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What happens, when a demon, a vampire, and a human fall in love? Well that's a question, sixteen year old, Matthew Dominick, never thought about. Until he met Aaron Bloodsnow, and Andy/Andrew Miller.

Romance / Fantasy
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Okayak guys and gals listen up! Otherwise you are going to be completely confused about this story.

I am a part of the LGBTQ community so often I write LGBTQ stories.If you do not appreciate or respect that then please don't read my story so you can hate on it. Anywho, in my story ANY HUMAN can become pregnant no matter what they are, male female both neither transgender, all of them. Monsters and other humans can impregnate other humans/monsters. I'll be updating this story as much as possible please don't hate me if I forget to update.

Characters In book one:

Matthew- Human

Aaron- Vampire King

Andy/Andrew- Schitzophrantic Demon/human

Coy- Vampire prince/ Demon/ Human

Side characters


There are to many to name so you'll just have to pay attention to details!

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