Flowers in the Rain

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Harou hates humans with his entire being, but before he can take on the family Legacy? He must learn to love them; and find out why his life is more a lie then he had first thought.

Romance / Drama
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My Family Legacy Sucks...

1. My Family Legacy Sucks

There is a place in life where you realize the little things, the things that count and the things that just piss you off. One, Your family counts, but at times you want nothing more then move to the other side of the world then to argue with them.

Or People, You say they count and that you need them, but when things get bad you get ticked off and say that people are nothing to you anymore. Just to go back and talk to the same group the next day.

Thats how alot of people are, I have noticed this through each time period, through each prayer and sadly through each eye roll you offer to your parents or teachers.

Sadly my Legacy is different then this, And So is my father. I'm not a human; and I don't plan to be a human anytime soon. Its not what I want, Its not what anyone wants at all. I'm not a fool, I'm not someone that asks for pain and expects it right away.

A am just part of a long line of pain in the necks, that make sure your able to live happily. Isn't that a great thing to imagine? Whats my name you ask me? Why would you care?

My legacy is something thats not supposed to be talked about. I am the next in line to something a human would never understand. HA! I'd be surprised if you humans out there would be able to guess what I am.

But as for my name? My name is Haruo, and this is just your ordinary day at the Suzachi's.

Tall red pillars and beautiful tassels hung about them, high red gates from years past lined the walk ways and the sound of marching feet lined the area. The sound of a beautiful click sounded in the air as water trinkled near bye, gold decorted the walls and was hammered into designs only meant for this one place.

This place was the area of the gods, the gods of Japan. Shinto gods with their familiars and their household rules. Many people came to pray each day or just around the holidays, they tossed in coins and rung the bell, clapping their hands and praying.

But when they were not busy, when things was settled down never the soft river that flowed... On the inside of the LARGE shrine was a young man in tradtional clothes, running down the gold and red embroided hallways. His white hair flowed behind him as he gripped the mail from that day and he ran about breathlessly.

When he made it inside it was almost hilarious when he stopped and nearly fell face flat; it took him a few minutes to look up and gasp as a man in a Yukata was writing something with a quil feather pen and ink.

" M-Master!" The white haired man gasped and tried to breath as the man looked up. His eyes seemed to radiate with a beauy that was so uncommon to people around him. His hair was a dark brown but his smile showing the crows feet at the ends of his eyes; showing that this man smiled more then once in his life time.

" Ah Aoi!" he chuckled and set his pen down beside him, " Did you call him?" The man chuckled before The white haired male paused and smiled weakly. He scratched his ear, which was revieled as a puppy ear. He then sighed out weakly and bit his lip, showing off slightly sharp teeth.

" Y-Yes sir.. But.." he trialed off as the door was slammed open a young teenger hissed and glared at the servant. he held a large fan in his hands as he fanned himself and glared at the older man. He wore high and costly robes, All embroided by hand with golden strands.

His white hair was fixed to perfection and as he walked in he smelled like perfume, much to the older mans disjust. You'd think young these days would not flaunt their bodies to the opposite sex so easily, but apparently not.

The man cleared his throat and smiled weakly as the teen glared and flicked his fan about as if he was working himself up to get into a major fight. He ahd to admit it would not surprise him and he often wondered why this had happened.

But then again.. This kid was as spoiled as they came.

" AH! Haruo!" He smiled brightly and flixed the headband that was was around him as his cermony wear. It had a braided cloth on the side, connected a feather to it as he looked at the boy and smiled brightly, " I am so glad you could come.' He nodded as the teen paused.

He stopped flicking his fan and glared harshly, his pinkish eyes boring into the man like lead weights on a sad soul,

" FATHER!" he snapped and folded his fan, he then pointed it at him and ground his teeth " I am a bit busy as of late so why is it you've been calling me so much?" He huffed and then whined as he slumped on the pillow, ' Don't you know its weird now a days for a guys father to want to see him?" he whined before The man bit his lip.

So much for happy families.. What a joke.

