Her Alpha Prince

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Chapter 45

The next morning Amelia found herself headed to a spa for the day with Lady Valerie, Kylie, and Gwen. Daniel, Nick, her father and Caleb went on a deep sea fishing trip. Alex stayed with Amelia, he had told her earlier.

“I don’t trust your step mother. I know she wouldn’t pull anything while out in public, but we can’t be too careful.” Amelia patted him on the arm and thanked him for staying with her. She and Kylie settled in two massage chairs to get pedicures with Gwen and Lady Valerie across from them.

“She seems friendlier. Did someone say something?” Kylie whispered when they were both taking off their shoes and getting ready to sit.

“My dad. He told her breaking into Daniel and mine’s apartment was a breach of conduct. I don’t know if he said anything else. She still seems cold to me, but I guess that comes from not expecting me to come back. No one thought I was alive, except for my nanny and whoever told her to keep me hidden.”

“Have you found that person yet?” Amelia shook her head and accepted the mimosa from one of the salon ladies.

“Alex is still investigating.”

“He looks so uncomfortable.” Kylie giggled, nodding at Alex sitting at the front of the spa, one leg crossed over the other.

“He isn’t very social. It took a bit of finagling to get him to talk to me. When we first met.”

“I bet. It is so sad how he lost his mate in that fire when they were so young. I hope he finds another one.”

“I am sure he will.” Amelia turned back to see Lady Valerie and Gwen watching her and Kylie.

“Talking about Alex?” Gwen asked and Amelia nodded.

“I have a lot of friends who want him. He tells everyone no.” Amelia smiled. Of course, Alex would turn down Gwen’s friends.

“He is over ten years older than them.”

“Doesn’t matter. He is one of the most eligible bachelors in the court. Michelle Jeffries turned her eyes to him after Daniel announced he’d found his mate,” Gwen explained, making Kylie and Amelia exchange looks.

“He only just told the courts about me.”

“He told her years ago he knew who his mate was and she wasn’t it. There was a huge scene at the winter ball,” Lady Valerie commented, handing her salon tech the nail polish color she wanted.

“What happened?”

“I recall Michelle made a rather scandalous move towards Daniel. She wore a gown by Tyson that dipped low in the front and had almost no back to speak of. She plastered herself to him when they danced. It is custom for the alpha prince to dance with each eligible woman until his mate has been found. I remember watching Daniel physically remove her from his body to place some space between the two. She was shameless and kept pestering him about picking a wife. Finally, Daniel released her mid dance and told her in no uncertain terms he knew who his mate was and he was not interested in entertaining any relationship with Michelle. She ran off crying about how her father had always said she would be the next queen.” Amelia gaped at Lady Valerie. What a story.

“Oh my goodness,” Kylie murmured, shaking her head. Amelia couldn’t believe Daniel had said that to Michelle. Amelia squirreled away the information about Michelle Jefferies to tell Daniel later. The comment about Michelle’s father telling her she would be queen bothered Amelia.

“It was an enormous scandal. My cousin could not show his face in court for a year.”

“I can understand how it would be hard to face the people of the court when your daughter acted that way. Why did he tell her she was going to be queen?” Amelia thought maybe this girl’s day wouldn’t be a waste after all.

“He’s had his sights set on Daniel since the day Michelle was born. She is around your age, I believe. He wants more than what his station allows. He can’t marry up like I did.”

“I guess it is hard when your family has high ambitions,” Amelia answered. She knew what it was like. All the pressure from being Daniel’s mate regularly hit her. She did her best to push it away and not let it get to her. She’d refused to read any of the articles that week about her being Daniel’s mate and Lord Watson’s missing daughter.

“It was silly of him to think like that though. Everyone in the kingdom knew about you two when you met. It was a sad day for all of us when your mother died and you disappeared. Richard hunted for you for a year before giving up. It was thought you had washed away to sea. I should apologize for breaking into your apartment earlier this week. I worried your presence would send him into a tailspin again.”

“I understand. You love my father and want what is best for him.” Amelia didn’t fully believe she was sorry for her actions, but she apologized and it was the right thing to move on.

“Where to after this?” she asked, turning their conversations to something less gloomy. She hoped Alex had overheard enough of the conversation to dig deeper into the Jefferies.

“We have lunch reservations with the guys,” Gwen answered looking up from her phone.

“Excellent, I hope Daniel is having fun deep sea fishing.”

“He hasn’t visited our home since he began his hunt to find you,” Gwen remarked, getting up from her chair. Amelia looked down to see her nail tech finishing up her toes, ready to tackle her hands. She enjoyed this part of being with Daniel, her nails needed to look nice for pictures and events.

“Alex,” she called to catch his attention as she moved to sit at her technician’s chair. He looked up from his phone and nodded.

“Did you hear?” He smirked and nodded again, holding his phone up for her to see the screen. He’d typed out the conversation she’d had with Lady Valerie. Feeling better about Alex always having an ear out for her wellbeing, she settled back to let herself be pampered. Before long Amelia was done and waiting for Lady Valerie and Gwen. Kylie had slipped back with one tech to get her eyebrows done. While she waited Alex slipped around the back to get the car. She settled in a chair at the front, next to a gentleman who’d been there the entire time. She figured he was waiting for his wife or girlfriend.

“You will never be good enough for our prince,” he growled at her. Startled, Amelia looked up at the man. He was glowering at her, holding his phone. On the screen was an article with her picture. Amelia didn’t know what to say to the man, so she stood and walked to the other side of the salon. He continued to glare at her until his significant other came back so they could leave. Taking a deep breath, Amelia shook her head. Not everyone was going to be happy with her being with the prince. She didn’t grow up in the elite families and suddenly she was claiming Lord Watson was her father. It didn’t matter to many she had the DNA proof, she was an outsider.

“Ready?” Alex asked as he walked back into the salon. She plastered a fake smile on her face and nodded. The other women were making their way to the front, having finished with their pampering.

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