Let's Talk About Love

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Lola Anderson is shy and sweet with a dash of wit. Daniel Romanov is spiteful with a spoonful vengeance. When the two meet, hell freezes over and Antarctica melts to the size of a peanut. Lola shows Daniel the meaning of true love and the importance of love and charity in life. Then Daniel discovers the truth about Lola's family. All he wants to do is support and protect her. Can she ever accept him? Can he love and protect her all at once without sinking thousands of metaphorical volcanoes?

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Chapter 1

Damn. What was that noise? Who in God's F*cking name is knocking on my hotel door at this hour?


A deep, throaty growl escapes my lips as I leap from under the covers of the heaven that is my bed to go shoot that door-banging devil in the head. That rhymes...

I wrench open the door, almost pulling it off in the process. And there stands Cinthia. Dressed in a T-shirt she stole from me the first, and last time we slept together.

"F*ck. What are you doing here woman? How the f*ck did you get here?" The venom dripping from my voice never ceases- I can practically see it seeping into that b*itches bones.

"Geez, baby... didn't think you'd be so happy to see me! Now, where's the bed?" She looks way too excited.

"No. Stop stalking me and get out. You do know who I am right? Or have you forgotten? Have you forgotten that I can squish you like a bug under my shoe? Get the f*ck out."

"You don't mean tha-"

Yeah, she deserved a door in her face. I hear her snarl and scamper away. Undeserving, stalker-b*tch!

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