Her Alpha Prince

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Chapter 51

On the day of her bakery opening, Amelia couldn’t stop fidgeting. All week Daniel had picked her up and taken her out on the town. He let some photographers get pictures and even spoke to a few reporters. When she’d asked him why he was suddenly putting her in the media spotlight he explained.

“I want the public to see the real you. I don’t want what they have fed to those sleazy magazines to be what people think. We need them to see what you are doing and we’ve been promoting your new business model.” Her heart warmed when she thought about everything he and his family had done for her.

Today her bakery would open to the public at ten. It was seven-thirty now. After a long talk with Kylie last night, she agreed to wear a nice dress to the opening. Then she would teach a cookie decorating class to some women who had signed up for the class. Alex spent his time protecting her, she knew Daniel had transferred his protection to her while getting a different guard for himself.

“Are you ready?” Daniel asked, walking into their bedroom. He wore a black suit with a silver tie. She admired him as he moved with elegant grace.

“You can’t look at me like that or I’ll push you onto our bed and make love to you. It would make us late,” he told her, his eyes glowing with love for her. Amelia smiled and wrapped her arms around his waist, looking up at him.

“As much as I want to spend the day in bed with you, I’m already dressed.” He laughed and kissed her gently before pulling back to look her up and down. She wore an empire waist teal green dress that flared over her hips. It landed at her knees and she’d chosen a pair of silver heels. For the opening she would wear the heels for the decorating class, she would switch into a pair of black flats she had tucked into her purse.

“You look amazing. Kylie outdid herself again. I heard from Nick she has been swamped with orders for custom dresses since we introduced you.” Amelia’s heart warmed at his words. She had hoped she could help her friend.

“She has been expanding her line to include all kinds of dresses. She also made the dress I am wearing to your mother’s birthday party tomorrow.”

“Which one is that?” Daniel asked, looking at her closet.

“It is a surprise,” she answered, walking out of the bedroom to the kitchen to make breakfast. She had insisted on cooking some of her own meals. She missed doing that when she moved into the palace. Now she and Daniel were on their own for breakfast.

“Did you want eggs or French toast?” she asked, looking over her shoulder.

“You sit down and let me make breakfast. I want to pamper my love on her opening day.” Amelia smiled and took her cup of coffee over to the table to sip on it while watching her mate cook. Daniel walked over to the kitchen and began moving around to make her an omelet. It took him no time at all to put a plate with an omelet filled with spinach, feta, and tomatoes in front of her. Amelia dove in, moaning her pleasure. Daniel sat next to her with his omelet full of ham, cheese, and bacon. They ate quietly, both in their own thoughts for the day. Daniel would help at the opening but then had other duties he needed to attend to afterward.

“We need to go,” she announced, looking at the clock saying eight-thirty. She wanted to get there and make sure everyone had started on their tasks for the day. Daniel took the plates, placing them in the dishwasher before handing her a travel mug. She put fresh coffee in the mug and took a shaky breath. This was it. She would open her brick and mortar store. They had spent the last week reopening her online, ordering, and getting the word out about the store.

“Today will be amazing,” he promised, wrapping his arms around her waist and kissing her gently. Amelia leaned into his touch and let him comfort her nerves.

“Thanks, Daniel.” He gave her a smile and took her hand, leading her out of their apartment and to their cars. They would take separate cars with Alex staying with Amelia. He stood by her car, ready to go along.

“Good morning, Alex,” she called, unlocking her door. Daniel squeezed her hand and bent to kiss her lips.

“See you there.” He gave her a push to her car, and Amelia separated from him reluctantly.

“Your Highness,” Alex replied with a nod and a tiny smile. Amelia drove them carefully to her store, parking in the back. The place opened in an hour and already there was a line waiting for her grand opening. Amelia couldn’t believe how many people were there.

“Looks to be a success already,” Alex remarked, getting out of the car. Amelia waited until Alex gave her the nod that it was clear to get out before answering.

“We won’t know until our profits can be donated to the foster children’s charity.”

“You will,” Daniel assured her, coming up to take her hand.

“I hope so.” Amelia opened the back door and went inside to see the place bustling. Everyone she’d hired was there working in full force.

“Good morning Alpha Prince Daniel, Lady Amelia.” Ramon stopped what he was doing, using a louder voice to let the others know they were inside. All work stopped and everyone turned to bow.

“Good morning, everyone. We are here to help,” Amelia announced, snagging her apron from the rack on the door. Daniel took one too.

“We need to fill the cases. Most of the cookies are complete and ready to put on display,” Ramon explained, pointing to the trays of cookies sitting out.

“We can handle the front. Is Tracy here yet to help run the front?” Amelia asked, looking around for the woman they hired to be the front manager.

“She is scheduled to be here in fifteen minutes,” Ramon replied, handing Daniel a tray of cookies. Amelia picked up one and went out to the front of the shop. She stood and admired all the hard work they put in, making the place shine.

“Daniel, you have the iced flowers, they go here.” Amelia pointed to an empty tray space. He slid the tray into place and she put her Harry Potter cookies in their space. They worked for another thirty minutes before all the cookies were on display. Daniel found some cleaning supplies and went around cleaning the glass containers. Amelia moved to do one last go over the tables. She wanted to make sure everything was clean before they did the ribbon-cutting ceremony.

“Amelia, it is time,” Ramon announced, coming out of the back with the red ribbon and a pair of scissors. Butterflies danced in her stomach. Daniel took her hand and kissed her knuckles.

“Time to start the hard work of running a business,” he joked, leading her outside to the crowd. They walked out, and the crowd let out a great cheer. The press were all around, taking pictures and talking to people before they went inside.

“Thank you everyone for coming,” Amelia began in a loud voice. The crowd quieted down around her in waves. Soon everyone was staring at Amelia.

“I wanted to share with you all the meaning being Amelia’s Sweet Treats. You all have heard the story of my disappearance and being found later. While a child, I spent time in the foster care system. This system needs to be reviewed, and the children supported after they turn eighteen. Amelia’s Sweet Treats will use their profits to help foster children attend college or trade schools after high school. I don’t want them to have to go through the same struggles I did without support from their foster family after they stop being an extra paycheck.” Amelia let her words settle among those around.

“Today we embark on a journey to help the neediest in our country, our orphans and foster children. Thank you for coming out to celebrate our grand opening. Without further ado. I declare Amelia’s Sweet Treats open for business!” Amelia took the scissors from Daniel and cut the red ribbon Ramon had put up. The crowd cheered and made their way inside. Amelia took Daniel’s hand, and they moved behind the counter and helped fill orders. The morning flew by and before Amelia knew it, Daniel was pulling her into the back.

“I have to meet with a few lords. What time do you think you’ll come home?” he asked wrapping her up in his arms holding her close.

“I have that class for cookie decorating and then I’ll help around here getting things cleaned up for tomorrow before coming home. Not sure what time I’ll be home. Alex will stay with me, so I‘ll be safe.”

“Don’t stay away too long. I want to celebrate your grand opening.” Daniel pressed a kiss to her lips before leaving her to work. Amelia stayed in the back to set up for her class. They used some space above the bakery as class space. In about thirty minutes a group of people would come up to learn how to use frosting to fill basic cookies. Amelia gathered her supplies and went upstairs to set up. While up there, she took a moment to celebrate her success. She jumped up and down and did a little dance.

“I wouldn’t celebrate if I were you,” came a sinister voice, Amelia spun around and gasped. They shoved something in her face, making her pass out. The last thing she thought was how could he before she passed out.

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