Flowers in the Rain

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Where the Humans Roam

It was dark, broken and slightly cold as he twitched. His hands were scraping on something cold and broken was touching his skin. His body hurt and his head was killing him, but he could not move.

Where was he? It was cold and as he curled up he tried to feel his head, but it wasn't worth it. He couldn't move. He had traveled through the realms and landed harshly on the ground, his mid section hurt and he wanted to cough.

What was this feeling right now? Was this what they called pain? It sucked so much... His head was spinning, while his vision was blurry.

"Come on! The gods are coming!"

Haruo paused, His eyes shot open as a child passed through his mind. He was small and his eyes were soft, so familiar but so confusing at the same time. The teen ground his teeth and tried to cover himself with his tail.

But then again. He didn't exactly have a tail at the moment. Or ears, or instincts, He didn't have fangs (Which didn't come in yet anyway) and His scent had died down rather largely. He couldn't think for the first time in his life.

His head hurt and when he went to hold it he was frozen and shocked. He started to feel his head, his heart thumping. Oh god... It wasn't a dream. It wasn't, his ears weren't there!

He paused and reached down before freezing and blushing brightly.

Nope, his tail was gone as well. What made it worse?

The teen looked down and yelped as he quickly scrambled to a bush and shivered weakly. He looked around him before whining, he was Naked! Bare as the day he was born! He would of cried out and screamed but his heartless father wasn't going to be helping him anytime soon!

He whined and rubbed his bare arms, shivering before pausing and seeing the child that came with him sit beside him. He hugged his knees, also bare before looking up at him with large blue eyes. He titled his head before whining and biting his lip slightly.

"C-Cold…" The child finally spoke. His voice was soft and gentle, it was easing to the soul but Haruo just whined.

He was filthy rich! Stinking filthy rich and he was now sitting in a bush, butt naked without a time or even how long he had been asleep.

And he was stuck with a shivering, naked child.

He knew one thing, and that one thing was that this looked so wrong! MORE THE WRONG! He whined and then looked at the child before pausing and biting his lip, noticing his teeth were a bit softer.


"Oi kid" he snapped but paused when the child looked at him. His eyes wide before he sniffed and shivered.

"R-Ruji…" he muttered before the older teen huffed and waved it off.

"Whatever, kid? Get us some clothes" he glared before the child blinked and looked at him utterly confused. He titled his head slightly and paused before scrunching up his nose and rubbing his eyes in panic.

" W-What awre thowse?" he whined and sniffed as Haruo froze. His heart seemed to drop and he knew that he had never felt this before, it was rare for him to feel anything other then pleasure and want. Lust was on the top of the listas well but right now, he wasn't going to think about foolish things.

Instead he ground his teeth and shook his head.

"Your so useless! It's the things that cover your body! You know? The places your mommy tells you that you have to hide!" He snapped in anger while the child paused, his eyes wide before he choked. Tears welled up in his beautiful eyes and he sniffed.

"I-I don't have a momma..." he whined while Harou growled and huffed.

"Then your useless!" He snapped and turned his back on him, "to think that I have to deal with such an impertinent child sickens me! To think of all people you had to be the one that I was stuck with! Just think of how humiliating this is to a god's son!" He snapped while the child flinched from every insult thrown at him.
To be honest he thought he was going to be okay once he arrived here with this man, he was tall and so much like him that it relaxed him; but he had to say goodbye to the other familiars at home that were much better and sweeter then this man. They had said it would be okay but Ruji's stomach was plummeting at the moment.

This guy was terrible; he was like a war warden, or a spoiled and pampered brat. He didn't do anything, and honestly his understanding was slowing slipping. He was a four year old in the human world, so some of his intelligence was slipping by like dust in the air.

He sniffed and whined as he rubbed his eyes and tried to stay calm with Haruo ranted and huffed out. He then cursed and screamed when it started to rain and wet their bare bodies, he did not have time for this!

He had to convince his father that he could make it! That he could get out of everything, make it and get back to his shrine. Once there he would show his father what he thought about Humans- And Children! Especially ones that wouldn't shut their traps.

