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My Dominating Apollo

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Chapter 2

It took me a sec to snap back to reality and face the person who was smiling at me. I walked towards her; she immediately stood up and extended her hand, "Hello, Miss Green. My name is Lillian Davis" She greeted me, I took her hand and shook it.

"Hello," I replied,

"I'm the personal assistant of Mr. Matthew Villin; I'm here to talk about his interest in having you like his personal publicist," she said.

I nodded my head and walked towards my desk and laid my bag on the table while I sat down on my chair. "Please," I said, gesturing to her to take a seat in front of me. She smiled and walked ahead and sat in front of me while taking a file and placing it in front of me. "This contains the pay and all other things," she said, I nodded and took it and opened the file.

The Villin's are the most fearful and extremely dangerous family. There are many rumors and stories of them ruling the city for years. The system can't do anything against them even if they do, there's a man who would rescue them in just a blink of an eye. Even though it was 5 years that I have spent here I don't know who that man was and nothing about their family. But I heard so much about them, and I'm very interested to associate with a powerful family like them. Media is also afraid of them which makes my chance more in this. Why won't I accept this offer if I am getting twice more than my regular pay and if by chance in future I leave them I will get more offers from others and maybe get more attention?

"I accept it; I'll meet Mr.Villian if you could make an appointment with him. It would make things easier to discuss more his business and his personal interests," I said as I closed the file and handed it over to her. She took it from my hand and said "I'll Inform sir and let you know about it, actually sir was about to come to meet you but he had a meeting to attend so he sent me to talk about it" she said with a smile on her face, "Oh! I'm pleased to hear that he preferred to meet me in person," I said genuinely happy to hear that the most influential and fearful person wanted to meet me in person.

"Okay, then I'll take leave. It was nice meeting you, Miss Green," she said while extending her hand to me. I gladly took it and said, "It was nice meeting you too Lillian," I said, she smiled at me and walked out of my office. Lydia came into my office with the same worried expression on her face, I can understand why her expression was like that. It's because of Mr.Villin's assistant visiting me. If a Villin's worker came to you, it would mean two things, one, for business work, two, for warnings. She was worried about me getting warnings from him because I'm a publicist and it's common for us.

"Lydia, relax its an offer to be as a personal publicist to MR. Villin" I said, she released a deep breath and smiled at me.

"Thank god, I thought she's here to give you any kind of warnings…They're just scary," she said with a wired expression. I laughed at her expression. "For your information, we are going to work with them…" she had a horrified expression on her face by hearing what I said which made me laugh even harder holding my stomach.

"Oh my god, please change your expression Lydia I'm gonna die," I said,

"Please tell me, you didn't accept their offer," She asked,

"I did," I said, For which she gasped.

"You did what? This is a death sentence," she exclaimed, "Relax Lydia, They're our clients now. Don't worry about it," I said while standing up and taking my handbag.

"Inform me when I get an email by Lillian Davis about the meeting, see you," I said,

"Okay, good day," she said, and I walked towards the elevator.

Lydia was my assistant for 5 years, At this time she has become so close to me back when I worked with my first ever client Alyssa Wilson the one who was an actress, I had to appoint an assistant because of work and I appointed her. She was kind and polite and very helpful to me. In no time she became a close friend and helped me with everything.

We moved together here when I was informed to work from London, she is very loyal and professional at work and I liked this quality in her. She's a brunette with a slim body and 5 feet tall with pale skin color. Back then she had a boyfriend but later she discovered that he was cheating on her with her cousin. She was heartbroken after that breakup, he cheated on her because she wasn't ready to lose her virginity.

I have supported her all along; my mother was so fond of her. She always requested Lydia to come over whenever she's free. I was her only friend and family; her family had abandoned her long back when she was just 19. Her parents died in a car accident when she was 17, from then she was living with her uncle and aunty. Her aunty is a cruel woman; she used to make her work as a maid in her house. Lydia had a very tough life until she met me. when she came for an interview, she was weak and pale with bruises on wrists. Her academic percentage blew my mind, and she was very good in studies even though her aunty never gave time to study.

That was the main reason why I thought she's perfect for this position. I helped her and made her live near my house, I asked her to live with us but she declined. I respected her decision and didn't force her into anything. She was like a little sister to me while I had none. She thinks I am her best friend.


I parked my car at the parking lot under my apartment and walked into the apartment lobby. As I walked into the elevator my phone started vibrating in my handbag. I took and there was a message from Lydia, I opened it.


The meeting scheduled tonight at 8 pm at The Gitz Restaurant.




The elevator doors opened, and I walked towards my apartment. I walked straight to my bedroom and changed my clothes; I took my laptop from my table and put it on my lap. I opened and I closed it again because I forgot to make coffee. I put it on my bed and stood up, and I pulled my hair up into a messy bun. I walked downstairs towards the kitchen and made myself a coffee, and I took it with me to my bedroom. I walked into my bedroom and opened my balcony door. I put my coffee and laptop on the table, and I looked around. The view from here is beautiful and peaceful.

I sat down on the couch and took a sip of my coffee while opening my laptop, I placed my cup on the table and searched for The Villins family.

To my surprise there were no family photos of them, only Mr. Matthew Villin photos are opened. There were some articles about their business, other than that there were no other articles.

This family is so mysterious, there's nothing about them other than their company and other business gatherings.


The whole day I was searching about Villin's family and got nothing other than their companies and no. Of businesses they do.

I closed my laptop and walked inside my bedroom, I directly walked into my bathroom and took a shower.

I walked outside with a towel wrapped around my body, I stepped inside my walk-in closet and dressed into business attire. I let my dark brown long, straight hair reach my waist. I did my make and took my Gucci handbag with me while walking out and locking my apartment.

My mom has a spare key with her so no worries. I walked towards the parking lot while unlocking my car. I opened the car door and got in. I drove to the restaurant, and I stopped my car and got out. I gave my car keys for valet parking while walking towards the receptionist.

I asked her my table number, and she led me there and I was late because Mr. Matthew Villin was already waiting for me.

"Hello Miss., Green '' he immediately extended his hand forward when he saw me walking to the table. I took it with a smile.

"Hello Mr. Villin"

While sitting on the chair, I said: "It's a pleasure meeting you."

"Pleasure is all mine," he said.

I smiled at him.

He was tall and had a very muscular body, black hair with few gray strands here and they're indicating he's a bit aged but doesn't look like. He's handsome and attractive. Round fair face with a black-trimmed beard, blue eyes, and straight nose. Looking at him, no one can tell that 52 years old and a very powerful and fearful businessman and also a father of five children.

we discussed his interests and what he would like me to do while we ordered our meals and had them.

"As I told you I like to keep my family out of media, it's not a request," he said it with a smile even though it felt like a dangerous warning, I didn't let it show it on my face and confidently replied, "I promise to keep your family out of it, Mr. Villin."

"I'll be happy if you could call me Matthew or Matt, I prefer first names when we are working together," he said by cleaning his mouth with a handkerchief.

"Sure, Matthew," I smiled.


I was driving back to my apartment and I got a message.

"Hey Siri, Can you tell me whose message is that," I said while driving my car,

"Sure, the message was sent by mom," the robotic female voice said.

While keeping an eye on the road, I tried to take the bag which was placed on the passenger seat but couldn't reach. I moved my eyes off the road towards my bag.

**Bang** **crash**

My head hit the headboard, and I screamed while I feel something coming out of my head. I raised my head to see a car in front of me, I touched my head with my fingers and gasped when I felt liquid.

While I slowly started to lose my consciousness, I can see a tall shadow falling on my face.

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