Her Alpha Prince

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Chapter 55

Amelia stood with Daniel in the ballroom for his mother’s birthday bash. He’d come back to their apartment and announced Lord Jeffries and Gigi Naustin would be executed in two days for their crimes. Ramon would be put in prison for life without being allowed to shift. She felt the weight of her engagement ring on her finger. There would be an announcement made about her engagement with Daniel today.

“You look beautiful,” Daniel whispered in her ear. She smiled. Kylie made her gown of rose pink with soft Grecian curves. The queen was also wearing a gown made by Kylie.

“Thank you. You look handsome,” she replied, leaning into his body. She knew being overly affectionate was frowned upon, but she needed to know he was close. Alex was nearby and Nick stood with Kylie a little ways away.

“Does my father know about Valerie?” she asked, seeing Lord Watson coming across the ballroom, but no Lady Valerie in sight.

“Yes. My dad spoke with him yesterday after the confession we heard from Lord Jeffries.”

“Amelia, I am glad to see you are in one piece.” Her father hugged her tightly, she could hear his frantic heartbeat.

“I am fine, Dad. I am sorry about the news you received.”

“I am not surprised Valerie did that. I knew she had feelings for me when I found Laura. Laura was my mate though, there has been no one else I have loved as dearly. You remind me of her in everything you do. Lady Valerie will no longer be attending any royal events. We have confined her to our hometown.” Amelia gave a sad smile.

“We have some news to share with you,” she whispered, holding up her hand. She twisted the ring around so he could see the jewels.

“Congratulations. You will make an amazing queen when Daniel takes the throne. I must tell Queen Imelda happy birthday. I’ll come back to talk later.” Her father kissed her cheek and walked over to the queen and king.

“Care to dance?” Daniel asked, she nodded and let him lead her to the dance floor. He took her hands and began moving her around the room in an elegant waltz. Amelia’s heart sped up as they moved around. Their eyes never strayed from each other. Passion sizzled between the two, so palpable people around them moved back as they came by.

“I love you, Amelia. When I found out you were missing I couldn’t stop the fear going through me. If I lost you, I wouldn’t be able to go on.”

“I will never leave you voluntarily. I’ve named Franchesca the manager for Amelia’s Sweet Treats. After being taken from there, I won’t be spending too much time there except to check on their work. I don’t feel safe,” she explained, Daniel nodded his head in understanding.

“You can make them in the kitchen in our apartment and send them to the store. Tom has moved here full time to be your delivery driver,” Daniel replied, making her laugh.

“I love Tom like a little brother. I cannot believe he moved here to help me.”

“Amelia, people love you. After your opening at the bakery, the press has had nothing but amazing things to say about you. Along with your kidnapping, because since we kept it quiet, you know everyone knows about it. They are vilifying Lord Jeffries and the Naustin Family for their treatment of you. You are the people’s future queen and they are beginning to see you in a new light.”

“Daniel, that is the sweetest thing I’ve ever heard. When can we get married?”

“As soon as you want.” He bent his head and kissed her. Neither of them cared about the surrounding people, they needed to share their love. A trumpet fanfare sounded drawing them apart ending their dance.

“Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for coming to celebrate my birthday. We have some wonderful news to share with everyone. Prince Daniel and Lady Amelia, please come here.” Queen Imelda beckoned.

“That is our cue.” Daniel took her hand, walking her to the dais.

“Thank you, Queen Imelda,” Daniel said, taking the microphone from her.

“I’d like to share that Lady Amelia has agreed to be my princess. We will be getting married at the end of the year before I take the throne as king in March.” Amelia smiled when the crowd broke out into claps and whistles.

“Thank you, everyone. We hope to continue to have your support as we navigate this new life.” Daniel gave a bow to the room and Amelia curtsied.

“Congratulations Prince Daniel and Lady Amelia,” Michelle Jeffries said as she came over to where they were standing. She gave a curtsy along with her mother before frowning.

“We’d like to apologize for my father and his delusions of grandeur. I’ve never wanted to be queen.”

“This is not your fault, Lady Michelle. Thank you for your support. If you don’t mind me asking, who is your mate then?” Amelia looked around the room at all the eligible men.

“His name is Tom, and he works for you,” Michelle explained, making Amelia laugh.

“You are the Michelle he told me about! You two attend college together.”

“I met him at freshman orientation.”

“I am so happy for you. Tom is an amazing young man. He has moved into the capital to continue to work for me while in college.”

“We have an apartment together.” Amelia broke protocol and reached out to hug Michelle.

“You two will be wonderful together. Congratulations and please let me know if we can help.”

“Thank you, Lady Amelia, Prince Daniel.” Michelle curtsied and moved away from them. Amelia smiled as more people came to offer their congratulations. She was thrilled for Tom and Michelle. Amelia spied Kylie and Nick waiting patiently to talk to them. When the last of the well-wishers moved away Amelia walked over to her best friend.

“Can you believe everything that happened?” she asked her best friend, linking her arm with Kylie’s.

“This has been a crazy few months. Both of us found our mates. You are a future queen and got kidnapped.”

“I know. Maybe the months leading up to the wedding and coronation will be less exciting.”

“I highly doubt that. We have to get started on your wedding dress right away. I’ll also need to design the bridesmaid dresses. We have to get Trish out here too. She needs to come home.”

“Do you think she wants to come back here? She seemed happy in Aubrun when I phoned her.”

“She is lonely. Bring her back here and have her work as a scientist for you.”

“Good idea. I also think she and Alex might be perfect for each other. The man deserves his own mate.”

“I agree. We will have to get them together.” Amelia laughed and hugged her friend. Leaving Kylie, Amelia went back to her mate. Finally, she had her happy ending. A mate, a business that was thriving, and a loving family to surround her.

“What are you thinking?” Daniel asked, wrapping an arm around her waist.

“How lucky I am that your sister ordered my cookies for her baby shower,” she replied with a laugh. Daniel playfully growled at her and nodded.

“We owe this all to Savannah. Speaking of babies, want to go practice making some of our own?”

“I thought you’d never ask.” She giggled as he pulled her out of the ballroom and back to their apartment.

The End (Epilogue coming)

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