"Get off the ground and follow me, or do you want to freeze?" He glared as the child paused and swallowed. He didn't know what to say and as Harou looked around he saw they were on shrine grounds.


He looked around and paused when he saw no one, then the white haired teen reached the shrine and paused.

"This is one of fathers" he muttered as the little boy stared at him through the bushes, he then gasped when Harou looked at the offering box, leaning down and took the coins out. It was a large crime against the Gods and that's probably why the box suddenly zapped him.

Haruo would of died if he wasn't a God's son after all, but he still had the money in his hand, even if the hair on his head was singed slightly and smoking. He breathed out and twitched dangerously before looking at the boy and huffing out.

"Get your naked butt over here. I have a chore for you pest" He glared as the child blinked and whined. He didn't like this person like he thought he would have, all he could remember was how that nice man told him that this guy would treat him well- in due time.

He wished he had listened to the fine print. Now he was doomed to look at this rude man and put up with what he was telling him to do.

The child swallowed and slowly walked up to him as Haruo glared.

"Go get clothes. I'm not be telling you what they are again. Get them and bring them back, if you don't then you're lost and your rights to my father are forfeit, and you will not see your family again, Do I make myself clear to you?" he hissed as the child looked up at him.

Not seeing anything ever again? As in the others? The ones that welcomed him with open arms? He'd never see them again, and that was terrifying to think about. If he didn't see them ever again then he would be stuck here as well. There was no barrier to the God's world here, that is unless you were a God yourself.

This made him whine weakly and look at the coins in his hand. He then looked at Haruo who shivered and tried to get the shrine door open. Once he had opened it an inch his shoulders slumped and he turned his head to glare at the boy.

"WHAT THE HELL IS YOUR PROBLEM?! GO! NOW!" he snapped as the boy paused, his eyes grew wide as he swallowed and then looked down. Small whimpers left his mouth making Haruo twitch, WHAT A USELESS SERVANT! He ground his teeth and bit his lip.

But why was the servant not listening?! They had to right? So why was he not moving a muscle? He didn't understand this! This child was not a familiar anymore? Or was he just being stubborn?
Haruo ground his teeth and yanked the coins from the child, making the tot look up in shock and blink. His little face was red from the tears and his mouth formed a deep pout of panic as Harou glared at him and ground his teeth.

"You're so useless…" he huffed out and glared darkly. The child paused and looked down weakly. His goal in life was to please his master, to be there and serve him; but he was failing at this. He didn't even know how to be a familiar, so why did he choose this?
He wanted to go home already, to his adopted family there. To all those familiars...

But he couldn't. He didn't know what a momma or a daddy was like. He wondered what it was like to have someone that held him slightly and made sure he was okay. Not like this person before him, his eyes were so cold.

And He didn't know how to do anything, which meant that they were doomed.

So the child watched him march off and cover himself with a sheet off a line. He didn't know how he reached it but after a few jumps he grabbed it and put it on like yukata, folding it in all the right places so it worked. Once he did he marched back over and looked at the child sharply,

"Stay here and heat the shrine. If you can't do that then you can go and leave" he hissed out as he marched off with the coins in hand. Once he was gone did the little boy shiver and swallow harshly. He looked into the dusty shrine and spotted a fire pit.
But he didn't have his fox powers anymore, which meant he didn't have fox-fire or anything else of that manner.

So Ruji grabbed two sticks and started to rub them together in panic. HIs heart throbbing as the old ashes in the pit started to get mixed with his silent tears.

His white hair fanned his face as he sniffed, he then wiped at his eyes and choked violently before biting his lip and trying to spark the fire on the now wet Ashes; it wouldn't work to his dismay so he started to dig the wet work out of the pit.. Staining his hands black and his face slightly.

He continued to cry and sniff weakly from his numb body before looking up and swallowing, was this why all the familiars cried?

Because they had to serve someone so harsh and cruel? He was scared.
But he had no one to call out too.

Haruo huffed out as he fixed the sheet and continued to walk with the little dignity that he had in him, not that there was much at this point. He was walking around covered up by a cheap bed sheet.

