Her Alpha Prince

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Chapter 54

Daniel stared down at his mate. He couldn’t imagine life without her. When he saw Gigi go for her his heart leaped into his throat. Alex took off for the female wolf, Nick made sure Jeffries was no longer a threat and he took care of Amelia. They would execute Lord Jeffries and Gigi Naustin. Ramon, for his help to find Amelia, would spend the rest of his life locked away, no longer allowed to shift. Before the night was through, Daniel would know every single person part of this elaborate plan to make Michelle queen. He had a bad feeling Valerie was connected, it would make Richard sad, but Valerie needed to pay for her crimes.

“Nick, I need you to call ahead to the palace and let them know we are bringing two prisoners in connection to Lady Amelia’s kidnapping. Call your dad and have him bring Valerie too. She is in the middle of this mess. She may not have been there when Lord Jeffries tried to kill Amelia, but she knows something.”

“Yes, sir.” Daniel knew Nick was angry, they’d overheard Valerie’s connection to everything and why Laura Watson had to die. Daniel held onto Amelia until they arrived at the castle.

“Nick, call for Kylie. I don’t want her alone, but we need to interrogate Gigi and Jeffries,” Daniel ordered carrying a sleeping Amelia into the palace. He didn’t wait for Nick’s response but walked her into their apartment. To his surprise, his mom and Kylie were waiting there.

“How did you know?” he asked, continuing into the bedroom.

“We went to see Amelia at her opening. One woman in the front told us Amelia hadn’t been feeling well and needed to go home. We didn’t buy that line and ordered an explanation,” Queen Imelda answered.

“The girl told us Amelia disappeared along with Alex. I assumed something had happened. The guards brought Ramon in and locked him up,” Kylie added, they had followed him into the bedroom.

“What happened?” Queen Imelda demanded, sitting on the edge of the bed stroking Amelia’s hair. Kylie took up space on the other side. Daniel smiled, his mate would be fine with these two.

“Lord Jeffries and Gigi Naustin took her after Ramon kidnapped her. She’s been given wolfsbane. I have a doctor coming to check her over for injuries. Already the tie marks have faded from where they held her hands and feet together.” Daniel stroked her head and kissed her temple.

“I am going down to speak with Ramon, Jeffries, and Gigi. I need to know if there are more people part of this. I assume Dad knows?” he asked, looking at his mother.

“Yes. He is waiting with Ramon.”

“Thank you. Can you two stay with her until I get back?”

“We wouldn’t think of leaving her side,” Kylie assured him. He smiled at them both before heading to the dungeon.

“I want to speak with Ramon first,” he told the guard standing outside.

“Yes, sir.” Daniel strolled into the dungeon passing Gigi and Jeffries.

“Alex.” He waited while Alex ushered Ramon into their interrogation room.

“Ramon, thank you for helping Amelia. Now you need to tell me if anyone else that you know of is involved.” Daniel assumed Ramon was a minor player in this entire ordeal, but he needed to be certain.

“I just know about the maid giving Lady Valerie the passcode into her apartments. I was the one who helped convince the maid to let Valerie in. She fancied herself in love with you and didn’t like Amelia coming into your life. You are a very eligible young man, Prince Daniel.”

“I see. Thank you for your help.” He waited until Alex removed Ramon before shaking his head. Next Gigi Naustin.


“We needed the money. I have expensive tastes. It was no skin off my nose, making Amelia and her friend miserable. When she disappeared, I became angry because Jeffries stopped sending me the money.”

“Amelia and Kylie shared about their time with you in foster care. I am ashamed such treatment never was reported. Did you pay off the social worker too?”

“No, Jeffries did that. He paid her to look the other way and never visit us.”

“Damn man had his hand in everything. Why were you with him this time?”

“Jeffries and I have been secretly seeing each other for years. His stupid wife is too concerned making sure Michelle looked good for you. She stopped attending to his needs. I needed money, Jeffries was happy to accommodate.” Daniel shuddered, that was awful.

“I see. Anything else you want to share to save your ass? Although you are going to die. You helped in the physical kidnapping of my mate and future queen.”

“You can’t kill me! Jeffries was the one with the plan. He got the wolfsbane and gave it to her. I was only along for the ride.”

“So the scratches on her face were from him?” Daniel raised an eyebrow, watching Gigi deflate.

“The bitch ruined me! Ken threw me out when he found out about the money. He was furious I had hidden it from him. He found out when your people came sniffing around our home.”

“Thank you.” Daniel motioned for her to be taken. He had to wait longer for Jeffries. He knew the man wouldn’t come without a fight. Alex and Nick carried him into the room, locked him to the table with anti-shifting handcuffs before stepping back. Daniel sat in silence and watched the miserable man. He had more gray in his hair than Daniel remembered, his eyes darker and angrier than usual.

“I’ll ask you the same question I asked Gigi. Why?”

“Because Michelle should have been queen. I got rid of Amelia when I saw the mate glow in both your eyes. I was there when it happened.”

“Not good enough. Why?”

“With Michelle queen, I could push for my bills to be turned into laws. I would have your ear and become the most powerful man in the world. This country would be mine.”

“Why kill Laura?”

“Valerie wouldn’t shut up about Richard picking the wrong woman. That Laura couldn’t be his mate because Richard was hers. I told her about my plan, and she agreed. She had her men drive Laura off the road.” Daniel heard Nick’s growl and held up a hand.

“Nick, I understand this is difficult to hear. If you cannot control yourself, I will make you leave.”

“I am fine, Your Highness.”

“Good. How did you find out Amelia was still alive?”

“I found the nanny. She told me everything that happened. I paid her an extensive amount of money to tell no one about Amelia. Gigi was to make sure Amelia was so dirt poor she couldn’t do anything but beg for scraps of food. Amelia would never make it back to the capital and to you,” Jeffries growled, his eyes glowing with his wolf. The cuffs bit into his wrists, drawing blood as he tried to shift.

“Was Lady Valerie part of the plan this time?”

“No. She got what she wanted. She had no interest in killing Amelia and ruining Richard’s life. She helped me distract you all. I planned everything and waited until Ramon could get Amelia alone and out of the palace.”

“Lord Jeffries, I sentence you with treason. Frederick will execute you at dawn in two days. I will make your family aware to come to say their goodbyes.” Daniel stood and left the room. There would be no trial. The man was pure evil and deserved to die.

“What about Valerie?” Nick asked, Daniel sighed.

“I don’t know. I told you before the statute of limitations on her crime is over. We cannot try her for it. If they had connected her to this kidnapping in any knowledgeable way, I would have her locked away. I think your father deserves to know what happened and he can deal with Valerie from there,” Daniel replied, he hated seeing the hurt and anger in Nick’s face. He wanted Valerie to be an active participant, to give Nick the justice he deserved.

“You need to tell my dad. He won’t believe it from anyone else.”

“I’ll do it.” King Stephan stepped out of the shadows where he’d been listening to the interrogations. Richard will listen to me.”

“Thanks, Dad.” Daniel clapped his dad on the shoulder and hurried back to his mate.

One more chapter and an epilogue to go.

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