Her Alpha Prince

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Chapter 5

Amelia slammed the door in the crown prince’s face. What was she to do? Why was he here? Was he mad because she ran off?

Knock, knock.

“Amelia,” his muffled voice came through the door. Running to the bathroom, she quickly wiped the flour off her face. She couldn’t make him stay outside, but she didn’t want him to see her like this. Discarding her apron, she smoothed her hair and opened the door.

“Your Highness, please come in,” she said, backing out of the way. Prince Daniel and another man walked into her tiny apartment. Daniel was just as handsome as ever. Gone was his suit and in place he was wearing a polo shirt and dark wash jeans. Next to him stood a man so imposing she shivered.

“Cozy,” Daniel commented, she could see him looking around her tiny apartment. The place was barely big enough for Kylie and her to work around each other. Kylie claimed the living room with her sewing and Amelia used the kitchen.

“Thanks, would you like tea, coffee, water?” she asked, her heartbeat frantically in her chest. She didn’t know what to do when royalty showed up at your door.

“Coffee please,” Daniel replied, she looked at his companion.

“Water,” the foreboding man said. Both men were standing in her living room taking up almost all the space. Amelia escaped into the kitchen and began brewing coffee. She used the time it took to brew to calm herself down. Maybe he was here to speak about the cookie order. If Thomas had broken even one she was going to give him hell to pay. The coffee finished, she brought it out on her nicest tray with her finest china.

“I’m sorry if it isn’t your usual fare,” she explained setting the tray down and handing each one their drink.

“I’m sure it is perfect,” he replied and poured a dollop of milk and a spoonful of sugar into his cup. She took her coffee the same way and for the first time that night, she felt a smile tug at her lips. Amelia watched as both men sipped their drinks. Should she break the ice?


“I came here…” they both spoke. Amelia blushed and looked down.

“Sorry,” she whispered.

“It’s all right. I came here to ask you on a date,” he explained, and she looked up in shock.

“A date?” She hadn’t been on a date in years. What was she to do?

“Yes, to make up for my behavior this morning.” He gave her a practiced smile, and she relaxed. He didn’t really want to go on a date, he just wanted to make sure she didn’t talk about their kiss.

“That isn’t necessary. I won’t talk about our kiss. Thank you for driving all the way out here. Let me get you some cookies to go.” Amelia stood and rushed into the kitchen, putting together a container of extra cookies. Now she knew the kiss meant nothing to him and she could move on with her life. Then why did it feel like her heart was being broken? Willing the tears to leave her eyes she put on a cheery smile and went back out to the men.

“Here you go, gentlemen. I am so sorry you came all the way out here for nothing. Have a good night,” she said, handing Daniel the cookie container and walking over to her front door. Both men gave her a bewildered look but stood to leave.

“Amelia, I’ll be back tomorrow at ten to pick you up. I won’t take no as an answer,” he handed his guard the cookies and grabbed her around the waist. Bending his head, his soft lips caught hers. She didn’t want to refuse, she wanted to feel him kiss her again. Relaxing in his hold, her arms went around his neck, and she kissed him back. Opening her mouth, his agile tongue dove in to mate with hers. He tasted like coffee and earth, an intoxicating taste. Her wolf purred in her chest. She couldn’t stop her hands from slipping into his silky soft hair. His wolf answered hers. She felt the rumble in his chest. Her body betrayed her brain, plastering herself against his rock-hard chest. After what felt like an eternity, she felt him pull back. Looking up, she saw the same frown, but not as deep.

“You don’t need to take me out. I’m a commoner and you are the alpha prince. Thank you for coming to see me but this won’t work,” she whispered. She needed to be the one to see reality. Her wolf pushed at her skin to mate him, but she held firm. Their worlds were just too different.

“I’ll see you at ten,” Prince Daniel growled and stormed out of her apartment. As soon as he and his guard left, she sent an SOS to Kylie.

Prince Daniel just showed up at our apartment and demanded I go out on a date with him!!!!

I’m on my way home. Kylie responded, and a twinge of guilt settled in her gut. This was the second time Kylie was leaving her date to help her. She didn’t know what to do. She and Daniel were from two different worlds. She was an orphan no one wanted, and he was the next ruler of their kingdom.

Mate! Her wolf demanded.

Impossible! She shot back and went into the kitchen to clean up her cookie dough making. She took the time cleaning to soothe her heart. Telling the prince no had been the hardest thing she’d ever done. She wanted to jump into his arms and let him make love to her when he’d kissed her.

“I’m here!” Kylie yelled from the entrance. Amelia took one look at her best friend and burst into tears.