He had worn much more expensive things, and this wasn't one of them; He had never had to improvise like this and it was humiliating! His father had to be heartless if he called this a lesson! It was fowl and disgusting, and the more he tried to walk the more his feet went numb.

He bit his lip and cursed to himself as he walked, soon he had come upon buildings, or at least to him they seemed to be buildings. They were much smaller then the buildings in any Gods town, not even the demon world was like this!

So he walked forward and tried to hold his head high when some women gasped and covered their children's eyes while others just stared and gawked. Others filmed and took photos of him, making him glare darkly at them. His beautiful pinkish eyes seemed to gleam red as they froze and swallowed weakly.

He nodded at this and paused when he was walking in front of something that looked like a shop of some sort. He looked at it weakly and then paused when he looked down at the coins in his hand. They were expensive coins to his pleasure. But they still wouldn't get him much in a time like this.

He ground his teeth and walked into the store. He flicked his hand up in a posing manner and stared right at a women close by. She was wearing a uniform and she blinked in shock when she saw him… wearing a sheet. But he was good looking no doubt.

"Tis I" He called gently as he took her hand and placed it gently on his chest, "You see… I really do need something to wear" He cooed gently and then smirked.

"What can I get with theses coins, my sweet lady?" he whispered as the women blinked.

He was very straight forward to her shock but she really didn't care. He was young and he was sexy, that's all she needed to know at the present time. Plus he was wearing a sheet. That was enough to make all the women costumers look and giggle.
The women smiled and looked at the coins before smirking.

"I'll get the clothes sugar" She winked and swayed her hips as she walked to the back to get something that looked more of his size.
He would of laughed, but then again she was a human and when she walked away he wiped his hand off and gagged slightly. He found humans so disgusting and gross that he was now wishing he could bathe her scent off. Nasty creatures...

He sighed out weakly and bit his lip as he looked to the side and blinked when he saw a mirror, he titled his head and then froze. His eyes went wide as he looked at it and screamed. The women around him blinked as he blinked and watched his face grow pink in the mirror.

WHAT WAS WRONG WITH HIM!? WHY WAS HIS FACE TURNING COLOR!? WHAT WAS THIS MONSTRONSITY!?! He gasped and blinked when he saw his teeth, head and backside. Nothing, no fox features at all!!

He tried to whine but all that came out was a struggled groan. This only made hispanic even more, HE COULDN'T DO ANYHING THAT WAS FROM THE OTHER REALM!? He didn't understand! If other foxes were allowed in this realm why did he have to loose everything?!

Haruo bit his lip weakly and tried not to panic even more.
Why was his face turning color? Why was he having pain in his stomach? What was that!? Why did his eyes want to constantly shut? He didn't like this! He felt weak and it was not something he was used to!

He looked in the mirror and ground his teeth weakly, He didn't have the family band on his head, the one that carried the braided feather.

No... he was now to his disgust, a human being. He was standing there, wearing a sheet and wet to add to that since the rain was outside. He shivered and found himself rubbing his arms until the women from earlier soon come back and poked his shoulder. When he turned around she smiled brightly and handed his a pair of black pants and a white shirt, with what she called a black hoodie. He stared at it in mortification, but he took it anyway without pause or thank you.

When he went into the dressing room- as they called it. He stared down at the hood and shirt. He decided to try the pants first, which led to him laying on the floor trying his best to pull them on.

He kept looking back and he was surprised that his tail was a lot more comfortable than he had originally thought, he wanted his tail back but right now he had to figure out why the pants would not go on right.

Until he saw the tag on the front side.' He twitched slightly and switched them around before pulling them on and then pulling on the white shirt and placing on the black hoodie. When he looked at himself he suddenly went and sulked in the corner of the room.

His mind was racing with panic when he looked at himself, he was and looked like a smelly human. It was a good thing his fox scent was taken away, or he would have killed himself from having to smell like a human. Now he was sitting there, trying to figure out why there was a metal thing on his pants, in a weird spot no doubt.

He blinked and looked at himself in confusion before standing up weakly and exiting the room. The women looked at him and nodded slightly.

