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Flowers in the Rain

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The world is full of things I never quite understood. One thing that leads me to this idea is the fact that you work all day long and only get enough to survive for a few days. Or not even a day and then you get ripped off.

Anther thing is people. All my life I have thought about this, through middle school and other things. But now, as a highschooler, I see that life is getting faster and faster- and that little child point of veiw about everything being slow is now gone.'

I get up, work and be myself. I try to be kind and when I do I find out that I either get flirted with or smacked and called a pervert. What a joke really but this is my life in a nutshell and I cannot rethink my life choices.

Just as people through the years have ran about on the rainy streets of Japan, so does a person run about on life. Their life of life is short- Their candle burns low and their oil starts to dwindle as soon as they are born. Like the famous saying-

'Your start dying the day your born.'

Its a cruel thing and I never really understood it, I never wanted social life, it was alwyas hard and I'd find myself stuttering and later on cursing at myself for being so stupid. Then I'd grab my tub of ice cream and watch romace movies that had stupid happy endings.

Why I died and wasted away, Apparently I've been dying for sixteen years now, Okay, Okay. Not dying but just making it. With my father and I in a small house and nothing better to live on other then my income and my father trying to find a job in the hard times that had hit us.

At least he didn't drink or do drugs or any sort, unlike other people that I had to work with at times. At least now I worked at a shop that sold reasonable clothing..

Sadly I was yelled at and then scolded for toughing something, ' Unnessary.' It was not my fault though.
It wasn't my fault that he.. He..

He was an imbucile..

Harou stretched and sat slightly with his legs draped over one another as he leaned back on the shrine floor and smiled slightly to himself as he propped his head in his hand and looked at the child that was idly poking the fire pit; even if it had went out a long time ago.

This left the older teen to roll his eyes weakly and shook his head,

" You fool. We can't manipulate our fire here. Your just going to have to deal with life without your ears- if you be good and I get back home..' he smirked, " I might take you back.' He nodded as the little boy looked at him weakly and winced slightly.'

" Bwut.. W-What if we don't get back?" he whined slightly, He tugged at his over sized shirt and swallowed, ' W-Wat if, We diwe huma-'

Harou glared suddenly and slapped the child making him choke and cringe, his eyes wide as he whined and sniffed making the older teen huff and shake his head.

" So weak.' he seethed, ' We will not die these filthy humans!" he snapped slightly and rolled his eyes, " I mean come now. I am to be a god- I do not have time for this crap.' he huffed and then relaxed again leaving the child to bite his lip and nod.

He rubbed his little mouth and swallowed the irony taste that came up from Harou's slap, But of course he was a servant, and Harou was the big god in training. As the child looked at him he sat with elegance, years of training to keep his spine straight and years of comfy beds and being spoiled.

Ruji only knew what a futon on a bamboo felt like, and that was enough for him as he was surrounded by the foxes of the shrine. Some would even turn into their animal forms, just to gather around him and warm him.

He missed them..

He looked at his superior and swallowed slightly, He had white hair and his eyes were even crystal, even in human form. Ruji looked at himself and tugged at his over shirt and pouted.. it was far to big on him which was embarrassing, but then again he was far to young to understand that..

Harou suddenly sighed out and looked at him annoyed,

" Don't just sit there!" he huffed, " I need some water.." he muttered darkly as the child blinked but nodded. He got up and winced as he ran off out the shrine door.. When he came back his little hands was cupped but the water had leaked out leaving him to pout.

" I down't have a bucwkt..' he whined out and sniffed while Harou paused, twitched and ground his teeth weakly. He stood up and grabbed the child by the back of the shirt. Ruji yelped and whined out .. Not knowing or seeing Harou drag him out the door and then to the creek.

Once there Harou dropped him on a dry spot, kneeled down in a royal like way and then started to wash his hands in the running creek. The child blinked and watched in pure wonder as the teen then dipped his head in softly, washing his hair and behind his human ears before then getting a drink.
He then got his sleeve and delicatly dried his face before looking up at the child and arching his brow.

" What?" he snapped leaving the child to look down and whimper,

" N-Nowthing.' he choked weakly leaving the Teen to glare and roll his eyes. He then huffed slightly,

" Wash yourself.. I will not do so for you." he huffed and stood up, the shoes he bought kicked up some dirt and scattered it on the child leaving Ruji cough and whined weakly. So much for that...

The child pouted and looked at the water before looking down at his clothes and sighing out weakly as he did so. His cute face turned in a look of desperation and annoyance before he started to strip and then started to wash himself weakly.

The water was so cold...

Why did he have to do this? Why did he get sent with the Young master? He didn't understand.. but then again the child didn't understand a lot; why he had no idea. How was he supposed to understand anything at the moment. He barely remembered his life before being a servant,

So much for kitsune's good memories.'

Ruji shivered and washed weakly, his body shivering as he did so, he soon got it over with and sighed out as he heard Harou ranting about dirt that he had to clean up...

What did he do wrong?

Why was he here? And what was going to happen to them? He sniffed and whined as he rubbed his eyes...

He wished he had a mommy..

Aoi Setsumi huffed slightly and sighed out weakly as she walked through the rainy atmosphere. Her brown, hip lenght hair flowing in a beauitful aray. She swallowed and ran slightly in her school uniform, Her black tights clinging to her legs as she skipped and tried not to splash any puddles.

She winced and held her briefcase like bag in hand and whined as she saw the crosswalk.

" Great! JUST GREAT! I mean come on!" She snapped and ground her teeth as she pushed the button over and over again, her eyes narrowed at it as if it was her worse enemy. WHY? Because..

She had to get to school, and she had to get to school now! She whined and twitched slightly as she stood there, her eyes weak as she yawned and tried not to bang her head on a lamp post. She had been up all night on a night shift.

Moeny was tight so she needed all she could get. The girl swallowed and winced as she bit her lip and rocked on her heels before the cross walk changed and she ran off, avoiding puddlies as much as she could.

Aoi was named after the one thing she didn't get...

She was named after love itself. It love was true then her mother woudl be calling her in from school today and her father would have a job. At least.. She wished that were how it was.. But life was just a passing thing to her- and soon it would end and so would she.

The end.

Aoi ran and swallowed weakly,

" Please.. Please.. I have to get there on time!!" She whined out but paused when she crashed into someone. She whined out and rubbed her head before she looked down and froze up when she saw that same jerk from yesterday..

The one that told her not to touch him when she was only helping. She whined weakly.. could this day get any worse!?!? She didn't need a know it all player to come to her today and try to whist her about.

She had things to do!
She glared at the person weakly but was shocked when she saw a little boy gawk at her. She froze up and looked at them both before the older of them yelped and nearly screamed,

' I-It... Its the fly lady!!!!" The older one screamed and pointed at her, his eyes wide and shaking while the little boy just blinked and looked at her curisouly.

' Oh hell no... She didn't have time to .. To..

Put up with stuff like this...

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