It's a Cruel World, Sir

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10 | Slay the Witch

Okay, cupcakes, you can continue now! *MC presses the fast-forward button.* Were we here?

His eyes are burning into me, hand soft as it presses against my neck, pushing—

*repeatedly hits the stop button* WAAAH A LITTLE TOO FAR *presses rewind quickly*

There’s a click and I see that he’s actually unbuckling his seat belt. “But if I left you alone with them, I’d lose Ms. Hall’s trust.”

There’s definitely a smirk on his lips.

Christ, that was scary. Freaking hate VHSs. *MC shakes head as she presses play, hiding behind the pages*

Cassadee arches her lips at me as I walk around the Pontiac, but I ignore her, trying to shut the driver’s door before Chase can step out.

He already has it halfway opened by the time I round the hood, though, and any attempt at shutting him inside is pretty much hopeless.

“You don’t know what you’re getting yourself into,” I hiss.

He doesn’t seem phased. “Guess I’ll find out.”

I groan and turn, barely able to ignore the audible gasps.

Cassadee’s snarl is wiped away, mouth now hanging opened as she stares at him with wide eyes. Mother’s look isn’t any prettier.

“I’m Chase Kingsley,” he says naturally, ignoring their looks of utter awe as he holds out his hand, “Ms. Tyler’s psychology professor.”

Neither of them manages to form a coherent word, mumbled garbage slipping out, but Mother at least takes his hand, going for a handshake, but seeming more like a praise for Jesus. If I wasn’t so mortified, I might have laughed.

“I was asked to drop her off by the dean after an incident at school,” he explains. “Mind if I come in?”

They snap out of it, both stealing glances of each other as disgusting smiles break out on their faces.

“Of course not!” Mother chirps, fingers sticking in between his to lead him inside. “Any friend of our little Vixen’s is welcomed here.”

I raise an eyebrow as Cassadee ushers in behind him, as if I don’t exist, but shake my head, not surprised. Any time anything remotely attractive crosses their paths, they’re on the hunt, and, like an idiot, I forgot he was the epitome of gorgeous. Even as he sits on the plastic-covered love seat, Mother and Cassadee squeezing on either side of him, he looks more fit for magazines. His hair is forever messy, tousled and tangled to a point that if it were on anyone else, it would look unruly. Stubble outlines his hard jaw and the smirk on his lips.

His eyes meet mine, and I note that the green in them has returned, not even a hint of his silver.

Cassadee notices him looking at me and shoots me a death glare.

I roll my eyes, ignoring them as they continue fawning over him, and head upstairs.

Kay is lying on my body pillow, the pastel purple practically camouflaging her tank top as she plays with a string hanging off of her white, lace skirt. Her short, blonde hair is sticking in every direction—probably from playing in Mother’s hair gel again—and a coat of bright red eye shadow is all around her eyes. Austin is sitting in front of Les on the floor, trying to paint her nails a pretty green, but getting more of her skin than anything else. His light hair is equally chaotic, the spikes sharpened into impressive points, with badly tied bows at the very tips. His dark tee is visibly layered in cover-up and blush, shorts covered in splotches of nail polish, and opened cosmetic containers filling the floor between him and Les. Lesley’s the only one with contained hair—the long, brown ponytail pretty good for a four-year-old—and cleaned clothes. Her pink dress has a small elephant on the breast pocket and some along the bottom, trunks hooked together, although it looks like one elephant might have a green, nail-polish-painted eye.

“Wow,” I say, causing all three of them to look up at me. “I’m impressed that you haven’t made a bigger mess.”

“Vixen!” Kay jumps up, rushing to me. “We were waiting for you to get home!”

“I see that.” I crouch down, feeling the stiffness of her hair. “Bet the queen enjoyed you playing in her hair gel.”

Her grin is deviant. “She was so pissed, she threw Cass’s make-up bag at us.”

“Hey, what have I told you about saying that?” I reprimand. “That’s a bad word.”

