Her Alpha Prince

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Chapter 46

The rest of the weekend went by with no hiccups. Amelia shared the conversation she had with Lady Valerie when she and Daniel were alone that night. The next weeks flew by with nothing out of the ordinary happening. Amelia worked hard to get her company switched over to a nonprofit. It took more paperwork than when she’d originally started her business. One afternoon while she worked her way through resumes, Daniel came barreling into their apartment.

“Amelia!” His eyes were alight with excitement.


“I’ve found the perfect space for you to set up your bakery. It is a massive industrial kitchen with a storefront.” She stared at him, unsure what he was talking about.


“Come with me.” He snagged her wrist and practically dragged her out of their apartment. She tripped over her feet before catching herself and upping her speed.

“Daniel, I didn’t even know you were looking. I thought I’d continue to work out of our apartment.”

“You can’t keep working there. That is our private space. I understand Ramon being there, but we need to have space for others to work. This place is perfect. It is a quick ride from the palace and Alex gave it the go-ahead for safety. He has assigned three guards to help protect the place while you are working there. Oh, Mom and Dad are hosting another massive ball, this time open to everyone in the elite society. We are trying to lure out the people who might be behind the attack on you. We haven’t been able to track down the person who paid your maid to keep you hidden after the danger passed.”

“Daniel, there is so much information in your words for me to process. Let’s go through this one piece at a time. You are telling me, you have an industrial-sized kitchen for me to use for Amelia’s Sweet Treats?”

“Yes. Come on. Alex is in the car waiting for us.” Daniel opened the back of the SUV and practically shoved Amelia in. She climbed through the seats to sit on the far side. Daniel sat next to her, pulling the door shut with a harsh slam. Alex drove off at a more sedate space. Daniel bounced his leg next to hers impatiently.

“Walk me through the other thing you told me,” she ordered to get him to calm down while they drove.

“In two weeks we will host the annual birthday ball for my mother. She has extended her guest list to include anyone we think might have had a hand in your disappearance. Nick suggested that it would be easier to grab you at a crowded ball. There will be many people and you won’t be around me the whole time. You’ll have to dance with others and talk to the wives of our most prominent members of society.”

“So you are using the party to see if someone grabs me and does what?” She wasn’t sure she liked the idea of her being snatched from the party.

“Not grabs you per se. More approaches you and says something suspicious.”

“I thought the Naustins were in your suspicions?” She wanted to know what her foster family was up to now that they had released her identity to the public.

“We have cleared them of any suspicions. Right now they are so wrapped up in legal issues with them abusing their foster children. They are greedy, selfish people, but had nothing to do with the attack on you and your mother,” Alex answered her this time. She connected eyes with him in the rearview mirror and smiled.

“They are nasty, but you are right. I don’t think they would have it in them to attack someone. They are much to underhanded for that.”

“Exactly. So the nanny and Lord Jefferies are our two suspects at the moment.”

“Not Lady Valerie?”

“She is, but not as the person who came up with the idea. I think she might have had a part to play whether she knew it I don’t know.” Amelia sighed, this was giving her a headache.

“We are here.” Alex parked the car behind a huge brick building. Amelia stepped out of the car and looked up. The building had at least five floors.

“Where is the kitchen?”

“The whole first floor is the bakery and kitchen. The upper floors are apartments. You are not responsible for them.” Daniel took her hand and led her in through a back door. Amelia gasped when she caught sight of the massive kitchen. There were standing ovens for racks of cookies to bake at a time. In another corner were gleaming metal tables for the cookies to be decorated. Amelia couldn’t believe how amazing the place looked.

“I can’t afford this place,” she objected. She felt bad accepting the kitchen.

“Yes, you can. You are a member of the royal family. Ramon will leave his position as a chef to become your head baker. He asked for the position and I figured you’d be okay with me telling him yes.” Daniel wrapped her up in a hug, kissing the top of her head.

“Of course, Ramon can be my head baker. I’ve been training him for about a month. He and I have to finish interviewing people to work for us. Now I can call in our finalists and have them show me what they can do. A portfolio is nice, but I need to see them in action and how well they work together. A bakery with people who bicker gets nothing done.” She smiled up at him, he chuckled and bent down to capture her lips. Amelia let him in instantly, wanting to taste him. His tongue dove in to play with hers. She moaned softly, pressing herself completely against him. She felt his dick harden against her thigh.

“When we get back, I’ll show you my appreciation,” she whispered after breaking the kiss. Daniel smiled and kissed her once more before releasing her and adjusting himself. Amelia stepped out of his hold and walked around the kitchen portion out to the front. The place was bare with white walls. It would need a facelift to entice people into the place.

“We will have to decorate it. I want the place to attract people in and share what our purpose is. We will continue to take online orders, but I want to use this space.” Amelia walked around imagining what she wanted. The place should be cozy with armchairs around the place for people to enjoy a few cookies. Maybe she could add a coffee and tea service? That would have to wait until she knew if people would come in and stay.

“Order whatever you want. Floyd will help with ordering the supplies.”

“Thanks, but I’ll need a Floyd type person to work here. I know I won’t be able to keep on top of all ingredient orders if I keep attending events with you.” She gave him a sweet smile, making him laugh.

“How many have we been to?”

“Seven in the past two weeks. I had no idea you did so much traveling.”

“Part of being the alpha prince. I’ve also been taking you with me so people can get to know you.” She rolled her eyes and touched a hand to one of the display cases.

“I’ve seen what the papers are printing about me. Half of them call me a gold digger, the others claim I am not actually Lord Watson’s daughter.”

“Don’t pay them any mind. The papers write things to make you angry.”

“Doesn’t mean I can’t feel hurt. I’ve never had people write about me.”

“Then show them what you are doing for our community. We will invite all the press to your grand opening and explain what your company is all about.” She sighed, Daniel was right, didn’t mean she couldn’t still feel upset about being slandered in the news.

“Tell me what you are thinking about for the space,” Daniel coaxed. She knew he was trying to turn her thoughts to something better. Amelia spent the next thirty minutes sharing her ideas and walking the two men around the place. Alex she noticed was keeping close. She wondered what made him worry.

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