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Bonus Chapter | Chase Kingsley

Warning: This chapter changes tense. Instead of present tense, it’s in past tense. Simply because it is in the past. It is also written in third person. All bonus chapters will be written this way.

From now on, I’ll be taking requests of certain scenes you want to see from another person’s point of view in the story and every fifth chapter or so, I’ll write it as a bonus chapter. And whoever requested it, I’ll dedicate the chapter to them. This way, you can learn about the characters on a more personal level and find out things you might not have known if you stayed in Vixen’s PoV. But, I have dibs on what chapters I actually write. Comes with the advantage of being the writer~(;

At any rate, enjoy this chapter, my cupcakes. A little sneak peek into Chase Kingsley’s mind and the reason he was an asshole last chapter~

Pacific University was in an uproar. Surprisingly, it had nothing to do with its newest addition, Chase Kingsley, who had been the center of attention just yesterday. Instead, one of Chase’s students was the talk of the building: Vixen Tyler, the quiet girl in his second class.

“There’s no way she’s a victim,” Jeremy Canty, one of the English professors, said, his voice filled with animosity. “That freak is always doing things to get herself in trouble; she probably asked for it.”

“Jeremy! How can you even say that?” Asia Sandy, a Biology professor, reprimanded. “She’s still at three years younger than him. He shouldn’t have hit her!”

Jeremy snorted, crossing his arms defensively. “Please! That little freak and her monstrous friends deserve every bit of torment that comes their way.” When he saw her look of utter disgust, he added, “Don’t tell me you actually believe that bull she spilled about Noah making fun of that gay kid!”

“It’s possible!” Asia retorted, her pretty face tingeing red from anger. “If you think about Noah’s past problems, something like making fun of her friend is entirely plausible! Don’t you think so, Alice?”

Alice Kaiser, the school’s Earth Science professor, looked up at the sound of her name. When she realized she was brought into a conversation regarding the fight at lunch yesterday, she looked from Asia to Jeremy. “Sorry, Asia, but there’s no way Vixen’s innocent. I know you wanna believe that she’s some sort of misunderstood teen, but that’s not what’s happening here. She just enjoys playing everyone in her pity party with her screwed up friends.”

“See? Thank you!” Jeremy said, holding out his hand in her direction as if she was an example. “They’re all a bunch of useless kids if you ask me. No wonder her parents hate her; I’d kill myself if she was my child!”

“That’s awful!” Asia hissed, standing up. “I can’t believe you guys call yourselves professors.”

The door slammed, and Chase looked at his cup of hot tea with little interest, mind wandering. Yesterday, before he even made it to his first class, they had warned him about a group of students—specifically a Vixen Tyler, a Nicole Sutton, and a Taylor Justice. They had made it seem like the kids would be a handful, like they would snap under the slightest pretense, but the students he had met seemed ordinary to him, just loud and amusing young adults. At least, from what he had studied about human children, it was normal. Of course, that was his first day; who knew what would change today?

“Honestly! A gang?” Jeremy continued his tangent with a snort, drinking back his black coffee as if it was a shot. “They’re undergrad students for Christ’s sake! What’s so scary about college brats?”

Alice shrugged. “You know how Vixen is when she loses her temper. She even struck at that old history professor last year! And all he did was ask her a question!”

Chase raised an eyebrow. The same girl that looked uncomfortable when he was asking her simple questions yesterday couldn’t possibly be the same girl these two were talking about.

“I knew she was going to be trouble the moment she transferred here.” Jeremy shook his head and looked at his watch, cursing. “Damn it. I’ve got to get to my class.”

“Make sure to go easy on her today. I’m sure she has a shorter fuse than usual,” Alice warned him as he set his mug in the sink next to Chase.

“Yeah, I know,” he said, halfway out of the door. “I don’t feel like dealing with her today anyway. Especially after she got my star student suspended.”

Alice shook her head and stood up, heading over to where Chase was with a delicate sway in her hips. As she put her cup in the sink, the spoon that had been in her hands slipped, clanking against the tiled floor. Her eyes darted to him, smiling knowingly when she caught him studying her, before she bent down slowly, stretching the tight jeans she was wearing as her fingers wrapped around the metal contraption.

“Oops,” she cooed as she straightened up.