“But Louise says it all the time,” she argues, putting her hands on her hips.

“Yeah, but do you really want to follow the examples of a witch?” I wonder, eyes wide with fear. “What if you become one?”

Her eyes widen, grey irises shrinking. “No way.”

“Didn’t you know?” I ask, lowering my voice. “She made a deal with a demon.”

Austin and Les are looking at us now, staring with big eyes.

“There’s no such thing as witches,” Austin argues. “Cassadee even said so.”

“Of course she did; that’s what she wants you to believe,” I whisper. “Haven’t you ever wondered why Louise and Cassadee’s eyes change colors?”

“They’re contacts!” Les joins in.

“No,” I say, shaking my head. “They’re signs.”

“Signs of what?” Kay asks.

“Of their hunger.”

Austin gulps. “W-what are they hungry for?”

I look around, pretending to make sure we’re alone, and lean in, trying not to smirk as they lean in as well. “CHILDREN!” I shout, trying to wrap my arms around them.

They scream and manage to scurry away in time.

“Ha!” Kay smirks, looking proud. “You’re not going to eat me!”

“That’s what you think!” I tease, crawling towards her.

She screams and runs to Austin, hiding behind him. “You’ll have to get through me first,” he says, pretending to hold some sort of weapon in his hands.

“Don’t mind if I do,” I growl playfully, snatching him up as I stand, swinging him. “I love the taste of hair gel after a long day in the dungeon.”

“Unhand him feign!” Kay shouts, wielding her air-sword with two hands.

“Never!” I jump on the bed, Austin laughing in my arms as I pretend to bite off his finger.

“Let’s get her, Les!” she says, holding her fist high in the air. “CHARGE!”

They climb on the bed, taking no time in stabbing their hands in my legs. Austin pretends to cry, shrieking as I munch on his arm, and Kay looks worried.



I cradle Austin in one arm, laughing when he licks the sleeve of my shirt, and snatch Kaleigh up with the other, earning a kick to the stomach. I grunt, impressed by the amount of force she used, and bend over a little, squeezing her sides. “You little brat.”

Lesley uses it to her advantage and wraps her tiny fingers around my ankle, pulling it towards her. I crash on my butt, head hitting the headboard. Austin and Kaleigh manage to land on the comforter, though, and immediately put fists to my chest.

I groan, rubbing my head. “Fine, you three win. I give.”

“YES!” Kay shouts, hugging Les. “You’re the bravest of us all, Lessy~”

“Yeah,” I agree, smiling as Lesley grins widely. “And ten points to Miss Kay for using the word “feign,” pretty fancy vocab you have there.”

She beams.

“What about me~” Austin whines. “I slayed the witch!”

“So did I!” Kay argues.

“Yes, yes,” I assure them, ruffling their rigid hair. “You both slew me. Congratulations.”

“It’s all fun and games until someone gets slain,” a voice mocks at the door.

All eyes are on Chase as he leans against the paneling of my door, arms crossed with a sly smile on his lips.

I blink, eyes widening. “How long have you been there?” I demand.

“When did you jump on the bed?” he wonders innocently.

I bury my face in my hands, cheeks burning. I can’t believe he was watching!

“Oh no!” Les says. I feel shifting and look up to see her standing in front of me, arms stretched out. “He’s trying to turn her into a witch!”

I stare at her back as Chase raises an eyebrow.

“That means he’s a demon!” Austin shouts, pointing an accusing finger at him.

“We have to slay him!” Kay says. “Before he takes over Vixen’s mind!”

Each of them launches themselves off of the bed, charging at him with determined strides. Lesley latches onto his leg, wrapping her arms tightly around his knee, and Kaleigh pretends to strike at his thigh with her nails. Austin, the little spider monkey, climbs on my dresser, using the opened drawers as steps to get to the top, and propels himself at Chase’s chest.

I’m a little worried for a second—you never know how people will react to kids, especially ones raised by my mother—but it’s needless.

