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Jade Mason was kidnapped when she was four years old. She was used, abused and tortured for fourteen years by a rogue alpha, so what will she do when she finally escapes? *** [ I recommend you read the first book before reading this one.] The answer. She runs. She runs until she accidentally crashes into the one person she never expected to meet. Her mate. How will Jade handle finding her long lost family and mate, all at the same time? Not to mention her former captor who wants her back and will do whatever it takes to have her?

Romance / Fantasy
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Chapter 1 ~ Escape

Jade's P.O.V

The same thing like every year. Two pieces of toast with jam and a glass of milk. This is what my captors consider a treat.

It's my birthday today and this is my present from my master and mistress.

That's what they make me call them. They say that I'm a lower rank than them so I should respect and obey their every command.

I only actually know my master's real name because everyone else just calls my mistress Luna. He's called Alpha Elijah, but apparently I'm not worthy enough to call them that.

Actually that's what my mistress says, my master actually quite nice sometimes. If he's in a good mood or a please him, then he sneaks me some sweets or makes my chains looser.

Even though they stopped drugging me, the effects are still there after eleven years. I get tired easily and my body constantly feels weak.

I'm turning 18 today, which means that I will finally be able to shift.

I know I have a wolf but I'm betting anything that's she's as weak as me. They used to inject me with silver so I'm not holding out hope for my wolf helping me to break out.

I know what you're wondering. Why don't you just wait for your parents to save you.

Well, I did. For 14 years and nothing.

My master told me that my parents didn't care about me and just left me on his doorstep when I was four years old and that I'm lucky he was kind enough to have took me in.

Yeah, right. I would rather be dead.

I tried don't get me wrong, but it's kind of hard to kill yourself when your hands are tied. Plus, they threaten to kill the only people I care about.

That's why I'm so 'obedient'.

This place may be my prison but it's also my home. I've lived here for as long as I can remember and the people are actually nice.

It's just the guards and my captors who are horrible. It's not like they can help me though. I've seen the desperation in their eyes when my mistress hits me, or I'm forced to clean the entire house.

Knock! Knock! I look over at the clock. Exactly on time.

Uncle Jack and Oli come in holding one cupcake and a card. They're the closest thing to my family.

Uncle Jack was assigned to watch over me and basically be my babysitter. He watched me grow up and I consider him to be my father.

My master doesn't like Oli spending so much time with me but he doesn't seem to mind as much with Uncle Jack. It's probably because he was assigned to take care of me when I was younger. He used to feed me, help me to bathe and change my clothes.

Oli is my best friend. We're the same age and he's the funniest, happiest guy you will ever meet, which is a complete contradiction to his appearance.

His huge muscles and towering height, makes him look terrifying which bodes well with me when I'm allowed out, so that no-one even thinks to harass me.

He even gave me what he calls my first kiss, on my fourteenth birthday.

We both just sat on my bed, eating the chocolate bar that Uncle Jack gave me as my present, when he leaned in. I didn't know what was happening and my eyes widened when I felt his tongue in my mouth.

It was nice but also weird and when he broke it, he told me it was called a kiss.

I'm actually glad that he kissed me, at least it meant that my master or even worse, Kyle weren't my first kiss.

"Happy birthday precious." Uncle Jack says as he sits on my bed.

I love the nickname they both have for me, it makes me feel special and unique. It started off with Uncle Jack calling me that when I was a kid but Oli soon picked it up.

He says that he calls me it because of my eyes. They're like a burnt orange colour with golden flakes.

"Thank you, Uncle Jack." He pulls me in for a side hug and places a kiss on my forehead.

"Here, it isn't much but it's all I could sneak up." Oli hands me a badly wrapped present and I rip it apart. The paper flies everywhere, but I don't really care. This is the first present I've had in a long time.

A familiar purple wrapper is in my hands and I turn it over. Cadbury's my favourite and it's the Oreo flavour. Score.

I launch myself as far as I can go into Oli's arms. "Thank you. Thank you, thank you." I squeal.

A deep chuckles comes out of his mouth and I quickly open it. I break off a piece for Jack and another for Oli. "Precious, we don't need any. You do. Look you're like a stick." Oli said, whilst holding my skinny arm up.

It's true. I barely eat anything a day so I'm extremely skinny but not like what girls want to look like, I'm unhealthy skinny. Like a malnourished child. You can practically see my ribs.

I'm also tiny. A whopping five foot two, so basically everyone looks like a giant compared to me. There is actually one thing on my body that are big. My bouncy woman parts.

I don't think that's what they're called because when I asked Uncle Jack he turned all red and got really nervous. I added the bouncy part because they just go up and down every time I run or even walk.

I don't like them though because it just attracts unwanted attention from males. Especially my master, he loves to touch and play with them.

My hair is flat, full and greasy due to my lack of showers so I also stink. I only get one a week, if I'm lucky.

The only actual thing I love on my body is my eyes. It always make me curious as to who my parents are. They have to be special and unique to have given me this eye colour.

"Shut up." I say and playfully punch him in the arm. Uncle Jack puts a chocolate cupcake with vanilla frosting and sprinkles in-front of me. He lights the candle and they both sing happy birthday.

It's my favourite song, mostly because I don't know any others, but it's still a good song.

I blow out the candle and make the same wish I make every year. That I can escape.

It's a bad wish since it never comes true and where would I even go once I leave this place?

"Okay, we have to go but we'll be back later." I nod and peck both their cheeks, before they get up and leave. I sigh and fall back onto my bed.