“Amelia, what happened?” Kylie asked, hugging her close. Doing her best to stop the crying, Amelia began to explain.

“I didn’t tell you the whole truth about this morning. Prince Daniel kissed me in his office. When I looked up after an amazing kiss he was frowning. I took that as a sign he regretted letting lust take control of him. I apologized and ran away. An hour ago he showed up at our door with his bodyguard. He offered to take me on a date tomorrow to make up for his behavior. I told him no, he didn’t need to feel obligated because we kissed. Then I made him a box of cookies to take and showed them the door. He grabbed me, and we shared another passionate kiss. My wolf purred! I’ve never heard her do that and his wolf rumbled in response,” she explained. The two had moved to the couch. Kylie stared at her and gasped.

“He is your mate!”

“No. I’m an orphan with no connections,” she argued.

“You don’t know that. Unlike me who was given up by a single mother who was a drug addict, you don’t know,” Kylie pointed out.

“Either way, I have no need for a mate. I don’t want to be a mom or give up my business,” she explained.

“Why don’t you want to be a mom?” Kylie asked, she got up and headed into the kitchen.

“I have never wanted a family. The Naustin family showed me that. They were awful to us, but also to each other. They didn’t like each other,” she answered and took the carton of ice cream Kylie brought over to her. Opening it, she dug into the chocolate fudge ripple.

“The Naustins were an awful family. How they got approved as a foster home is beyond me. You can’t let that stop you from your happiness. So how did you end up going on a date if you said no?” Kylie dug into her carton of cookie dough ice cream.

“He told me he is picking me up at ten and won’t take no as an answer.”

“What is the harm in going on one date? You’ve shared two kisses, maybe there is something between you two. Why else would he go out of his way to come here? He could have sent his head of security and told you to keep quiet about the kiss. Come on,” Kylie said, pulling her to her feet and dragging her into her bedroom.

“What was he wearing today?” Kylie asked Amelia stared at her in amazement. What did that have to do with anything?

“A polo shirt and a pair of jeans,” she replied.

“Hmm, give me a minute,” Kylie told her and dove into her closet. Amelia watched as Kylie tore apart her closet.

“You have nothing that will work. I’ll go through my newest line of dresses and pull something together. You need a cute sundress to wear and all you have are dark colors. You have the best complexion to wear light blues and pinks,” she explained.

“I have plenty of dresses,” she replied and got up to pick up the four dresses Kylie had discarded on the floor.

“Those are all old. You need something new. If you will be out with Prince Daniel you are bound to be photographed. You need to look your best,” Kylie pointed out and went into her bedroom. Amelia followed, Kylie made sense, but she wasn’t sure she wanted to go out with Prince Daniel in the first place. She couldn’t get her or her wolf’s hopes up. She was an orphaned woman who spent the majority of her life in the foster care system. She was not royalty or even part of a titled family.

“Kylie, I am not meant to be with the crown prince,” Amelia objected which gained her a glare from her best friend.

“You can’t think like that! You are an amazing woman, and you deserve to be happy. Go on a date with him tomorrow, listen to your wolf and if she objects then you two are not meant to be. If she says you two are mates, then as your best friend I am going to tell you something you may not like. If she says you two are mates, you need to shut up and listen to her. Don’t you know about mates and wolves?” Kylie asked her, and Amelia shook her head. She hadn’t listened too much during their training classes in high school. She knew enough to let her wolf roam once a week to keep the impulses at bay.

“If he is your mate and you two are separated for too long, you will go into a depression. Your wolf will refuse to shift and you could die,” Kylie explained, and Amelia gaped at her.

“You are lying. I won’t die being away from my mate,” she replied and Kylie shook her head.

“You didn’t listen in class in high school. If you don’t believe me, then look it up,” Kylie replied and came out of her closet with a rose pink dress covered in blue flowers.

“That is pretty,” she commented, touching the soft fabric.

“Thanks, it is coming out in my summer line. This is the sample dress, but I can finish it to make it look amazing. You go shower and I’ll straighten your hair for tomorrow,” Kylie ordered.

“Kylie, I am sorry to pull you from your date again.” She needed to get that off her chest, Kylie was being an amazing friend.

“If it is meant to be, we will reschedule. He and I both texted that something came up. We are going to try again another time when our schedules open up,” Kylie replied and waved her on. Amelia did as she was told and went to take a shower. She took extra care to shave and cleanse her face. While she showered, she could hear the thumping of Kylie’s sewing machine. This was it. She would really go on a date with Prince Daniel.

About time! Her wolf grumbled, and Amelia smiled. She would do the opposite of what she normally did and listen to Kylie.

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