" Oi, When did you hit puberty.' The man muttered leaving the teen to glare and huff out. His face showed annoyed as if some line was just crossed but he didn't say anything as he slumped even more on the pillow. His white hair shading his eyes.

" What do you want today father? I was busy doing, ' Things' When you called. You know as much as I that I need to be free and express myself at this period in my life.' He huffed and folded his arms as the man arched his brow.

" So you think its free expression to steal money and go to the red light district when your under aged? Sure, Sure..' he muttered sarcastically as the teen face palmed. Who in the name of all of creation was telling him off like this!? He ground his perfect teeth before the man sighed out and shook his head.

" I wanted you to come in so that I could do your lessons on prayers.' He muttered gently and gently lifted the quil pen. He didn't even have to touch it as the beatuiful blue feathered pen floated in front of the teen. The teen on the other hand whined and tried to shoo it away as if it was a pest or a street vendor.

" Did you not hear that I wanted to do something else Father?" He ground his teeth and sprawled his legs and feet out in agony, " Besides, you always tell me what to do and I have to say its a bother. Why do I have to answer a bunch of dumb human prayers anyway?" He looked at his father who sighed out and foled his arms.

" You know as well as I do that one day you will take on the duty of god of this shrine Haruo, Being here and taking duty of it is what you were born to do; and you have to answer the humans prayers.. what else woudl you answer if you didn't have them?" He muttered and arched his brow as the teen perked up suddenly and laughed as he maliously rubbed his palms together and sighed.

" The yokai of course! Or the other gods, I'll become so famous in the gods realm that I will be sat up right beside the main lord at the main banquent that takes place every year ! It will be splendid, and rich. The humans can fend for themselves." he smirked and flopped back in upmost pleasure.

But his father frowned and sighed out weakly as he looked at him,

" Haruo, Humans need us to answer their prayers. They have hardships that we gods will never have to face. Its not right of you to throw them off like this and -

" If they have hardships then why life at all?" He arched his brow and stood up, he collected his robes slightly and opened his fan as he smirked. He ran a beauitfuly pale hand through his white hair and sighed.

" Have a good day father, and do try to think about what we talked about kay? I don't think those humans will issue you to much anymore anyway.' he smiled brightly and skipped out of the room, his tail swaying back and forth. Leaving the man to twitch and break his pen, that he had picked up to throw and stab into the door as it closed.

The nerve of that child, after everything he and his mother had put into him and he was still as spoiled and crude as ever. Saying that humans were worthless was like saying their legacy as gods was nothing more then the wind that blew about in the evening night. His son was part Kitsune and it showed greatly with the add on of ears and a tail.

He had loved humans since the day he was born, they were beauitful, and although he had seen their lives from hundreds of years, he loved to see them run about, grow and create familiars for themselves.. to bad their lives were so short in comparision to his.

He loved them so much.

To be a god you had to love people, no matter what they were or who they were. Yokai with wishes of love, Humans with hope of happiness and even spiritis that just wanted their families to be okay.

He loved seeing this around him, but his son had grown up so spoiled and arrognent that he didn't see this love that humans possesed. Their love was strong and heart felt, their hearts quivered from love.. their body thirst for love and their minds was full of love from the day they were born.

Why was his son such a fool to this beauitful love that surrounded people? He probably would never know, but he wished his son would straighten his act up. He sighed out and looked at his scroll,

Soon his son would be god of this shrine, just like he had been for so long. It was time for him to retire, gods didn't have to retire of course, but he was ready. Ready to let his son taste the joy that he had all those years, but his son was foolish enough to hate what he loved so much.

It was his legacy and he could not change the beauy of it all, the beauty of the love tat he saw and wanted ever so much. Once his son became the god, he had no doubt that everything wuld crumble as people would stop believeing and start running away as evil spirits came.

All that he loved would be gone.

He reembered when he was younger, just his sons age and when he took on the job he was the first one here, one of the first out of all the groups; He knew for a fact that this was a big job for anyone to take on. For anyone to want or to hold on to.

But as he looked down he breathed out shakingly, his son was not ready for this, he could not answer a prayer yet. His hand writing was crap and soon.. Soon he'd be the next god of this shrine.