Chase raised an amused eyebrow. He knew from his countless research that the exaggerated movement was meant to entice him, but he didn’t see the appeal like some of the other professors. Even if he wasn’t interested in humans as potential mates, he wasn’t attracted to her in general. She smelled too stale, too stagnant.

“About this Vixen Tyler,” he started, hoping to distract her from her endeavor to capture his attention, “what’s her story?”

The flirtatious look in Alice’s eyes was automatically replaced with disgust. “She’s the youngest member of Leon Reid’s gang,” she explains, disdain dripping in her voice, “and probably one of the most unstable members. Even with pink hair, and the ridiculous nickname, Vixen is a monster in her own category. At times, she just snaps and attacks people.”

He nodded, not able to picture the pinkette actually hitting someone. “You said something about her attacking a past professor,” he said.

She nodded. “Dr. Macintyre was a strict guy with a terrible mouth, but he had always tried to help that group of misfits out. Before Vixen hit him, he had always tried to talk to her, offered her one on one, then, one day, sometime after office hours, she gave him a broken nose. When asked about it, the only explanation she would give was that he deserved it, but Dr. Macintyre had only asked about her parents. I get that it’s a sensitive topic, but still! The girl is a walking time-bomb.”

That, he couldn’t believe at all.

“And don’t get me started on her friends—if you can call them that! They’re more like leeches that suck everything out of people. Don’t let their ages fool you, Chase. Those ‘kids’ wouldn’t know common decency if it smacked them in the face. Lying and scheming to get what they want, blaming others for their problems, and trying to run the school like it’s their playground—they’re disgusting, useless people.”

He took that information and tried to absorb it, but it didn’t make sense. The girls he had talked to seemed to contradict what this woman was telling him. Just to test it, he had purposely picked them out after Nicole had made herself known, hoping to stir some kind of reaction out of them, but he didn’t get anything he expected. Sure, Ms. Sutton was straightforward and blunt, not thinking before she said something, but that wasn’t a bad quality in Chase’s eyes. The ‘monster,’ though, was shying away from him with every question he asked. She looked uncomfortable and anxious, avoiding his gaze. He remembered the way every answer she had ended with a question mark, like she didn’t really know what she liked. If what the professor had said was true, if Vixen actually hit him and the boy from yesterday, then what did they do to invoke her anger? What would make someone like that—someone who wasn’t even sure of her own preferences—snap?

He wanted to know. He had always liked observing humans—it was the main reason he studied psychology for so many years—but observing humans who were like lepers to others was always his favorite, especially those who surprised him.

The clock nailed on the wall on Chase’s right dinged a couple of times, causing both him and Alice to look at it.

“Classes’re about to start,” she said, displeased with something. With a sigh, she smiled up at him. “I’ll talk to you later.”

She turned towards the door, and he shook his head before following her out, heading to his classroom down the hall.

When he got to his desk, he looked at his planning book and contemplated switching things around.

The sudden smell of vanilla filled his nose, causing him to look up.

Vixen and Taylor walked in, both in a serious conversation with one another. As they took their seats, Chase smirked a little.

“Good morning, Ms. Tyler and Mr. Justice,” he said lightly.

“Morning,” was all he got from Vixen, but Taylor was a little more enthusiastic with his, “Good morning.”

“I heard you got in a fight yesterday at lunch, Ms. Tyler,” he added, leaning against his desk. “A senior hit you?”

It was a pointless question—even if he ignored the professors’ talk of it, he could easily see the thin, crimson line on her bottom lip, scabbed over after a night of healing—but he wanted to see how she’d react.

“Yeah,” she said easily, guarded.

“But you didn’t hit him back?” He tried to seem skeptical, even if he honestly couldn’t picture her hitting someone twice her size.

“Me? Hit a senior?” She snorted. “Yeah, right. He’d kill me.”

The way she said it, with that mocking undertone, made him think she was lying.


An unintentional smirk spread across his face. He decided to study her more closely as she laughed with her friend. Her outfit was different from her friend’s outfit, covering almost all of the pale skin on her body with a deep, plum hoodie that even covered her hands if she didn’t pull them up, and black, tight jeans. Her hair was long, going past her lower back, and pink bangs hovered over her right eye, bringing out the dark brown in them. A silver lip ring wrapped itself snugly around the right part of her lip, making them look full and bringing out the light pink tinge.

His mouth watered.

