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Chapter 4 ~ Scary Alphas

Jade's P.O.V

I woke up again all alone. I don't if I'm imagining this whole thing, or if it's reality.

My head is pounding and I know that I passed out again. The door is probably locked and there's no way I can jump off the balcony with my leg, so I guess I'm stuck here again.

"I don't fucking care Kaiden! She's a rogue." A thunderous voice growled and I jumped. I knew that the man was talking about me and it was clear he was an alpha.

I look around the room to try and find somewhere I can hide.

The wardrobe is the closet to me so gathering all the strength I can, I pull myself up from the bed and limp over to it.

I cling onto the handle and pull it open. I push the shirts aside and bury myself between them. I shut the doors just as the door bursts open.

Kaiden's P.O.V

After my mate passed out, again, I quickly called Bryan to check on her and then decided to talk Uncle Lex.

I brought a Jacob along with because I know that he has a soft spot for his kids and, let's be honest I need all the help I can get.

I take a deep breath and I knock on the huge oak door. "Enter." Uncle Lex shouted. I looked at Jacob, before pushing the doors open.

Uncle Lex sat behind the desk working on his computer like usual. His eyes have dark circles under them from countless nights he's spent working and his scruffy beard, which is in desperate need of a shave.

"Wow dad. Rocking the caveman look." Uncle Lex just scoffed whilst my Auntie Olivia threw her cleaning cloth to the side and greeted the both of us.

She brought me into a hug and places a chaste kiss on my cheek, before doing the same to Jacob.

"I know. I hate it. His beard always scratches me when we kiss." She said and then hit Lex over the head.

It was always funny watching Auntie Olivia tell Uncle Lex off since she's like half his size.

He growled at her playfully, before bringing her into his lap and burying his face in her neck. Auntie Olivia was laughing, whilst Uncle Lex started to kiss her neck. Me and Jacob gave each other a look, before starting to fake gag.

"Please stop. We really don't want to see you guys have sex. I still get nightmares from the last time." Jacob cried and I nodded in approval. I don't think I'll ever get over that night.

We were like twelve and decided to sneak out one night so we could hang out at the lake. We managed to successfully walk past my parent's room with no problem but when we were near Auntie Olivia and Lex's room we heard some noises.

Naturally, our twelve year old selves got curious and decided to see what was happening.

I don't think I'll ever be able to erase the memories of seeing Uncle Lex's bare arse as he thrust into Auntie Olivia. No matter how hard I try.

Uncle Lex growled at Jacob as Auntie Olivia's cheeks turned red. She quickly climbed off his lap and sorted out her now, hitched up skirt.

"What do you boys want anyway?" Uncle Lex snapped and Auntie Olivia placed her hand on his shoulder to calm him down. He turned to look at her and her lips curled into a small smile.

It was a rare occasion to see the big bad Alpha of the Red Moon pack smile. He only ever lets his family or close friends see him smile and even that's once in a blue moon. Auntie Olivia is the only person I've ever seen make the Alpha smile on a daily basis.

She can just walk past and it would cause a smile to break out on his face.

That's what I want. To look at someone and know that they were created for me. That they will love me forever and never leave me.

"Kaiden wanted to tell you something." Jacob said and he gave me a slight push forward. I scowl are him, before looking back at my Alpha and Luna. I'm glad that Auntie Olivia is here so that she can calm him down because I know this is not going to go down well.

I couldn't form the words and my palms started to swear. Auntie Olivia was giving me an encouraging look and I took a deep breath, before blurting out those four words. "I found my mate."

Auntie Olivia started to squeal and jump up and down whilst Uncle Lex just gave me a blank look like he was expecting more.

"That's so amazing Kaiden." She said, as she brought me in for another one of her famous tight hugs. Uncle Lex was watching me skeptically and signalled for Auntie Olivia to step back.

"Yes that's great news, so why is your heart racing a million miles per hour? What are you not telling me Kaiden? Don't think I won't use my Alpha command on you, because I will." He was looking at me with piercing eyes and I felt as though he could see every single one of my dirty secrets.

"My mate is a rogue." I whisper, whilst starting down at the floor.

To my surprise, Uncle Lex doesn't do anything apart from stay seated. A small gasp comes out of Auntie Olivia's mouth and I can hear her take a step back from me.

I'm not going to lie, that hurt but I know how much she hates rogues. Even more than Uncle Lex I think.

"So she is in the pack cells I'm assuming?" My eyes widen at the question and I slowly look up.

"No, she's in my room." Uncle Lex stood up in rage and his chair flew back, smashing into the window behind him. His eyes turned pitch black and fur started to sprout alongside his face.

I've never seen a half shift happen before in person. We were always taught as children that only the most powerful and strongest Alphas can master such as skill.

It not only proves you to be worthy as an Alpha but it also allows your human form to have the ability to channel your wolf, therefore you don't need to shift and at the same time when you do it increases your wolf's power.

