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In a state of desperation, Lyric reaches out to the one person who can help him out of his legal crisis and once and for all get Dereon away finally from Javion's manipulating hold. But making that move might mean owing the devil himself. When Lyric finds out "who" the help is, it sends him into a panic, Dereon and Lyric's past is about to be put at the full front of their present. With all of this drama unfolding somebody has got to pay. And with the "Help" coming, there's bound to be some old secrets brought to light and some casualties in the aftermath, Dive back into this steamy, dramatic, deadly head-spinning finale.

Romance / Erotica
Lisa Monae
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Chapter 1 - Babies, Brothers & Bullshit

So you’re having my baby
And it means so much to me
There’s nothing more precious
Than to raise a family
If there’s any doubt in your mind
You can count on me
I’ll never let you down
Lady believe in me


Lyric’s POV

“Playboy, it’s been a minute. I’ve been waiting for you to call.” It was like he already knew.

“What’s up Zo, I wish I can say I called just to shoot the breeze with ya but I got a little situation I need a little help with.”

“I know.”

“You know?”

He gave out a heavy hearty chuckle over the phone.

“You’re like a little brother to me but you’re a fuckin' hothead and do some stupid shit. You think I was gone let yo’ dumb ass take my sister up to ATL and not keep no eyes on you while you fuckin’ off up there?”

He was right a little bit, but I had to seriously bite my tongue with Zo he was cold-blooded. This man didn’t give one flying fuck about people’s feelings. Talk about no filter.

“No Zo, I know you would.”

“So 10 years huh....maybe I should make ya ass sweat it out for a minute,” he said laughing a bit as I rolled my eyes. “But since my baby sis is mixed up in this bullshit cause you can’t hold your damn temper give me a couple of days I’ll send Ch-”

“Can you send somebody else....anybody but him!” I interrupted him.

“Muthafucka’ I’m giving you a get outta jail free card and yo’ bitch ass crying about who I’m sending! Fuck outta here with that bullshit! Do you want the help or not? Or should I let ya ass do that 10 year bid! While somebody else gone be out here dickin’ down my sista’, they gone have yo’ ass bent over in the shower fucking you with no Vasoline!”

“Ok, ok, Zo, cool it, man, I get it!”

“I thought you would,” he cleared his throat. “Now, in a couple of days be in place, he’ll find you.”

“Thanks Zo you don’t know how much this-”

“Uh-huh cut all that lovey dovey bullshit. I’m cleaning up one of your messes once again, your in debt to me. But since it’s bout my sister again I won’t ask nothing from you right now.....but trust me I will one day,” he said hanging up the phone.

I had promised De a long time ago after we left Florida that I wouldn’t get wrapped back up with her brother and that lifestyle again. But I had broke that promise a long time ago. He really knew how to wait out a debt.

When I took that trip to Vegas with Veronica a few years ago that was not for leisure. Zo ended up calling in that favor I owed him when he took care of Tyrik for me. He had me use my private jet to do a drop for him.

The plane had cocaine hidden throughout the different compartments. The buyer was some big-time casino owner trying to get in on the dope scene in Vegas. We made it look like a regular transaction and just traded planes with each other. Veronica and De just thought I had upgraded to a newer private jet.

So it’ll be no telling what he’ll want next time. But right now I can’t worry about that, I gotta stay focus. It’s time to bring my baby back home......for good..........

Dereon’s POV

I had left the house early to help Miranda and her family decorate the rental hall for her baby shower. But of course, my warden had to tag along with me. I swear I don’t remember being around him this much even when we were together. A matter of fact he’s been in my face more in the pass couple of weeks then he was in the last year of our relationship.

We walked into the building and as soon as I go to push through the hall doors where the Shower was, he stops me suddenly.

“Princess wait,” he asked tugging on my arm.

“What is it?”

“I just wanted to tell you that you look really nice today. Your hair, your dress, you look really beautiful,” he said giving me a smile.

“Thanks,” my face was hard as ice. I went to turn to leave when he pulls me back into his arms.

“When are you gonna stop being so cold to me? I want us to at least be somewhere close to where we were.” He tried to kiss me. I quickly moved my face away.

“You know what I will as soon as you stop being a bitch.”

He cut his eyes at me and started squeezing my arms tighter.

“Your gonna stop calling me a bitch, Dereon!”

“Ooowww, Jay, y-your hurting me,” I whimpered as he was squeezing the hell outta my arms.

He quickly let me go when he realized what he had just done.