"Very good..." She smirked, "You look great sir and it's all in your price rang. You even have quite a lot left over.' She smiled brightly and made him turn so she could look at him in every angle. She did pause though as he flinched and tried to get her to stop touching him in such a familiar way.

"Sir.. You look great" She cooed, "But um…" She paused " Your fly is down. Just saying." She muttered as he looked at her confused.

"Wait what?" He said blankly as she blinked and stared at him shocked. He looked in the mirror and shrugged as he looked at his back.

"I don't have wings" He muttered slightly to himself, he kept turning and trying to get them appear before the women swallowed weakly and almost paused- so he was one of those type of men. Okay then…

"J-Just… hold still" She muttered.

Five seconds later and he yelped and nearly screamed at her for sexual harassment. She flinched but twitched, this guy was hot and sexy at first, and she loved that… still did. But he was also dumber then a rock. Where did he come from? Some strange country that only wore tie ons?!

"D-DON'T TOUCH ME THERE!" He yelped and smacked her hand after she got the zipper up. She then rolled her eyes and growled,

"Okay, Time to get rid of this crazy guy"

The woman smirked and had some of her co-workers come over to her amazement. They looked at him slightly and then looked at each other before sighing out and grinning, so sexy... The other woman just twitched.

Sexy or not, she wasn't that desperate! She glared slightly as the girls giggled and made Haruo swallowed and smile.

"Ah… girls" He suddenly smirked and leaned on one, " So… I got what I need, but I also need one little thing for a little boy-" he smirked as some of them blanched.

He had a kid? Ew…

Some backed away slightly before he swallowed and deadpanned, what was wrong with these women?! He blinked and then laughed weakly,

"M-My little brother!" he smiled as some of the girls gasped and then relaxed. He breathed out weakly as the other woman rolled her eyes.

At first she had to admit, he was pretty nice, until he screamed at her for helping and then hitting her, He was so arrogant pompous brat with nothing but the clothes on his back, and he only had those because she got them for him! The nerve... He was paying for them.

Haruo stood there as the women on the other hand surrounded him and soon brought out a white shirt with a stylish green patch on both elbows. Then blue jean pants and some socks and undergarments. The white haired teen paused and looked at the before smirking and nodded as he once against struck a pose.

"I love them ladies... thanks..." He smirked and winked as some of the girls squealed and giggled. Harou found this delightful, they acted better then the tanuki girls; but something did drive him off from them.

One Word-


Harou smiled weakly and gave them their coins before a number of them handed him a slip of paper, apparently they had teamed up and wrote on their numbers on it... Splendid. He smiled weakly and then smirked to keep up the little game he had started.

"Thank you ladies... I don't know how I'll pick" He winked as some of the screamed and asked once again for him to pick them; but he only waved them off and smirked as he walked off after paying for the clothes in his hand.

To his own pleasure he was soon walking down the street, humming to himself as he smirked. He wanted to laugh and look up at the sky, he wanted to say 'see father!? I can get what I want here too!'

He smirked to himself and walked back to the shrine before pausing and walking in to smell smoke. He coughed slightly and tried to walk through but his eyes burned as he did so,

"WHAT'S GOING ON?!" He snapped and laid the clothes down before searching through the smoke and lifting a window. When he did he looked and found Ruji sitting by a fire with large eyes, his hands shaking before he cheered.

"I gowt it started!" he gasped in relief and nearly flopped over from exhaustion as Haruo twitched. The fool started a fire and yet left no opening for the smoke. Such a childish-Well… child!
He stomped over to the child and twitched as he threw the clothes at him and huffed.

"Get dressed you fool!" He snapped and then looked outside at the storm. He stared out the window slightly and paused when he saw two pink flowers sitting in a garden, while white flowers were in the shrine's yard.

Harou glared slightly and huffed as he watched the rain hit them.
He wouldn't let his father get away with this. He was going to live and make sure he paid for banning him to this pathetic state!

He'd get back, get his fox features back and move far away from the fools his father called humans.

He would not accept this destiny; He would not dwell with these humans.

He'd find a way.

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