Mentally shaking his head, he decided it’d be best to pay attention to the other students coming in. To his surprise, most of them had already taken their seats, each one with an anticipated smile on their faces. Even the males seemed to be grinning at him, excited. Vixen and her friends were the only ones not looking.

“Alright,” he called out unnecessarily, mostly to gain the three rebels’ attention, “how was everyone’s Thursday?”

Many people answered, but it was mainly small noises of approval. Nicole and Taylor cheered, Vixen simply shaking her head at them with a small smile.

Chuckling, he said, “Good, then you’re ready to jump into today’s lesson.”

All of their smiles seemed to fall at the same time, complaining taking their places.

“Now, now, be thankful there’s no book work involved,” he said playfully, a smirk tugging at his lips. “Today, we’re going to dive into the different types of personalities, so I’m going to need a couple of volunteers. Anyone?”

Everyone in the class raised their hands immediately. Vixen, however, laid her head down, ignoring him.

“Ms. Tyler,” he said, the smirk still in place. “Thank you for volunteering first.”

When she looked up, he had to keep himself from smirking wider. Her brown eyes narrowed, as if she was daring him to make her come up there.

“Please come to the front of the room,” he clarified, getting a chuckle when she shoved herself out of her chair, almost causing it to fall over in the process.

“Nice to see you’re so excited,” he found himself saying.

Her eyes tightened as she bit her lip.

“Something wrong?” he continued, raising an innocent eyebrow.

“Course not,” she lied, her voice covered in false sweetness like the way icing covered bitter cake.

This was far different from her show yesterday. Was she irritable because of her fight yesterday, just like Alice had mentioned? Or was it something different?

“Now, let’s go with...” He pretended to search the class, already knowing who he was going to pick. “Ms. Shay, please join us.”

The student, Harley he believed was her first name, was the polar opposite of Vixen. The bitterness between her and Nicole yesterday made that quite obvious. And he wanted to see how differently everyone would react, especially Vixen and her friends.

“Now,” he addressed the class with a strong voice. “How do you think Ms. Tyler would react if someone started verbally attacking her?”

He wasn’t surprised when no one said anything.

“Okay then, how about Ms. Shay?” he asked instead. “How do you think she’d react?”

Nicole snorted, bringing everyone’s attention to her almost instantly. “She probably wouldn’t say anything to your face, then spread shit behind your back. That’s how plastic people act.”

He smirked, enjoying her wording. It was as if she didn’t have a censor. Or, maybe, she didn’t think she needed one. “Okay, Ms. Sutton, since you want to answer so badly, why don’t you tell me why no one said anything about Ms. Tyler?”

She shrugged and, without hesitating, said, “They know better.”

“They know better...” Interesting choice of words. “Ms. Shay, you may sit down now.”

She did as she was asked, deflated as she walked back to her seat. Vixen tried to follow her, but he stopped her. “Ms. Tyler, please stay.”

She growled a little, sticking her hands in her pockets roughly.

She was annoyed, but not angry.

Let’s change that, shall we?

“Let’s say, for argument’s sake, that I don’t know better.” He turned to face her, and her head tilted slightly in confusion. “Tell me, Ms. Tyler, is there something you hate, something that gets on your nerves more than anything?”

She shrugged, relaxed.

Chase expected this answer and nodded. Either way, he’d find out. “Well, I know that you’re a part of one of Cheshire’s strongest gangs, which is interesting if you think about it. A gang? Of high school students? That’s not very intimidating. According to the teachers here, you’re supposed to be frightening, yet you have pink hair.”

When all she did was raise an eyebrow at him, like she was waiting for a punchline, he continued. “I bet your family’s really proud of you,” he said sarcastically. “You have such a wonderful set of friends. Perfectly monstrous.”

She didn’t react at first. Nicole snarled at him, though, anger making her body tense as Taylor tried to calm her, and Chase watched as Vixen’s eyes glanced to the two.

Her posture changed immediately. This time, when she narrowed her eyes, they darkened, and she crossed her arms, jaw locked.

She was trying to control herself.

“Bonus question,” he said, looking at the students staring at him with wide, horrified eyes. “What do you think crossing one’s arms means psychologically?”

No one said anything, the air thick with fear.

“Two things,” he said lightly. “Either you’re trying to distance yourself from me, or you’re trying to restrain yourself. Which one is it?”