He uncrosses his arms, catching Austin with ease, and chuckles. “Look at what I caught,” he says, “a wild little boy. Perfect for stew.”

The smile that breaks out on their faces makes me grin.

He catches my eye, winks, and throws Austin over his shoulder. “You, wench, come take care of these pests.”

I control myself, letting the smile fall as I nod mechanically. “Whatever you say, my lord.”

“What are we going to do, Kay?” Lesley cries, trying to keep a hold of Chase’s leg. “He has control over Vixen!”

She looks around, panicked. “We might have to slay him!”


“Leave it to me!” Kaleigh runs over to the make-up mess and picks up two blush brushes, handing one to Lesley. “I’ll take the demon; you distract Vixen.”

She nods and runs towards me.

“I’m sorry, Vixen, but I can’t let you go to Mr. Demon,” she says, holding the brush at me threateningly.

I chuckle a little and bend over. “Don’t worry, Les, I’m going to help you,” I whisper in her ear.

Her eyes widen, relief flooding her face as she nods.

Before I could stand up to help Kay, though, an annoyingly suggestive voice breaks through our game. “Chase~ Did you get lost?”

He cringes at the sound, and I can’t help but snicker. For some reason, it makes me feel better, knowing that he dislikes her. He sets Austin down gently, but Kaleigh stops him from escaping.

“You can’t go,” she whines. “I was just about to slay you.”

He chuckles at that.

“Okay, you three, new plan,” I say. “Chase isn’t actually a demon; he’s just being controlled by the evil witch, Louise, and her mini-me follower, Cass. I think I can break his curse, but you have to keep them busy long enough for us to hide, okay?”

They nod, saluting before heading out the door.

Chase looks at me, mocking. “Curse?”

“Shut up,” I grumble. “It’s not like it’s far from the truth.”


“Don’t pretend like you weren’t being coddled with terrible seduction,” I say. “Come on.”

“Terrible seduction?” he repeats, following me towards the bathroom. “Maybe I didn’t think it was that awful.”

I lock the door behind me, rolling my eyes. “Please. You have your doctorate in psychology. I’m sure you can tell she just wants to sleep with you because you look rich.”

He doesn’t comment, choosing instead to watch as I turn on bathwater. “Speaking of horrible seduction,” he says, crowding my back as I check the water’s temperature, “if you want me to take a bath with you, you should probably start showing more skin,” he murmurs. “You didn’t have to use the ruse of demon and witch follower, though. Unless you’re into role-playing.”

I turn around faster than light, eyes hard. “Excuse you? I’m making a bath for the kids, not us. Plus, if Cassadee and Mother think I’m undressed, they won’t come in.” Why is he so close?

He chuckles, breath brushing my face. “Of course.”

“Now that I think about it, why were you even up here?” I demand, ignoring how hot my face is.

“I told Louise that I needed to use the restroom and she advised me to use the one down the hall,” he explains.

“It’s a good thing you lied then,” I say, sitting on the toilet, “because that’s her bathroom. You might not have left unscathed.”

“You each have your own personal bathrooms?” he asks.

“Basically.” I lean back. “Except the bathroom downstairs is considered Cassadee’s, since she doesn’t have one attached to her room.”

He nods. “And you claim this isn’t a mansion.”

“It’s not,” I grumble. “Just a pointlessly large house.”

“Yes, of course,” but he doesn’t sound like he believes me. “Are they leaving soon?”

“Tonight,” I answer automatically, but regret it when I see the look on his face.

“Where are you going to stay while they’re gone?”

I sigh, resting my head against the wall. “I’ll probably end up staying with Calvin, but I’ll stay here for the night.”

He looks like he wants to say something, but decides against it, keeping his mouth close as he watches the tub fill with water.

It’s nice to see Vixen cutting loose, isn’t it? It was really weird writing about her having fun because she’s usually the serious, reckless one. I’m so used to her worrying about her friends that it was odd for her to be a little carefree.

Maybe that just shows the change that’s happening?(;

Happy reading, cupcakes~(:

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