Her Alpha Prince

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Chapter 50

Amelia enjoyed her meal with Daniel, it was only their second official date since becoming mates. The gift of the car was almost too much. She knew she should have argued with Daniel more about the car, but she wanted it. When was the last time she had anything she wanted without having to feel guilty? Their dinner ended with Daniel suggesting they get ice cream down the street. She agreed and soon walked down the sidewalk, a bodyguard in front and Alex behind her as they went to Jitterbug Ice Cream.

“This place is amazing,” she gushed, walking into the brightly light retro ice cream shop. The people behind the counter wore red striped aprons with paper hats on their heads.

“Nick suggested it. He took Kylie here a few weeks ago and thought you would like it too.” She smiled.

“Nick was right. I have a weakness for retro anything.” Keeping Daniel’s hand clutched in hers, she walked over to the ice cream coolers.

“Do you want to share a sundae?” she asked, looking over all the flavors.

“Sure. Three scoops and a banana?”

“No bananas, I can’t eat them.”

“Are you allergic?”

“No, they make me gag,” she admitted with a frown. Daniel let out a laugh and pulled her into his side.

“Don’t worry about it. I feel the same way about anything gummy.”

“So no gummy worms for you and no bananas for me. What about chocolate fudge sauce and whipped cream?”

“If you toss a few cherries on top,” he replied with a wink. Laughing, she nodded her agreement.

“What flavors?” she asked, leaning forward.

“You pick one and I’ll pick one, then we can agree on the third.”

“Sounds good. I want the mint chocolate chip.”

“Okay, I like buttered pecan. What about the third?”

“How about vanilla or chocolate? Either of those won’t make the other two taste awful.”

“Chocolate then. Sir, we’d like to order.” Daniel flagged down one of the awestruck teenagers from behind the counter.

“What can I get you, Prince Daniel?” A young teenage boy with pimples all of his face asked.

“We’d like a three scoop sundae with mint chocolate chip, chocolate, and buttered pecan as our flavors. With whipped cream, cherries and hot fudge sauce as toppings.”

“Yes, sir.” The boy moved behind the counter getting everything put together while Daniel and Amelia moved down to the checkout. There they encountered a star-struck teen girl. Amelia did her best not to laugh at her. It had been hard for her too when she first met Daniel.

“Twelve fifty is your total,” she told them. Daniel handed her twenty dollars in cash. When she handed him the change, he put it in the tip jar. Daniel accepted the ice cream sundae and motioned for her to pick their table. She picked one in the corner to keep from being the middle of attention. She knew they were being watched, but didn’t want people to know they were getting to her.

“After the sundae, want to head home and go for a run?” Daniel asked her. She looked up to see a look of desire pass through him. He wanted her, and she knew he wanted to go back to their special place in the woods. Nodding her agreement, the two ate their way through the ice cream trying to avoid brain freeze. After ice cream, Daniel handed her the keys and let her drive them back to the palace. The car handled like a dream. She barely had to touch the steering wheel for the car to move and it sped up quickly.

“This is an amazing car. Thank you, Daniel. I cannot wait to drive it around all the time.”

“I am glad you like it. After everything calms down with your bakery opening and my mom’s birthday I’d like to take you out to the racing tracks.”

“Sure. Can we drive my car around it and see how fast it can go?” she asked, looking at him from the corner of her eye with a smirk on her face.

“I suppose, or you could come with me in one of the race cars,” he offered, and she giggled with glee.

“That sounds like fun.” She pulled into the palace and parked the car behind Daniel’s multiple cars. Getting out, Daniel snagged her hand and pulled her into the back where the path led to their special place.

“Come on,” he urged, stripping quickly and shifting into his wolf before her eyes. Amelia laughed at his eagerness but followed along until she too was shifted. She saw him pick something up in his teeth and take off for the woods. Wondering about his impatience, she followed behind. He looked over his shoulder several times to make sure she hadn’t lost him. His behavior was making her suspicious. What was Daniel up to?

Finally, he came to a stop by the lake and shifted. Amelia shifted back also and stopped in shock. Daniel was kneeling on one knee with a velvet box open displaying a beautiful diamond and emerald ring. Amelia gasped and stared at her mate.

