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Chapter 2 ~ Run

Jade's P.O.V

"Escape." I repeated, still in shock from what Uncle Jack just said to me.

"Yes, now let me put these in." He hand some brown coloured circles in his hand that were almost transparent. He used his fingers to stretch my eyelids apart and placed them in my eyes.

"I need you quickly climb onto the ledge. You need to jump down and then run. There shouldn't be any guards patrolling the borders, so we'll be able to escape but as soon as Elijah realises you've left he'll come after us and send guards." I just continued to stare at him with wide eyes. All I could think about was that I was going to escape.

The sound of gunfire brought me back to reality and I quickly ducked down. I know that the guards are getting close, and it's only a matter of time until they find me.

It was a good plan, but not good enough.

I hold up my hand and prepare to surrender but Uncle Jack holds them down. He picks me up and places me on the window ledge.

I know exactly what he's doing and I start to squirm in his grip but he refuses to let me go.

"No, I won't. I can't leave you." Tears freely fall down my cheeks and Uncle Jack gives me a sad smile. He wipes them away, just like he did when I child, and bends down to my height.

"You are meant for something more than this. Why do you think he wants you? Because you're special. You are more powerful than all of us. Elijah wants to use it for evil, but I know that wants you learn how to use that power you can do so much good in the world. You are amazing precious and you will save and protect everyone. Go out into the world and be the leader you were born to be. I've always to considered you to be my own daughter and now like all fathers, I have to let you go." I was still crying and he placed a lingering kiss into my forehead. He smiled at me one last time, before running down the hallway. I took a deep breathe and jumped off the edge.

Unfortunately, I fell onto my back and whacked my head on the hard ground. My ears started to ring but I quickly picked myself up off the floor and stumbled around slightly, before starting to run.

I couldn't really see much due to my tears and my head and back were both throbbing with pain. I could feel a wetness at the back of my head but could hear footsteps behind me, so I didn't stop running.

I had to make it out. Oli and Uncle Jack had both sacrificed themselves so that I could live, so that I could escape. I couldn't let them down.

I knew that they were gaining on me and I started to get a stitch. This is the longest I've ever ran and I barely get to go outside.

It's dark and I'm freezing since it's the dead of winter. I'm wearing a tight white crop top, and some grey shorts, with holes in them. My teeth are chattering and I don't notice the branch in front of me so I trip and fall, face flat on the floor.

"She's over there." I hear a guard shout in the distance and I try to get back up, but to no avail. My limbs are weak and I can feel myself starting to lose consciousness. My eyes slowly close and my breathing gets weaker.

"Let me help." A voice says. I look around but I'm completely surrounded by darkness.

Wow. I really did hit my head.

"I'm real. I'm inside of you. I'm your wolf, Amara." I can't believe I really have a wolf.

It's so weird, it's like there's another person is inside of me.

"I know you have questions, but let me help. They're catching up." I nod, even though she really see, but then realise that I don't know what the hell I'm doing.

"How do I that?"

"Just close your eyes and let me take full control. Clear your mind." I nod and close my eyes. I try to think of nothing but my mind keeps wandering to Oli and Uncle Jack.

I open and my eyes and sigh in frustration. I can hear the guards getting closer and I start to panic. I calm myself down by taking a few deep breathes and then try again.

I block out everything. What I can hear, smell, feel. A surge of power suddenly rushes through my body and I can feel myself slowly losing any control I have over my body.

My bones started to crack and I quickly clamp my hand over my mouth to muffle my screams.

My leg snaps and my back arches. It's pitch dark, the only source of light being from the moon, so it's clear to my eyes as they start to glow.

Fur sprouts all over my body and my face starts to contort to look like a wolf's and my feet turn into my paws.

Normally it takes hours for a wolf to first shift, but it looks like my first shift will take around one more minute to be complete. The pain intensifies and I feel like I might faint.

I scream once more, before everything stops and I slump to the ground. My breathing is heavy and it feels as if I just ran a marathon.

My whole body hurts and I look down to see paws instead of feet. My fur is gold and very bright compared to the darkness.

I can tell that my wolf is significantly bigger than my actual human body and definitely more powerful.

"Now let me take full control. I'll make sure they don't catch us." Amara says and I notice how her voice sounds a little bit louder than before.

I close my eyes and slowly feel myself being transported into the back of my mind. I can see everything, but I can't do anything.

It's like I'm a passenger inside my own body.

A guard comes into our eye line and Amara crouches, to his herself behind a bush. She waits a minute, before pouncing on the unsuspecting guard and ripping his throat out.

I'm surprised at how violent and strong she is, but I'm not complaining. A group of guards arrive and upon seeing Amara, I notice how most of them look shocked or like they're about to piss themselves.

Some manage to snap themselves out of their shock and they shift into their wolves, that are nothing compared to mine.

All the wolves look at each other with hesitation, no-one wanting to be the first to attack, until a grey wolf at the front steps up. He growls at me and swipes his sharp claws at me.

It seems to intensify Amara's anger and within seconds his dead body is lying on the floor.

Everyone else takes a step back in fear and I can feel Amara's smugness.

This time four guards run at us and Amara bites off the head off the first, before tearing the next two in half.

She's to busy trying to throw off the one clinging to the fur on her back, that she doesn't notice one of the guards lunging at her and in the process taking a huge chunk out of our leg.

The pain sends shock waves through my body and Amara whines in pain but it doesn't stop her from fighting. She tears the wolf, who bit us, in half and then turns her head back to snap her jaws at the one on our back.

Her jaws managed to clamp onto his throat and she rips off his head.

By now, all of the other guards have retreated and I can see Kyle running away in fear. Pussy.

I would love nothing more than to rip off each of his limbs, but right now escaping is more important. The huge gnash on my leg is bleeding out, so I can feel Amara's strength slowly draining away.

She carries on pushing out weak and tired body further though. I have no idea where I am, so I just continue to head straight.


Hours pass and Amara is on the brink of collapsing. I can feel myself getting drowsier by the second but I force my eyes to stay open.

There's something familiar about my surroundings. The forest, the huge lake, the cobble path. Every tree and even the scent smelt familiar.

Amara walks to a large weeping willow tree, that stands at the bank of the river. The drooping branches fall into the river and Amara moves the branches against with her snout so she can walk underneath the tree.

She trots over to the stump and I read the letters carved onto bark. J and K.

A loud growl brings me out of my thoughts and Amara quickly turns around, but not quick enough to block of the attack. The large grey wolf knocks us out of the willow tree and we fall onto our back.

Our head collides with the ground and I cry out in pain. The grey wolf pins me underneath him and I look into his eyes. For some reason, I find myself completely hypnotised by his onyx coloured orbs and I can't bring myself to look away.

"Mate." Amara whispers, before our eyes slowly shut and I lose consciousness.

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