Allergic to Love

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Adelaide Winters, is a skeptic. She believes that there is a logical explanation to be found in every phenomenon and as such dismisses anything supernatural in nature. Unemployed and living off of her eldest brother's goodwill, twenty-six year old Adelaide does her best to stay in her sister in law's good graces. Even if that in itself entails having to put up with constant humiliation and verbal assaults. Despite this, her daily routine was quite mediocre for the most part and aside from all of the troubles that ailed her, Adelaide still very much rather enjoyed her mundane freeloading lifestyle. Yet little did she know that soon all of that would change with the mysterious arrival of a, seemingly innocent, domestic animal. Before long, Adelaide's worldview became distorted beyond repair and it all began with one cat-astrophic sneeze.

Romance / Fantasy
Jissel Mejia C.
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Chapter 1

A large storm cloud approached Detroit, Michigan in the early hours of a late September morning. At this time, in an upper-class suburban community, a young woman lay in bed wide awake after yet another sleepless night. The house had remained quiet for quite some time already, but it wouldn’t be long until the cries of the newborn babe that rested in the nursery adjacent to her bedroom began to resonate within the walls of the house once more.

It’d been a period of nine months since twenty-six-year-old Adelaide Winters had moved in with her eldest sibling. Though it was in fact an act of goodwill on his part, her dear sister in law not once failed to remind her that her admittance into the household was an act of charity on her part as well. Therefore, the vile woman made it her job to order Adelaide around as though she were her personal maid. However, it’s also important to note that among the many responsibilities that her big brother’s lovely little wife had shoved onto her, child rearing had also seemed to have somehow become Adelaide’s new occupation.

From changing an endless supply of dirty diapers, to feeding the kid at ungodly hours, Adelaide couldn’t help but find irony in the fact that she’d somehow become a surrogate mother without having ever committed the act of giving birth herself. She now fully believed that she’d finally hit rock bottom because from the way things were looking, things really couldn’t get any worse.

It’s hard to imagine that, not even a year ago, Adelaide had been standing at the top of the business industry. Shortly after obtaining her MBA, Adelaide had been quickly employed by the same company she’d been interning at for a period of a little over a year. From then on things only got better for her as she began her steady rise over the years to the position of assistant managing director for one of the largest corporations in the importing and exporting industry. And everything seemed to be going well... that is until the company went bust.

The company she’d worked for, occasionally dabbled in investments and her former employers had invested millions throughout the years and generally made millions in return. But as her brother once said, ‘good things must always come to an end.’ Though Adelaide never once would’ve thought that things could’ve ended as badly as the way they did.

Adelaide had been ahead of the game before her company went down. She’d managed to find her way around in the world of big money, to the extent that she knew everything and anything that concerned both competitors and potential business partners. On top of that, after years of having dedicated her life to her job, she’d even acquired a knack for being able to get her hands on classified information involving both the company’s associate and rival companies. Thus, Adelaide’s abilities in public communications had become renowned in the business world. Adelaide herself spared no time and took advantage of this. Utilizing the respectable image she’d acquired, she obtained a network of contacts with many influential figures, of a multitude of major corporations.

Though now it appeared that it had all been for naught, seeing as how the moment her ex employers accused her of corporate espionage, both her name and reputation had been irrevocably tarnished. Apparently, the company had fallen victim to a Ponzi scheme the moment they invested millions into Bermuda X, a rising start-up tech company. Yet even though Adelaide herself had no fault in what had transpired, she’d ended up taking the fall as well seeing as how she’d spearheaded the investment procedures with the company. The end result of the events landed Adelaide under an ongoing federal investigation and until she was acquitted of any and all suspicions, all her accounts remained frozen.

As a result, Adelaide ended up flat out broke and having to put up residency in her brother’s home. She could only be thankful that at the very least she hadn’t been imprisoned and was let out on bail under the condition that she remained in the country until the date of her trial.

A loud thunderous clap broke the silence and as expected, the shrill cry of her nephew erupted from the room next door.

