Her Alpha Prince

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Chapter 52

“What do you mean she is missing?” Daniel roared as Alex reported Amelia disappeared. Daniel’s wolf growled in his chest, trying to get out. They needed to find their mate. Fur rippled across his skin as his wolf pushed for his shift.

“She went upstairs to set up for her cookie decorating class,” Alex replied.

“Then how did she get taken?”

“That is the question. One of her new employees went up to ask her a question, and she was gone along with Ramon,” Alex added, Daniel’s head snapped up. His personal chef befriended Amelia to get close enough for her to trust him. Hell, he trusted Ramon.

“Ramon? Do you think he is a part of this?”

“Yes. I went through his background check and it turns out someone paid Ramon half a million dollars to his bank account from an offshore account. I think your chef took Amelia. He has an apartment deep in the city. We need to check there first.”

“Let’s go.” Daniel grabbed his keys and looked up at Alex. His friend knew better than to tell him he couldn’t go with him.

“Where is Nick?”

“He is waiting outside for us.” Alex led the way out to his SUV. A group of guards stood waiting with Nick.

“Nick and Alex will go with me. The rest of you go in the other car. Stay close, we need to get to Amelia before someone else does.” Daniel climbed into the passenger seat, letting Alex drive. He knew he could not safely get them around the city. His wolf sat just under his skin, ready to tear Ramon apart for stealing his mate.

“We will get her back, Dan,” Nick assured him. Daniel looked over at his friend to see he too was struggling to control his wolf.

“Ramon is probably the middle man. They paid him to snatch her and stash her until the real culprit could get to her. Who do you think is the ringleader?” Dan asked, wanting to hear Nick and Alex’s theories.

“I think Lord Jeffries and possibly Lady Valerie,” Alex replied, Daniel, nodded his agreement. Someone had to have kept tabs on Amelia once they discovered she was alive.

“I don’t know about Valerie, she got what she wanted with my mom out of the way. Why go after Amelia?” Nick asked, Daniel, bobbed his head back and forth trying to think about her motives.

“True, but if she had anything to do with your mom’s death and the attempted murder of Amelia, then the statute of limitations is over.”

“I know that. I just want the truth. Nothing we do will bring my mom back, but it will give me peace of mind,” Nick snapped, Daniel knew it was still a sore spot for him.

“Let’s save our future queen before we do anything else. How far are we from the apartment?” Daniel’s hands shifted to claws digging into the leather of the seat.

“Five minutes.” Alex slammed on the gas and took off. Daniel closed his eyes breathing deeply trying to control his wolf.

Alex swung into the parking lot, hiding the SUV behind the apartment building. Daniel, Nick, and Alex slipped out of the SUV and around the corner, keeping down. They didn’t want Ramon to know they were coming. Daniel noted two men standing outside an apartment, arms crossed, sunglasses covering their eyes. How dumb could these kidnappers be? That was practically screaming something illegal is going down. The other guards fanned out around the parking lot. Alex motioned them forward. He and Nick went up the stairs ahead of Daniel and walked over to the men outside the apartment.

“Hey, we are looking for Ramon,” Nick called to the men with an amiable smile on his face.

“No one goes in,” a man growled at him.

“Wrong answer.” Alex stepped up and grabbed the guard, tossing him over the rail. The other man dove at Nick, he reached up and snapped the man’s neck. Daniel stepped through the mess and slammed his foot into the door of Ramon’s apartment. Ramon shrieked and turned around, holding his hands up in surrender.

“Where is she?” Daniel demanded, grabbing the man by his shirt and slamming him into the wall. The drywall cracked around Ramon’s head. Ramon glared at him, spitting in his face. Daniel pinned him to the wall with his arm on his neck cutting off his air supply. With his free hand, he wiped his face.

“I will ask you one more time, then I will take your fingers one by one until you break,” he growled at the man. Ramon was a large man, but over the years had been sloppy with his training. He would be no match for the alpha prince.

“They took her already.”

“They?” Nick asked, coming up to lean on the wall. He looked utterly bored.

“Lord Jeffries and some woman, I’ve never seen her before.”

“Where did they take her?” Daniel growled, he was losing his patience with the man.

“I heard something about where it all happened,” Ramon spit out. His eyes were getting larger in his head as Daniel kept the pressure on his throat.

“Where it all happened? You don’t suppose the curve on the beach where the car went off the road? That is a hundred-foot drop into rocks,” Nick remarked. Daniel then knew exactly what was happening. Lord Jeffries would finish what he started all those years ago. He was going to kill Amelia. Daniel released Ramon, letting him drop to the floor.

“Before we go, did you recognize the woman with him?” Daniel asked, trying to remain calm. Ramon shook his head.

“She didn’t seem like high class or someone Lord Jeffries spent time with. He looked uncomfortable around her.” Daniel nodded and wracked his brain for someone connected to Amelia who wasn’t high society.

“Lock him up for treason,” he ordered the guards.

“I need three of you to come with Nick, Alex, and me.” Daniel marched from the room down to the car. Amelia had been missing for an hour which meant they probably had about a half hour head start.

“I need you to floor it. I want to beat them to the spot,” he ordered Alex. Alex nodded and once everyone was buckled in, he took off. Never once slowing down as they hurtled down the highway.

“We will save her,” Nick assured him, Daniel nodded but his wolf was so wound up he couldn’t reply. His beautiful mate was being held captive by Lord Jeffries, he knew his instincts were right. The man was behind killing Lady Laura. The woman with them was someone he suspected, but couldn’t be sure until he saw her with his own eyes. He had two suspects in mind for the woman with him, and neither of them was Lady Valerie.

“Alex, how soon?” Daniel asked, looking at his watch. They’d left Ramon’s apartment a little over ten minutes ago.

“Still about thirty minutes, Dan. Can you call the police Nick? They should know what is happening,” Alex answered, keeping calm. It was in situations like this, that Daniel knew this was the right job for Alex. Daniel leaned back in his seat and bounced his leg unable to wait much longer. He scrolled through his phone, he wouldn’t alert his parents to the situation until he had Amelia back in his arms.

“Here.” Alex parked the car at the lookout around the corner from where Laura Watson’s car went over the cliff.

“Everyone out and quiet,” Daniel ordered, hurrying out of the car and behind it, hiding his presence. The other men joined him.

“I will scout ahead with Alex and Nick. You three are to stay here. We will come back and make a plan once we spot them.”

“Why don’t you want them with us?” Nick asked, Daniel shook his head.

“I don’t trust anyone outside the three of us. We need to save Amelia now,” Daniel answered, Alex gave a curt nod.

“Come on.” He moved around the rocks and paused upon hearing voices.

“Why did we come here?” a whiny female voice met his ears. He thought he recognized it, but couldn’t get his brain to place it.

“Because this is where I made sure her mother died. Now it is her turn. I helped someone get her mate by killing her. Now Amelia needs to be gone for my baby to get her mate.” Daniel knew that was Lord Jeffries’ voice. He growled, they were planning Amelia’s death.

“Do you see her?” he whispered to Alex, who had slipped around the other side. He nodded and motioned they tied her up and sitting off to the side from where the two people spoke.

“We get her now,” he ordered, both men nodded, stripped and shifted into their wolves, Daniel stayed human, he would let Nick and Alex fight while he saved Amelia.

“Now.” He motioned to Alex and Nick to go and he followed.

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