The School’s BadBoy

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Elena Woods. She is your typical high school girl just trying to get through her junior year. She was bullied in past years for her appearance. After an unfortunate accident in her life, she changes completely during the summer going into junior year. She has no friends, family issues, no social life, and she’s never had a boyfriend. Ryan Miller. AKA the school’s bad boy. Every girl loves him, he’s had constant hookups, and rarely dates officially. He’s never acknowledged Elena unless it was to make fun of her. When Elena walks in to school the first day, no one recognizes her. They all believed her to be the new kid. She starts earning attention from Ryan and she doesn’t like it. Will they end up having some sort of connection? Or will she be another victim of the school’s bad boy?

Romance / Drama
4.8 24 reviews
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There is some self-harm, abuse of drinking and drugs, sexual harassment/rape, and sexual content. Some parts are more sexual and consist of more explicit detailing than other parts. Warnings will be made of what will be in the chapter beforehand.

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