Sighing in resignation, Adelaide tossed her sheets aside and gave in to the fact that she wasn’t going to get any sleep after all. It’s not like she had a choice either. Her brother had gone off on yet another business trip and if it weren’t for Adelaide’s presence in the house, his wife would’ve probably let their child starve. Frankly speaking her sister in law hadn’t always been such a bitch. When her brother introduced her to the family, their first impression was that she was a quiet one. But as the saying goes it’s always the quiet ones that you have to watch out for. If not for the fact that she’d moved into the house to live with them, Adelaide would’ve probably never seen her true colors.

Making her way into the nursery she picked up the little rascal who’d been kicking up a fuss and plopped down on the rocking chair that sat near the window. Opening the window blinds, she bounced little Teddy in her arms for hours until he’d fallen asleep whilst viewing the rain.

Looks like the weather won’t be clearing up anytime soon, she observed silently.

Peering down at the sleeping face of the innocent child in her arms, she couldn’t help but feel sorry for the kid. His mother was a grade a bitch who didn’t give a damn about anyone besides herself, much less her own son. The woman spent her days in luxury. If she wasn’t out burning a hole in her husband’s wallet, she was partying out all night without a care in the world. The only bright side of this though was that she didn’t spend much time in the house, meaning that Adelaide didn’t have to put up with her presence on a twenty-four seven basis.

On the days that Beatrice Winters was off playing hooky from parenthood, the ambiance of the Winter’s household was quite serene for the most part. Looking over at the clock that hung above the small nightstand, on the far end wall, she concluded that it wouldn’t be long till the lady of the house burst in through the main entrance, piss drunk. Lifting herself up off the chair, she slowly made her way over to the crib and gently lay down her nephew.

Once she was back in her room, Adelaide figured she might as well make the most of her time and continue the job search. It’s not like she could keep freeloading off her brother forever. Turning on her lamp, she grabbed the old laptop she’d borrowed from her youngest sibling before he went off to study abroad. The computer was slow to turn on. This was mostly due in part to the fact that it’d been sitting in an old cardboard box collecting dust for a fair amount of time before her sibling decided to lend it to her. Hearing the whirring sound of the computer’s hardware, she could only hope that it wouldn’t crash on her once again. She couldn’t afford to buy a new computer and the one that she’d previously owned had been confiscated by the feds.

When the screen finally loaded, Adelaide began to surf the net, combing through various job advertisement sites. Over the past few months of being unemployed, Adelaide had spent most of her time applying to various job positions, many of which she was often way overqualified for. But as it turns out, there weren’t many organizations that were willing to employ someone that was in trouble with the law. It didn’t help that many of her old contacts had all become aware of her situation and almost everyone she once had good relations with, ended up turning their backs on her when she found herself in dire need of employment.

She’d been through dozens of interviews and not once did she receive a call back. At this rate, Adelaide had even begun to consider taking up a part-time job. Although her brother had been more than generous with her throughout her stay, she’d begun to feel a sense of helplessness overtime. It wasn’t until her brother decided to give her an allowance, that she’d finally had enough. The first time he handed her the envelope filled with money, Adelaide felt as though her self-esteem had taken a critical blow. It’d been a long time since she’d received an allowance, and the moment her brother deemed it necessary to support her financially as well, Adelaide couldn’t help but feel like the scum of the earth.

In that minuscule of a time frame, the entirety of her education and the many years of work experience she’d accumulated had all gone to waste. Although she appreciated her brother’s intention, the fact of the matter was that she was already grateful enough that he’d been willing to open up his home to her, but her pride wouldn’t allow her to keep leeching off of him either. As Adelaide was about to send in her resume in response to a job wanted post, the email notification bell on her phone rang. Pausing for a moment to view her email, she slid her finger across the phone screen and opened her correspondence.

It was from a job application she’d submitted.

They wanted to set up an interview. The job she’d applied for, was for a branch company of a corporation called Monroe Enterprises. Monroe Enterprises itself, was a well-known multinational conglomerate with a chain of offices located in several countries, its headquarters stationed overseas. Although the position she’d applied for was very low in the hierarchy, she honestly didn’t expect to hear back from them. At the time she’d reckoned that the moment they performed a quick background check prior to an interview, her application would’ve been immediately rejected.

Pursing her lips in anticipation, she quickly sent out a reply and agreed on an interview scheduled for that afternoon.

There’s no harm in trying, she deduced, what’s the worst that can go wrong?

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