Sadly the father knew he was not ready, not at all.. How could he be? He HATED human kind with a passion that no one understood but himself; and now he was flaunting about like a fool on a summers day.

" M-Mater Riki?' The dog servant, or Familair as some would say shivered and swallowed harshly, " What shall we do? If he becomes god.. he-' The Familiar quickly shut his mouth when the god looked at him and held up his hand.

He stood up slightly and looked around at the place he loved, He loved his son; but his respect was crap.It had to be corrected or the shrine would fall and break, and so would the beauty this place held. Riki sighed out and looked at the Familair.

" I think Its time to settle this the hard way.' he whispered gently before the Familiar froze and nodded. He then kneeled and placed his face on the ground in respect.

" Yes Master.'

" AND THEN, he tired to get me to leanr how to answer prayers to those fowl humans.' Haruo hissed and leaned back against a cushion, Okay... Not a cushion. A woman. She was heavily blessed but he wasn't looking at that right at that moment. He was to mad at his father for even bringing up the human kind once again.

They were dispicable insects in his opinion, to him he could rule over them with a swoop of his hand, not that he wanted too. They didn't need to be rued over, they needed to be left alone.

The woman behind him pouted as another clung to his waist and buried her head into his stomach. He sighed out gently and stroked her head, smirking to himself as he laid his head back on the other woman.

" Hes a fool to think I'm going to care for such disjusting beings. " he laughed slightly and suggled down , " I mean of all things they can't even hunt food for themselves, they have to go a shop and pay for it.' he rolled his eyes as one of the women nodded. The other one cooed and gently tugged at him as he sighed out weakly and bit his thumb.

" Maybe I should disown them once I get the job?" he muttered and sighed out weakly before he shooed the girl on his wasit away. He wasn't in any type of mood at the moment, why? Because of all of this responsiblity being thrust at his head like this.

This made him stand up- Getting whines from both girls- and fixing his clothes before grabbing his large fan and stomring towards the exit. He was already mad enough that his mood had been severed once again by his father, now he wanted nothing more then to go home, fall onto his over sized futon and drink himself into a large stupor.'

So thats what he was gonna do!
He walked out and into the large carriage outside the district and relaxed back on a large pillow. His familiars looked at him weakly but knew, unlike his father, he was demanding and cruel when he did not get his way. So they listened to him and made sure he was comfortable until they got home.

When they did was the challage and carrying his royal highness to the house so he didn't have to walk on dirt of any kind, sadly it had rained so their hakamas got dirty in the process of moving the royal pain.

Once inside did he unfold his beauitful fan and walk towards the open area and towards the large hall that led to his over active bedroom; but yet when he got there he was shocked to see Familiars moving things out and putting them in god aweful containers.

He had seen these containers before.. they called them, ''Boxes'' In the human world, Yeah that was it. Haruo gasped and almst dropped his fan, had it not been his hate of tearing the fabric he would have dropped it.

" WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING!? Drop it! Drop it at once I say!" he snapped as some of the white haired familiars paused but said nothing as they continued. Some on the other hand winced and looked at him weakly.

" But we can't sir. Its orders from the main estate-"

" WHICH I WILL BE RUNNING IN NO TIME!" Haruo countered making some of them wince and others nod and look down. However Aoi came trotting up behind him and sighed out weakly as he stared at him.

" I am terribly sorry good Haruo sir.' He pouted in his puppy like way before swallowing and then smiling brightly, " But your father said we have to do this to change your set on things!" he smiled before Harou twitched.

" AND WHAT IS THAT SUPPOSED TO MEAN!?!" He snapped, making the dog familiar yelp and back up before a fan could smack him across the head. Thats when Riki walked in and smiled at all that he saw.

Only a few boxes were packed, pull of things that would be needed. Some kimono's and Yukata's, a few sandles; But that was all that was there. Nothing else was being packed expect for what he would need, the rest would be him having to get Human clothes for himself.

" Its means that you are temporarly disowned until you can see what you have.' Riki muttered and finished for Aoi. He patted the familiars shaking head and then smirked at his son; who was fuming and then going paler by the second.