“Dereon I’m sorry...Princess, I’m sorry,” he said softly trying to caress my cheek.

“J-Just get away from me!” I said fighting back my tears and pushing through the banquet hall doors.

“Hey boo,” Miranda said cheerfully walking up to me but she could tell something was up with me.

“Hey hun,” I replied giving her a hug.

“De, what’s wrong?”

“Nothing, just my allergies acting up.”

Mmmhhmm, allergies huh?” She looked at something over my shoulder. I could see the frown on her face and I knew she was about to hit me with a million and one questions.

“De is that Javion at the door over there, what’s he doing here?”

“He came with me,” my response was barely a whisper.

“Excuse me? What was that? Please come again, cause I know I must’ve of heard you wrong,” she said sarcastically holding her hand to her ear signaling me to speak up.

I just rolled my eyes.

“No M, you heard me right. It’s...It’s just been a lot of bullshit going on the past couple weeks.”

“Aww De,” she said hugging me. “But where’s Lyric?”

I couldn’t hold it in anymore and put my hands over my face and started to cry.

“Oh my god, De! Come on hun let’s go to the bathroom and clean your face.” She threw her arm around my shoulder, leading me towards the women’s restroom.

We finally made it to the bathroom where she wets some paper towels and wipes my face. I give her a little insight on what’s been going on in the past couple of weeks.

“So he whipped Javion’s ass.....good. How the hell wasn’t that in the news outlets?”

“Well, what can I say money talks and bullshit walks. Plus you know Lyric’s publicist is a beast. When Lyric goes ham she always makes it disappear before the media can get their hands on the info.”

“Oh my god, I’m so sorry you’re going through this. What the hell is wrong with Javion? Blackmailing you into getting back with him is a little much...damn right crazy even.”

“Yeah, he’s a totally different person from when I first met him. I don’t even know if I ignored the signs or what. It seems like something out of a movie.”

Miranda suddenly smacks her forehead. “De, I just remembered I saw Lyric yesterday and told him I was looking forward to him coming to the baby shower. He said he was coming. I don’t want him to pop up and get in trouble if Javion’s here.”

“It’s ok Miranda I’ll call him and make-”

Before I could finish my sentence I felt an incredible sense of nausea wash over me. Making me run straight to a bathroom stall puking my guts out into the damn toilet.

Miranda held my hair out of the way while she patted and rubbed my back.

“You ok sweety?” She asked as I finally seemed to finish.

“Yeah, I’m ok, it happens sometimes. I’m still trying to get over this bug, it’ll pass though.”

“Sometimes? Hun, how long has this been going on?”

“I don’t know, maybe 2 weeks now.”

“De....a bug doesn’t last that long. You don’t think just by chance you might be pregnant do you?”

“What? No way,” I laughed.

“Your laughing but I’m dead ass serious. Have you missed your cycle?”

“No, I mean they’ve been crazy sporadic but they’ve been coming on plus I’m on the pill.”

“Well have you been taking them?”


She gave me a stern look.

“Ok, I’ll admit I’ve missed some days here and there but there’s no way.”

“So you telling me you and Lyric were using protection every time y’all was bumping uglies?”


She gave me that look again.

“Okkkkaaayy, just stop looking at me like that. We got tested together about 3 months ago and we’ve been using them......... sparingly. But I am definitely not preg-”

That nausea suddenly hit me and I was once again bent over in front of the toilet releasing all I had in my stomach.

“Sweety I’m no doctor but looking at my current condition I’m more than qualified to say your probably pregnant hun.”

I leaned back on the stall catching my breath.

“Miranda, I can’t be, this is like thee worse timing to be pregnant...I can’t be pregnant!”

The restroom door cracks open and a familiar voice asks for permission to come in.

“Hey Lyric,” Miranda says looking over towards him.

“Lyric, Javion’s here you gotta stop doing this before he calls the police and tells them your here.”

“Fuck that muthafucka, you are more important than anything right now. Especially since I heard something about being pregnant,” he said with the biggest Kool-Aid smile.

“I’mma give y’all two some privacy and try to keep Javion distracted,” Miranda said giving us both a smile and walking out.

I walked over to the sink and rinsed my face and my mouth out. When I feel his hand gently rub on my back.

“Babe tell me, are you pregnant?”

“I’m not sure baby, I don’t think so, but with all my symptoms it’s looking like a great possibility,” I said turning around to him. He quickly wrapped his arms around me, kissing me on my forehead.