She stared at him silently, refusing to answer.

“That’s fine. I didn’t expect an answer anyway. Besides, I think I know.” He couldn’t fight off the smirk as he casually stepped over to her, enjoying the way the muscles in her arms tighten. “I don’t know why you’re so irritated,” he said playfully, taunting. “Monstrous was the edited version, Ms. Tyler. If I were telling the truth, I’d tell you that they’re worse than monsters, much lower. Lying and scheming to get what they want, blaming others for their problems, and trying to run the school like it’s their playground—they’re disgusting, useless people.”

Like before, her eyes darted to her friends. He could see them glaring at him out of the corner of his eye, trying to keep their calm, but something else piqued in them, something Chase wasn’t prepared for: penitence.

This time, he had her.

The explosion lit in her eyes like a fuse at the end of its rope. Her teeth clenched, brows drawn together, and her hand grabbed the upper left of his shirt, arm drawing back. He was tempted to let her hit him, but decided against it: if she hit him hard enough, she’d break her wrist. Plus, it would be fun to mess with her a little more. Quickly, probably too fast for any of the children to see, his hand shot out in defense, wrapping his fingers around her entire fist.

“The Protector,” he mused softly. He would have never guessed the girl would be an INFJ personality. The Protector wasn’t seen in many corners of the world like the other personality types. In all of his life, Chase had only met a handful of people with the same personality, and he had lived a long time. “How rare...”

The class gasped, and her friends stood up abruptly, preparing, he figured, to help her if it seemed like he was going to hurt her, but it wasn’t necessary. He figured out what he wanted to.

He let go of her and turned to face the class, not missing the surprise that caught her face. “As you can see, because of Ms. Sutton’s personality, when Ms. Shay was on the spot, she attacked her without restraint, but when Ms. Tyler was on the stand instead, she was practically the first to bolt out of her chair to help. However, none of you took up for Ms. Shay. Why? Because when confronted with Ms. Tyler and Ms. Sutton, and even Mr. Justice, who have strong-willed, blunt personalities, you guys don’t know how to counter for fear of repercussion. Mind you, there’s nothing wrong with that, most humans are like that.” He looked at the three of them, trying to hide how intrigued he actually was. “I guess in that sense, you three are strange. In a good way, of course.” He smirked.

Nicole and Taylor gave into his smile—he could see it in their eyes that they had forgiven him—but Vixen studied him, like she was trying to figure something out.

The bell rang, and she shook her head, the anger dying down as she went back to get her bag quickly.

“Ms. Tyler, would you mind staying after class for a few minutes?” he asked calmly, sitting at his desk.

He could hear her low groan as she situated her bag on her shoulder, looking at Nicole expectantly.

“I’ll be outside,” the girl said, the devious smile on her face making Chase chuckle softly.

She and Taylor stepped out the door, both laughing.

Vixen stepped up to his desk reluctantly, waiting for him as he pretended to organize his desk.

When he looked up, he saw her on the verge of scowling at him.

“I’m sorry for pushing you today,” he said easily, watching her. “I was only trying to make a point.”

Composed, she shrugged. “It’s fine.”

He couldn’t help but mess with her when she looked so collected. “However, you should be careful of that temper of yours,” he warned playfully. “It’s going to get you in a lot of trouble one day.”

She glared at him. “You shouldn’t talk so high and mighty, asshole.”

He chuckled at her, enjoying her rage. It reminded him of a kitten who thought it was a tiger. “You can go now,” he dismissed when his laughter quieted, “Can’t wait to see you on Monday.”

“I can,” she spat, the thin cut on her lip splitting open, a strong whiff of vanilla hitting him like a body shot.

He chuckled, forcing the sound out, and for a split second, his mind wandered to her fight yesterday.

As an INFJ type, it’d require something extreme for her to strike out at someone, not just an insult thrown her way. Interestingly enough, she didn’t seem to care about her family, so Chase doubted that had anything to do with it, but the moment her friends were in it, she got defensive, snappy. In order for her to lose her temper and hit the boy, he must have said something about one of her friends.

She hit the history teacher!

Alice’s words flitted into his mind.

Dr. Macintyre had only asked about her parents. I get that it’s a sensitive topic, but still!

It wasn’t adding up and, as the questions burned into his mind, he realized he found his next puzzle.

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