" WAIT WHAT!?" he gasped in shock and then twitched, ' But what about my stuff? The placement of me being the god of this shrine! WHAT ABOUT THAT FATHER!?" He whined in shock before the father shrugged and laughed.

" I've held it up for this long, so I can hold it up even longer." He then shrugged and looked at him slightly, " You, Haruo will be carried out to the human world, past the realm of our world to theirs. You will live like a human, eat like a human and hurt like a human.' He then smirked slightly and sighed, " Its truly for your own good Haruo; You'll learn a lot, I know you will.' He smiled brightly leaving the son to twitch.

" But I don't want to associate with them! I'll kill them all! You know I can, then you would have to think twice of your actions right!?" he snapped before the man shook his head and then laughed as he held his mid sectionand then wiped his eye playfully.

" You think I'm stupid right? Once your disowned you have no powers you foolish boy! I thought I taught you that.." He pouted whiel Harou twitched.

" NO YOU DIDN'T!" He gasped in horror while the man paused and then laughed.

" Welp! You know now!" he grinned brightly leaving the teen to go rigid and then freeze up. His eyes wide as panic set in. He didn't know anything about the humans! Eat like a human? Sleep like one? Hurt? What the crap was hurting!?

He twitched and swallowed dryly , his body trembling as his father took his band off his arm as a form of banishment.

" Don't come back to this shrine until you know better about your actions, OH!' he smirked an then whistled, ' I'm also sending someone with you. Call a test if you must. I'd like you to meet a little boy that you'll be taking care of.' he smiled gently before Haruo went still.

" A KID!? ARE YOU STINKIN KIDDING ME!?!" He wailed before a little white haired boy showed up and blinked. His eyes were wide as he pouted slightly and then remained quite, slightly creeping Harou out.

" His name is Ruji. You'll take good care of him as a progress report. Hes part human so please enjoy.' His father smirked before two familiars took the teen by both sides and started to draghim out. He gasped and started to kick and scream.. Screaming out fo rhis father but it was no use.

He was being banished from his home. His mother would of never agreed to this, and he wondered why his father was such a fool. They dragged him out and brought him to the border. The border that was said to cut him off from the humans and the gods.. He scratched and clawed, panic in his body.

He didn't want to be near them! NOT those FILTHY creatures! he gasped in panic as the child just followed behind, his eyes void of emotions as he paused. The child was a kitsune, just like him.

But his eyes showed his placement as a familiar, expect for his human smell. he would of gagged before the child just walked ahead of him.. He stepped over the border and disappaeared in a puddle of light.

Haruo froze, mud splashed on him as he stared in horro as the Familiar beside him opened a scroll and looked at him. His eyes grew wide as he sighed out and shook his head.

" Riki.. God of this area has banned you to the human world. Your Yokai powers will not enter, and you will remain as a human until you leanr to blend in with the kind people that we serve. " he muttered and then closed the scroll,

" Haruo Suzachi! You are banished.' He muttered as the sky slickering darkly with the lightening of an on coming storm. It made sense, it had been winter for a while now, and it was hard to see flowers unless you had to care fo the gardens..

So just as he was. Innocent to the world and innocent to what he was being thrown into? Innocent to the humans that could hurt him and disown him for a number of years after this... would he ever be a kitsune again?

He hoped so...

There was legands of gods living with the humans and still having their powers, there was legands of Yokai there as well. So why could he not go as one? He choked in panic as they dragged him over the line, and he was suddenly surrouned by the light.

Tears formed in his eyes as he shivered, and when he looked he saw a small pink flower, its petals being pelted by the first drops of rain. it was beauitful, but it was part of his world... And Just as the light consumed him? And just as pain shot through his fox ears and tail?

He was as the flower that was hit by the rain, damgaed and imcomplete... Its petals falling slowly, as his yokai form disappeared back into his realm.

He was just like a flower Undamaged and untouched, Being murdered by the water that fell and ruined the beatiful picture around him. He was just a soft whisper in the night.

Just a Flower in the Rain...

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