Not to mention that it looks so fucking scary.

I know that Uncle Lex has completely gone and all that's left is his wolf. There's not even a hint of blue left in his eyes and all his rage and fury is completely directed at me.

In one swift move, he jumps over the desk and grabs me by my throat. He lifts me off the ground and slams me into the wall. Jacob just looks too scared to even move and Auntie Olivia looks more shocked than anything.

"You dare bring a rogue into my home." He snarls, spit flying everywhere and hitting me in the face. I can feel the air inside me slowly being cut off and my feet are dangling off the floor.

"I'm sorry Alpha, but she's my mate." I choked out and he started to squeeze tighter.

No matter how much I squirmed or wiggled he refused to let go. I could feel myself slowly drifting into a state of unconscious and my eyes began to flutter shut.

"Lex stop. You're killing him. He's our son's best friend. Lex shift back." Auntie Olivia was shaking his shoulder but he seemed unfazed by her pleads.

"Dad please stop. He's going to die. I can't live without him, he's my best friend. Please stop dad." As if a switched had turned on inside of him, Uncle Lex let go of my neck and took a step back.

I fell to the ground in a coughing fit and felt myself trying to take in as much air as I could. Jacob rushed to my side and helped me to stand up.

Auntie Olivia was whispering in Uncle Lex's ear and I watch as the fur on his face slowly disappears.

His breathing is still quite heavy and I slowly build up the courage to look him in the eye. His rage has seemed to have died down so I take a small step forward.

What a bad fucking decision that was.

Uncle Lex growled and started to walk towards the door. I quickly ran to get in front of him and he stopped in his steps. "Alpha where are you going?" I asked nervously, even though I knew what his answer was.

"Where do you think?" He said through gritted teeth. He took a step towards the door but I stood in front of him.

"I can't let you do that Alpha." I tried to stand my ground and be strong but the fear in my voice was evident.

"Who said you can stop me?" He growled and he swung his fist at my face. I flew into the wall, my body causing a nice sized dent in it, and fell to the ground.

Uncle Lex wasted no time and stormed out of the room.

Auntie Olivia was still standing there, not moving a muscle or saying a word and Jacob rushed to help me up, but instead I pushed him away and ran towards my room.

I didn't care if my mate was a rogue or not. She was mine and I wasn't going to let anyone harm her, alpha or not.

Jade's P.O.V

I was still hiding in the wardrobe and I was literally shaking from how scared I was. The doors suddenly burst open and a small gasp came out of my mouth.

I immediately clasped my hand over mouth and everything went silent. I moved my head closer to the crack of the wardrobe and could see a tall man standing there.

He was definitely an Alpha and he looked a lot stronger than Alpha Elijah. He had a scruffy beard, which just made him look more menacing, and the same shade of blue eyes as the boy from before.

He turns his head and his eyes meet mine. I quickly move my head back and can hear his thunderous footsteps coming towards me.

I try and move further away but my back hits the back of the wardrobe.

The doors of the wardrobe swing open and I'm met with a raging Alpha. He grabs ahold of my arm and pull me out of the wardrobe.

I fall onto the floor and start to crawl away but he grabs onto my ankles and drags me back. He turns me around and picks me up by my neck.

My feet dangle off the floor and he raises me higher into the air. I start to fail around in his grip and struggle to breathe.

"It's disgusting rogues like you that cost me my daughter." He growled and his fingers started to squeeze tighter.

My vision started to become blurred with my tears, when suddenly Kaiden and the boy with blue eyes burst into the room.

They both run and try to pry the Alpha away from me but he doesn't let go.

I could feel myself getting weaker by the second and my eyes started to drop.

Maybe this was it for me. Maybe I was never meant to live a happy and free life.

I guess dying at the hands of an unknown Alpha is better than being killed by my master.

I could see the pain in Kaiden's eyes and for some reason I wasn't upset that I was about to die. I was upset that I would never get to see him again. I would never get to look into his deep brown eyes again or touch his soft dark hair.

I would never be able to find out the reason he took me or why I feel some supernatural connection towards him.

"Stop!" A voice screamed. Kaiden and the blue eyed boy stopped screaming and the Alpha stopped squeezing my neck, yet he put me down.

A woman stepped forward. I say woman, she looked an angel or so other unearthly creature. I felt in awe of her beauty and it was clear from the way the Alpha looked at her that she was the Luna.

She wasn't young, yet she didn't look old at the same time. She seemed to be in her late thirties and had long dark hair that matched her eyes.

She seemed familiar. I couldn't place her yet I knew that I had seen her somewhere before.

She looked at me in shock and took slow steps over to me. She has a sad smile on her face and didn't stop staring at me.

She placed a hand on the Alpha's shoulder and tears started to fall down her cheek.

"It's Jade." She whispered.

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