Alone, again. I look at the clock and it's eleven, which means that two more hours of being completely isolated and then I could leave. The hours tick by slowly and finally my bedroom door unlocks.

Uh. It's him again. Kyle. He's the worst guard out of all of them. He makes me do things that I don't like to do and if I say no he hits me.

"Come on Jade. You know what I want." I sigh and get on my knees.

He unzips his pants and his thing springs free. I don't know what it's called but I don't want to. They hurt me and they're so big.

Kyle tells me that one day he's going to be the first to put it into my private woman hole and I'm already dreading it.

No-one else knows what he does and I don't tell anyone. Mostly because if I told Uncle Jack or Oli, they would kill Kyle and then my master would kill them and if I told my master, there's no knowing what he would do.

"Open." He commands and I slowly start to open my mouth. He gets frustrated and stuffs it all into my mouth.

He grips my hair in his fist and uses it to move my head backwards and forwards, while thrusting into my mouth. I gag each time it hits the back of me throat and I feel it expand in my mouth.

My chains rattle and the rough metal scrapes against my wrists. I'm afraid they're gonna open up my previous scars again but there's not much I can do right now.

Tears blur my vision and I feel him spill into my mouth. He pulls himself out of my mouth and I immediately spit it all into the floor and start to have a coughing fit.

"Bitch. You know I want you to swallow it all." He grips my chin harshly, forcing me to look at him and then hits me across my face.

I fall into my bed and cheeks starts to throb in pain. I know to be silent so I try to muffle my sobs. I hear the sound of him pulling his zipper back up and he unlocks my chains.

"Let's go." He shouts and he grabs a hold of my wrist.

He drags me to the kitchen and I get to work on making food. I only cook for my master, mistress and the guards because everyone else in the pack lives in a different house.

I don't really see them but when I do they're quite nice. They always look at me in pity and try to help me but they can't defy their alpha.

After cooking I walk up to the top floor, with Kyle following me. He knocks on the door and we both bow our heads. The door swings open and he gently lifts my chin up.

"Why are you crying, my sweet flower?" He gently brushed away my tears with his thumb and then turned to look at Kyle.

"Why is she crying?" He growled and Kyle whimpered. I placed my hand on my master's shoulder and his head snapped towards me.

"I'm fine it's just my wrists hurt master. The chains are too tight, can't you take them off." His facial expression softens and he signals for Kyle to leave. He holds my hand and takes me into his room. He sits on the bed and pulls me onto his lap.

"You know I can't flower. I'll make sure that your guard loosens them though." I nod and then move to get off his lap but he keeps a tight grip on my waist.

"Where you going? Your master wants to have some fun? By the way, happy birthday flower?" He starts to kiss my neck and his hand slips under my shirt.

His fingers graze the skin underneath my bouncy woman parts and I prepare myself for him to grope me, when the door swings open.

The first thing I see is fiery red hair and instantly, I knew it was my mistress. She storms in and quickly jump off my master's lap.

"What the hell is going on here?" She screeched and I wince at the sound.

This is why I hated it when he touched me because it makes my mistress angry and then she hurts me. I don't even want him to touch me. He completely repulses me.

"I'm just playing with my flower. What's it to you?" His eyes darken and I take a step back.

Maybe they won't even notice I'm here.

"What's it to me? My mate is touching a seventeen year old orphan who clearly forgot her place here. Perhaps I should remind her." My mistress moves to hit me but my master is quick to stop her.

"It's her birthday. No harm can come to her. Remember, we need her for tonight." He whispers into her ear and pecks her cheek. She smiled at my master, before scowling at me.

"Flower, you may leave now. As your birthday present, you don't have to clean our room. See you tonight." I nod, not even daring to look up, and quickly walk out.

Kyle's waiting outside the door and he escorts me back to my room. It's four, meaning that in just three hours it will be time for the ceremony.

Every year on my birthday, my master and mistress did some weird sort of ritual where they took me outside and surrounded me by a group of witches.

The witches starts to chant, whilst my master cuts my finger and drops some of my blood into a purple potion. The most powerful witch then casts a spell on it and my master drinks most of the potion, whilst my mistress only gets a third.

I don't know what it does, but I always love doing it because for the next month my master and mistress become happy and they don't beat me or force me to do things I don't want.

Really they just leave me alone, which is exactly what I want.

I decide to take a little nap before the ceremony. It always seems to tire me out afterwards and it normally ends with Oli having to carry me in.

As soon as I shut my eyes, I instantly fall into a deep sleep.

"Precious, Jade wake up." My eyes slowly open and I look up at Uncle Jack with a confused expression. Normally, Kyle takes me to the ceremony.

"We have to go quickly." He whispered and he unlocked my chains. They fall onto the bed and Uncle Jack pulls me to my feet. He tiptoes over to the door and creaks it open. He peers through and then sighs.

He opens it up further and an out of breath Oli runs in. "Could you be any louder?" Uncle Jack snapped and he walked towards me. He grabbed a hold of my wrist and pulled me out of the door.

As we quietly ran down the corridor, I noticed that all the guards were knocked unconscious and sprawled on the floor.

We stopped at the glass window which was right at the bottom of the hallway and Uncle Jack put in a key to unlock it. He pushed it open and the cold breeze flew in.

"Uncle Jack, what's going on? What are we doing?" I could hear some of the guards running in our direction and Uncle Jack gestured something to Oli.

Oli ran off and Uncle Jack just continued to ignore me. "Tell me what we're doing." I angrily whispered.

He turned to me and had a smile on his face. He places his hand on my shoulders and said the words I never thought I would hear.

"You're escaping."

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