Her Alpha Prince

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Two days after Queen Imelda’s birthday party, Amelia witnessed the execution of Gigi Naustin and George Jeffries. She wanted to watch and see them gone from the world. Michelle and her mother stood with them to watch George die.

“It is done,” the executioner Harold Fennick announced. The deaths were quick with a twist of their necks.

“Good.” Daniel wrapped his arm around her shoulders, turning her away from the two dead bodies. She saw Michelle and her mother. Neither of them shed a tear.

“He was a tyrant and deserved to die,” Michelle replied when she saw Amelia looking at her. Amelia gave her a nod, realizing they’d released the two women from a life of oppression.

“Good luck with Tom.” Amelia patted Michelle on the arm and let Daniel lead her away.

A month later Amelia stood on the tarmac with Kylie waiting for Trish to land. She hadn’t seen her friend in over a year.

“How do you think she is doing?” Amelia asked, leaning over to speak with Kylie.

“Last time I talked to her she was happy to finish her studies and had been looking for a job.”

“Then my call came at a perfect time.” Amelia squeezed Daniel’s hand, watching a plane land. They’d sent a private jet with Alex to get Trish. Kylie and Amelia decided they wanted to see if Trish and Alex would hit it off.

“There she is!” Kylie pointed to their friend Trish. She had dark brown hair with caramel skin and sharp eyes. Amelia squealed, letting go of Daniel and rushing down to Trish. Trish stepped away from Alex and hurried over to Amelia.

“I’ve missed you!” Amelia hugged her friend with Kylie piling on.

“You two look amazing! How did you two manage to get mated to the two most powerful men in the country?” Trish joked placing an arm around their shoulders keeping them close.

“Luck, I guess. Come, I want to chat while we go over bridesmaid dresses for my wedding,” Amelia announced walking Trish through the airport and to the waiting vehicles. The three women piled into one of the cars, pushing Nick and Alex out while Daniel drove them home. They talked about Trish’s time at the university.

“So you are Dr. Belushi now?” Kylie asked as they walked down the hallway to Amelia’s apartment. Daniel kissed her and went off to do some work, letting her be alone with her friends. Alex took his place outside the apartment and Nick left Kylie with a kiss before following Daniel.

“I have the wine we all used to drink together. I want to hear everything,” Amelia ordered, sitting down with two bottles of wine and three glasses.

“First, did you and Alex hit it off?” Kylie asked Trish, pouring the wine.

“He is very nice,” Trish replied with a smirk hiding behind her wine glass. Amelia laughed and sipped her own wine.

“I know that smile. You like him! Are you two mates?” Amelia drank more of her wine, waiting for Trish to answer.

“My bear says so, but I’m not sure how Alex feels. The second we made eye contact, he jerked back and barely spoke a few words to me the entire time. Tell me about your wedding with Daniel, I know you two have already mated and Nick and Kylie mated.” Trish changed the subject, Amelia let her.

“We are planning on a wedding in December, then next year Daniel will take over as Alpha King.”

“Then that makes you the Luna Queen?”

“Yep. Then the actual work begins,” she sighed. She loved Daniel, but being queen scared the shit out of her.

“You are a natural leader Amelia, you were the one who kept us alive. When the Naustins kicked us out you were the one there to pick us up. I never would have finished school and gotten away.” Amelia smiled at her friend sipping her wine, unable to reply.

“She is right, Amelia. You will do well as our queen.” Kylie refilled their glasses, sitting back to enjoy their time.

“Thank you two. It has been weighing on my mind. I think I will always worry about being a good queen.”

“That is what will make you a good queen,” Trish pointed out, polishing off her glass of wine. Amelia saw they’d already finished one bottle and were in the second.

“I am so glad you are back. It felt weird being just Kylie and me through this big shift in our lives.”

“Can’t get rid of me that easily. Thank you for calling me. I cannot wait to get started working with your people.” Trish raised a glass in salute.

“You were the best person for the job. I only suggested you send your resume.”

“Still, thank you. I am excited about this next chapter in our lives,” Trish replied with a smile. Amelia laughed and refilled the glasses, settling back to spend the night with her friends. She didn’t know what the next year would bring, but she was happy to have her friends and Daniel with her.

Thank you for reading! I hope you enjoyed this story. I am toying with the idea of writing a second book about their wedding.

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