat with gusto.

“A natural history one. They have renovated the space and want to share the new exhibits with the public,” he explained. Amelia loved museums, there was always something new for her to learn.

“I will warn you. I like to read all the signs of things that interest me, so we might move slowly through the exhibits.”

“Duly noted. Do you have any lessons today with my mom?”

“I have party planning with her. I will have to know who to place next to who. Although she says you use an official party planner for your large balls,” Amelia answered, putting down her fork and sipping on her water.

“I hated those classes. Savannah ate them up but I found it boring.” Amelia chuckled and nodded her understanding.

“I can see that. Are you going to get a chance this week to get out to your race cars?” She’d noticed it on his schedule last week, but he hadn’t gone.

“On Thursday. I am taking their test car out to give my opinion on its driving potential.”

“Can I come too? I want to see you drive.” He gave her a surprised look but nodded his agreement.

“I’ll come to get you when I have to go. It won’t be until the afternoon.”

“Okay, I’ll make sure I clear my schedule.” Standing up, Amelia cleared their empty plates and set about cleaning up from lunch.

“You can leave that for the maids. That is their job,” he stated, Amelia’s face burned with embarrassment.

“Sorry. I am so used to cleaning up from living with Kylie, it is a hard habit to break.”

“I get it. I spoke with the maid who let Lady Valerie into the apartment. She has been fired for her indiscretion.” Amelia frowned feeling bad about the maid losing her job, but she potentially put Amelia in danger.

“How do we know Lady Valerie won’t sneak back in? She makes me uncomfortable and Kylie agrees. She said Lady Valerie made some rude remarks to Nick about his classless mate. Obviously Nick didn’t take it well and told Kylie if she didn’t want to come this weekend she didn’t have too.” Amelia frowned, she wanted her friend there to support her.

“We changed the code to get into the back entrance to our apartment once I found out. I’ll talk to Nick and see if he can convince Kylie to come this weekend. If she doesn’t come, you and I will stay together,” he promised, wrapping his arms around her and kissing her gently on the lips.

“Thank you. We should get to your office because Hope is supposed to be here in ten minutes,” she remarked looking at her watch. Daniel smiled and brushed her cheek with the back of a finger.

“You are anxious to hear the story huh?”

“Very. I need to know why she placed me there. I need to know why my life sucked.”

“I do too. It was known you were my mate when we met as very young children. Who would want to break that apart?” Taking her hand, they walked down the hall to his office. Not surprising, Nick and Alex were both waiting. What she was surprised to see was Queen Imelda and King Stephan waiting as well. From the look on Daniel’s face, he too was surprised to see his parents.

“We want to hear her account first hand. I also want to assure her that no punishment will be dealt with her. We need the whole truth and in order to get that from her she needs to know she is safe from punishment,” King Stephan explained, Amelia nodded her understanding and settled in a chair around a large circular coffee table in the middle of Daniel’s office.

“Understood,” Daniel replied, taking his seat next to Amelia.

“Hope LaFayette,” Floyd announced moving out of the way to reveal a large stout woman with black hair streaked with gray, and doe like brown eyes.

“Welcome Ms. LaFayette,” Daniel greeted her going over to shake her hand. Hope bowed and gave a skittish look around the room.

“Please have a seat,” Daniel coaxed motioning to a seat next to Nick. Once she sat down King Stephan stepped in.

“I presume you know why we have summoned you here?” Hope nodded.

“Then we would like to let you know whatever part you played in the accident that killed Lady Laura Watson and placed Rosalind in an orphanage you will not be punished.” Amelia watched Hope visibly relax.

“Please share with us what happened the night Lady Laura died,” King Stephan continued.

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