Her Alpha Prince

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Chapter 47

Daniel looked over his shoulder at Alex. He wanted the man to back up. He knew they’d received a threat against Amelia. The threat told them to watch their backs at Queen Imelda’s birthday party. The nasty words the press kept printing about Amelia was being fed to them. Daniel wanted to go after every single tabloid that published anything cruel about his mate. His father had to convince him to leave it alone. Engaging with the press fixed nothing. They would show the press through Amelia’s work in her bakery.

“Tell me what you are thinking for a theme,” he coaxed, trying to keep Amelia’s attention on her bakery.

“I want it to be inviting, with warm colors. I don’t want it overtly girlie, it should be a place everyone will want to walk into.”

“Sounds delightful. We can get you an interior designer to help get this place put together. When were you thinking of opening the store?” he asked, wrapping an arm around her waist and keeping her close.

“Depends on how long this takes to get put together and Ramon and I can find and train the right people.”

“You have two weeks. I would like to open this the same week as my mother’s birthday. You can make cookies for her party and show everyone your skills,” he replied, making her gape at him.

“Two weeks? I don’t even have workers yet,” she argued, huffing at him. He smiled, she was sexy when angry.

“I have all the faith in you. Just let me know what you need from me and I will do my best to help.”

“Thanks. We should head back. I need to talk strategy with Ramon, and I saw your schedule for the day. You have another meeting in about thirty minutes with parliament.” He looked at his watch and frowned. They’d called the meeting to talk about Amelia’s reception by the press.

“I am impressed with how good your memory is of my schedule.” He kissed her gently before walking her back out of the bakery.

“I have to know your schedule. It let’s me count the hours until you are back with me again,” she teased, making him laugh.

“I love you.”

“I love you too.” He pressed another quick kiss to her lips before helping her back into the car. Alex drove them back to the palace. Once they were back Daniel encouraged Amelia to find Ramon and set up times to bring in her potential employees. Once she was off, he went back to his office where Nick sat waiting.

“About time you showed up. We need to talk about what we are going to do with Amelia. The rumors swirling around her are only getting worse. The people are going to reject her if you ask her to marry you and become your queen,” Nick warned and Daniel rolled his eyes.

“We need to find the people who are feeding the press these nasty rumors about her. They have dug up her past about being a foster child, but they are making it seem like she was the problem and that is why the Naustin family threw her out. Alex checked with the Naustins and they have denied any wrongdoing on their part about the rumors. I am inclined to believe them after everything we have put them through.”

“I agree. I think it is my stepmother who is feeding the press crap about Amelia. She is sore about her coming back and bringing up old memories for my dad. He doesn’t want to show it, but Amelia looks exactly like our mom. She reminds him of her, and that makes him sad. He loves Valerie, but my mom was his mate.” Nick shrugged with a sad look in his eyes. Daniel could tell he was missing his mom too.

“I’m sorry.” Daniel clapped Nick on the shoulder, offering his support for his friend. He didn’t know what he would do if they had killed his mother.

“We will find who killed your mom, I promise.”

“Thanks. Let’s get to parliament and see if they have any suggestions for how to get the press to stop terrorizing Amelia.” Daniel stood and with Nick and Alex behind him walked through the corridor to meet with parliament. He was met at the door by his mother and father, his father didn’t surprise him, his mother’s presence did though.


“I want to look in the eyes of everyone in parliament. I need to see for myself who might attack my sweet Amelia,” his mother replied, her eyes snapping with anger for his mate. He smiled and hugged his mom.

“Thanks.” Together, the five walked into the meeting room and settled in their proper seats. Daniel looked around the room, seeing Lord Jefferies fidget as they came in. Next to him stood Lord Watson. Daniel frowned, he didn’t enjoy seeing the two men standing together.

“We are here today to talk about the press attacking our future queen,” Daniel began standing in front of the group of men and women.

“Why are we getting involved?” Lord Jeffries demanded, interrupting Daniel.

“Because never has the press gone after a member of the royal family this way. She is the daughter of Lord Watson and my mate. She deserves respect. She has done nothing to deserve the press attacking her constantly,” he explained, keeping his wolf from going after the man’s jugular. He hated him and everything Lord Jeffries stood for. Lord Jeffries wanted to be a man in power, Daniel knew that when he kept thrusting Michelle into Daniel. He hoped the man hadn’t tried to get rid of Amelia in hopes Michelle would take her place. Daniel thought Michelle was a nice enough person, but she didn’t do it for him. He preferred curvy brunettes with emerald green eyes.

“Ignore them, they will stop eventually,” Lord Cline interjected from his seat further back.

“I’d rather find who is giving them this false information. It is slander against our future queen,” Queen Imelda interjected, giving the men and women in the room one of her famous withering stares. No one went against Queen Imelda.

“What can we do then?” This came from Lady Trysdell, an imposing woman with dark black hair and snapping brown eyes.

“I would ask that all of you check what your servants are saying to others. We had some security issues last week where someone bribed a maid to get into my apartment. Also, be careful what you are telling others about Amelia. I don’t care if you are unhappy, Lord Watson’s daughter has come back and I’ve found a mate. She is to be your future queen and deserves the respect of the title. She is working hard to build a nonprofit company for the foster children in our country. Amelia has done nothing wrong and doesn’t deserve such awful things being said about her,” Daniel explained, he was doing his best to hold his wolf back. The wolf was furious that anyone would think to refuse his orders. Daniel knew his wolf shone in his eyes when many around him couldn’t look at him directly.

“Calm down, Daniel,” King Stephan ordered, instantly Daniel’s wolf backed down.

“Daniel is right. Amelia deserves our praise. She revealed the disservice we have done to our most vulnerable citizens, our children. I ask each of you to think long and hard before you do anything that could be considered treason.”

“Talking bad about Lady Amelia means we are committing treason?” Lord Jeffries scoffed at the thought.

“I’ll make it so if it continues to threaten her ability to be in public. If Amelia is injured because someone among us is unhappy about her being Daniel’s mate I will personally see to their trial,” King Stephan announced glaring at Lord Jeffries.

“Understood King Stephan,” Lord Cline replied for the group at large.

“Now let’s get into our next matter of business.” Daniel turned the conversation to tax laws and any new bills the group wanted to bring to the kingdom. He did his best not to glare at anyone, he didn’t want them to think he suspected them. Lord Jeffries remained his prime suspect, but they needed to track down the orphanage owner’s next of kin to see if they knew anything along with the nanny. Daniel sighed, they had a long list of things to do and a short amount of time to complete it.

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