Her Alpha Prince

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Chapter 6

Daniel paced the hotel room Floyd booked for him and Alex. How could Amelia say no? He was the crown prince, and no one had ever said no to him before.

“What are you going to do?” Alex asked him.

“I am going to pick her up from her apartment at ten,” he replied, confidence sounding in his voice, if only he felt that way.

“And if she says no again?”

“Then I am taking her with me. I won’t take no as an answer,” he explained, and Alex laughed at him.

“You can’t kidnap her. That is low even for you.”

“She is my mate. I can’t be without her now that I’ve seen her again.” He ran a hand through his already disheveled hair and jumped when a hard knock sounded on his door. Alex stood and slipped over to check the peephole. He relaxed and opened the door to a very irritated looking Nick.

“What did you do?” Nick asked, storming into the hotel room.

“I asked her out, and she said no,” Daniel replied, dropping back in his chair.

“How did you ask her out?” Nick inquired sitting on the couch. The hotel room Floyd booked had two rooms and a small sitting room. It was smaller than they were used to but it would do while he tried to seduce his mate.

“I told her I wanted to make up for my behavior this morning. She told me not to worry about it and wouldn’t tell anyone we kissed,” he explained and Nick groaned.

“What now?” Daniel demanded getting irritated with his second in command.

“She thinks you were asking her out as an apology, not a real date,” Nick explained and it was Daniel’s turn to groan.

“That isn’t what I meant. I meant to make up for my dissatisfied look after I kissed her.”

“How was she to know that? I told you, you have to show her the real Daniel, not the alpha prince,” Nick replied.

“I don’t know how to do that anymore. For the past ten years it has been drilled into my head not to show what I am thinking,” he shot back.

“Just be yourself around her like you are us,” Nick explained.

“But she is my mate, I don’t want to look like a fool in front of her,” he shot back and Alex laughed.

“Too late,” Alex replied and Daniel glared at him. Nick stared in disbelief at Alex.

“I don’t think I’ve ever heard you laugh,” Nick commented and Alex shrugged.

“He’s been laughing at me all night. The best was when Amelia slammed the door in my face when we showed up at her apartment. She looked adorable in her apron and flour-dusted cheeks,” he shared thinking about his beautiful mate.

“She slammed the door in your face?” Nick asked, chuckling.

“I surprised her. I bet she didn’t think I’d chase after her,” he replied.

“No shit. She probably thinks you don’t enjoy kissing her when you frown. You might want to fix that problem,” Nick suggested and Daniel glared at him.

“How am I supposed to fix that?” he demanded getting up to stalk around the room.

“Get to know her as a person. Have you planned your date for tomorrow?” Nick asked and Daniel shook his head.

“Okay, first do some research on the area and find something you wouldn’t normally do on a first date. She used to play soccer and is a baker. What else do you know?” Nick inquired and Daniel stared at him.

“She went to culinary school with no help from her foster family. She is twenty-eight, foster kid, left at the orphanage at age two,” he rattled off all the information they’d gathered in their search.

“So what are some of the things you did as a kid that you know a foster kid would never get the chance to do?” Daniel paused and thought about it, they weren’t far from the beach and boardwalk.

“I could take her along the boardwalk and we could do some shopping. I bet a picnic on the beach would be better than a restaurant where we’d be stared at the whole time. Where do we get the things for a picnic?” he asked looking at Alex this time.

“Local all-in-one shop,” Alex replied and Daniel stood.

“Let’s go,” he ordered and picked up his keys.

“Now?” Nick asked, surprised.

“Yes now. I want everything ready for the morning. I’m picking her up at ten on the dot. I hate when people are late and I won’t make her wait,” he replied stepping out of the hotel room. He knew Nick and Alex would follow and keep him safe. He’d been trained to defend the kingdom and himself, but as the alpha prince, he was required to have a guard at all times. He drove to the nearest shop and parked his car. Nick and Alex unfolded themselves from his car and stood on either side of him. Daniel knew they were drawing stares when they walked in, but he didn’t care. He was a man on a mission. Grabbing a cart he began pushing it through the store first heading to the aisle marked summer. The weather in West Woods near the capital was always nice but being the end of April all the summer items were out. He found a basket and picked up a beach ball. Then he walked to the food area and paused. What did he get? He didn’t know her food preferences.

“Get the basics, water, chips, sandwich items. She is not going to be used to fancy foods. Grab hummus, that’s a favorite of many women in court,” Nick said, jumping in to help him. Daniel nodded and started with bottled water, then grabbed a few varieties of chips and strawberries. He paused at the humus and grimaced, he couldn’t stand the stuff. Instead, he grabbed a cheese and cracker assortment. Thinking about it he backtracked and picked up a nice white wine.

“Okay now for all the dishes and utensils,” he announced, noticing both of the guys were being unusually quiet.

“No comments?” he asked, looking over at Nick. Alex wouldn’t share his opinion unless pressed for it. Nick on the other hand never hesitated to share.

“No, this is something you have to do on your own. I’ve never seen her so I can’t get a feel on what she is like. Alex?” Nick turned to Alex. Alex shrug and replied,

“She has leadership in her blood. When Daniel made his blunder she stood up, gave us cookies and ordered us out. I could feel the power radiating off her. She was born to be a leader, unfortunately, circumstances being what they were she is a commoner. Even when Daniel told her he was picking her up at ten tomorrow I could see her indecision. All the other girls fall for him and do what he wants. I think this mate of his is going to be perfect for him.”

“Damn, you finally say more than a few words strung together and it is full of wisdom and shit,” Nick joked and Daniel shook his head. Alex kept surprising him.

“Thanks for the insight. Tomorrow I want you two in the background. Don’t appear unless there is an issue,” he ordered, both men nodded. Normally Daniel had Alex within reach but tomorrow he wanted his date to feel like only the two of them were there.

They drove home in silence as Daniel played out the plans for his date.

“If you’ll excuse me I have a girl to grovel to. She’s canceled on me twice and now I’m intrigued. Her name is Kylie Longfellow and she is a fashion designer. I want to get a date with her soon,” Nick announced and walked into one of the rooms. Alex would stay on the pullout couch and Daniel got his own room.

“See you in the morning,” Daniel bid both of them goodnight and went to lay down. He prayed sleep would come after a long shower. To his dismay, it did not and he lay awake half the night thinking about what he needed to do to make this date one Amelia would never forget.

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