“I know you said you didn’t want to talk about marriage so soon, but I can’t wait. I love you, Amelia. You have been in my thoughts for over twenty years. Your beautiful eyes captivated me the moment we met all those years ago. I want to make it official. Will you marry me?” Amelia’s body erupted in goosebumps and a shiver of desire passed through her.

“Yes! Yes!” she cried, flinging herself into his arms. She threw him off balance, making it so they crashed onto the grass around the lake. She kissed him then, pouring her love into that kiss. Their tongues danced and the evidence of his desire pressed against her inner thigh.

“Amelia let me put it on you,” Daniel objected when she released him to catch her breath. Sitting up, she watched him slip the ring out of the box and put it on her finger. Perfect fit.

“This is beautiful,” she gushed, looking at the ring. In the center sat an enormous diamond, around the diamond were emeralds the same color as her eyes. The band was platinum.

“I had it commissioned when you agreed to be my mate,” he shared, wrapping her in his arms. The air around the lake was chillier than around the palace.

“I love you, Daniel.” Amelia kissed him again, pushing him onto the ground. She wanted to show her love to him. Kissing down his bare chest, she slipped a hand between his legs. Grasping his thick erection, she pumped to the bead of moisture on the tip, using a finger to spread it around.

“Amelia,” Daniel moaned, dropping his head onto the grass. Smirking, she dipped her tongue into his belly button before continuing her way to his massive shaft. His hips shook under her, letting her know he was eager for her tongue. Settling between his legs, she leaned forward and started at the base of his shaft, licking to the tip. He had a salty, earthy taste as she took him into her mouth. Using her spit, she slicked him up, pumping the portion she couldn’t fit in her mouth with her hand. Listening for his reaction she sucked her cheeks in to change the sensation of her mouth on him. His hips bucked and a deep moan came from his chest. She did it again, earning an even deeper moan. Daniel’s hands settled in her hair, helping her set the pace he needed. Using her free hand, she cupped his sack, massaging gently with her fingers.

“Amelia!” Daniel’s cry made her increase her speed.

“Stop,” he cried out, pulling himself from her mouth.

“When I come, I want to come inside you. Tonight you agreed to become my wife.” Daniel cupped her face in his hands. She nodded, they hadn’t done it without protection since they mated over a month ago. Her agreement had him lifting her hips and sliding into her. She wrapped her arms around his neck. Leaning forward, she took his mouth with her, slipping her tongue in. Their sweaty bodies pressed against each other as she rode him. She came down, and he thrust in hard. Gone was her gentle lover and in his place her dominant prince. She rode him until her thighs burned from the movement. He must have sensed her body getting tired because he turned them so she was on her knees, his head between her legs. His tongue dove between her lower lips, making her scream. Her sensitive bundle of nerves begged to be touched. His hands cupped her ass as he shoved his mouth against her. His tongue did wicked movements, spurring her to an orgasm. One of his hands snaked between her legs to press on her swollen nub. Pleasure speared through her, making her lose control of her limbs. She almost fell forward, but Daniel’s powerful hands held her until he could flip her over.

Daniel loomed over her body, his hazel eyes glowing with his wolf. She knew if she looked in the mirror she would see her eyes glowing. Their lips met in a frenzied kiss as Daniel slammed his thick shaft into her waiting heat. Amelia groaned, wrapping her legs around his waist. He filled her and then some as he pounded into her. She felt her next orgasm building, this time it crashed over her in a wave, luring her on. Again and again, Daniel pushed into her, the muscles in his neck strained as he held back his release. Leaning forward, Amelia bit him again.

A roar released into the dark as Daniel found his climax, pouring his seed deep within her. Amelia held onto her mate, not wanting this moment to end. Too soon Daniel was rolling away, pulling his softening member out of her. The cold air swept over her, sending goosebumps across her skin.

“Shift, I want to make love to you again in our bed all night long,” Daniel ordered, shifting into his wolf. Amelia shifted but gave herself a minute to recover before following him on slightly shaky legs.

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