“You need to make a doctor’s appointment like tomorrow and let me know when and what time so I can be there.”

“But Lyric you can’t-”

“Do you hear me Dereon Shantrice Parker!”

I loudly exhaled, “Yes Lyric.” I rolled my eyes and smiled.

“That’s my good girl.” He put his finger under my chin making me look up at him. “Babe, I promise you this is all gonna be over soon and you’ll be back home with me like you belong.”

“Ok baby, I love you,” I said softly hugging him tightly, I didn’t want to let go.

“I love you more babe.”

I finally felt good enough to finish helping Miranda get everything nice for the shower. And because Miranda was always the over the top diva that she was, of course, everything was over the top for little Prince Carter’s Baby Shower.

Everything was royal blue and gold themed. From the candy table all the way down to the cake table.

And since that wasn’t enough the guest tables were also laced out in the royal blue and gold theme. With the gold glitter tablecloths and royal blue plate settings, everything looked perfect enough for a little Prince’s welcoming into this world.

“Thank you so much De for helping out I know this baby shower is the least of your worries right now.”

“Crazy drama or not your still my bestie, I could never let you down like that.”

We were giving each other a hug when I caught Lyric and Javion looking like they were about to kill each other.

“Hold on Miranda I’ll be right back,” I said rushing over to the corner where they were. Thankfully it was away from the guests that were starting to trickle in.

“She’s mine now so you might as well fall back before I make your penitentiary stay a permanent one!”

“Where I come from fuck boys like you get dealt with-”

“OK, OK, y’all two PLEASE let’s not do this here!” I said interrupting Lyric. I had to pull his hand away as he was fingerprinting Javion’s chest with his index finger.

“This is a very important event for my best friend and she doesn’t need any bullshit today. So can y’all please save this dick measuring contest for another day.”

“Now babe you know I’d win that contest all day, cause that piece of shit over there ain’t nothing but all pussy,” Lyric said with a sinister smirk trying to get closer to Jay but I was blocking the way.

“The way I see it, I’m winning, I got the power, I got the girl and I got yo’ nuts in a vice Mr. Playboy and ain’t shit you can do about it. So if I was you I’d get the fuck out before I make one phone call and fuck up ya’ whole world!”

I know all hell was about to break loose when Lyric tried to push me out the way. I held on tight to his waist begging him not to react.

“Please baby! Please! For me! For us,” I whispered that last part holding his hand against my stomach. He looked at me, then looked at where his hand was, then back up at me again. Then I could see his demeanor relax a bit.

He kissed my cheek, then looked up and cut his eyes at Javion who had a stupid grin on his face.

“I’ll see you later babe,” he said letting me go and walking out the banquet hall.........

~3 days later

Unkown’s POV

It’s been a minute since I’ve touched down in ATL. I think the last time I came here is when Zo let Playboy move all that weight for him to Vegas. We got a nice little lick off of that one. Now I’m back here again cause Playboy apparently can’t keep his hands off of people. But I guess it’s understandable since it was about mi sirenita.

I pulled up to Ray’s in the City where our eyes and ears up here on the east coast found out she liked to have lunch there every Monday. I parked my ride right in front, cause this definitely won’t take long to get my point across.

“May I help you, sir?” the maitre'd asked frowning his face at my appearance. I guess he doesn’t like polos and tim’s.

“Yea where’s Wilcox’s table?”

“Umm is she expecting you sir, and I must add this restaurant is black tie only.”

I lifted up my shirt showing him my Glock.

“Is that black-tie enough for yo’ punk ass?”

His face turned pure white.

“Now that I got your attention which way is Wilcox?”

His shaky hand pointed to the left and I went to walk off before I back tracked.

“And if your bitch ass call the cops, I swear your brains are gonna be splattered all over those fucking menus your holding.”

I flicked the menus with my finger and he damn near jumped out of his skin.

I walked around the corner and spotted my target. She was sitting alone in one of there private rooms sipping on a cup of coffee and reading over a file folder full of papers. I sat down right at her table.

“Judge Debrah Wilcox it’s a pleasure to finally meet you. I don’t know if you’ll feel the same after I leave here though.”

“I’m sorry do I know you?” She asked looking up at me from her file folder.

“No, but you’ll probably wish you didn’t soon.”

“Excuse me? Who the hell are you?”

“Oh, well now Debrah I go by many names. But most people call me El Mensajero del Diablo.”

I gave her a smirk, “But you can call me Chino...........”

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