S•x Or Death ( Mature Psycho Story)

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“Admit it, you’re just like me.” He said as he unclipped my bra, I was left in a river of pleasure, why did he affected me so much? Was he crazy? No he wasn’t, he was more than crazy, a complete lunatic. Was she normal? No she wasn’t, with everything that happened in her life, she comforted herself saying she was normal but deep down she knew she wasn’t. Was he dangerous? Dangerous would be a huge offence. He had everything in his life that people would kill for. Power, wealth, looks, brain, this guy had it all. Was she dangerous? A lot, she just didn’t want to accept it. She tolerated whatever came in her way, knowing that after every thunder, there’s always calmness. In his circus of Mafia, he was addressed as the “Clown”, the God-father of the underworld. Only one person was allowed to call him “ Eric”. If anyone else called him by his real name, they died a painful death. In her workplace (asylum) she was addressed as Ms.Gilbert, Anna Gilbert. What happens when Anna is assigned to cure the one and only Eric Angelo Artino?.....( MATURE)

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Chapter One

WARNING! This story has mature content, abusive language, drugs, and more. You have been warned, read at your own risk.


Packing my final luggage, I zipped the bag. Getting up from the floor, I inhaled deeply.

I walked downstairs, towards the kitchen. I made myself a cup of tea and sat down in the living room, turning on the T.V, I watched the news.

Crime, Crime and Crime. I turned off the T.V and focused on my tea.

I’m Anna Gilbert, a 24 year old woman who is workaholic. I have never been touched by any man in my entire life and honestly I liked it. When many of my friends thought I was envious of their relationship with the school’s hottest guys, I wasn’t. I could barely care.

My life wasn’t perfect, my childhood wasn’t golden like the rest of the kids. I was abused both mentally and physically, my parents were alcoholic and gamblers and we weren’t rich, I had to work at an early age to earn them money for their gambling and drinks.

I was enduring everything they threw in my way, but when they forced me to get in engaged with a man who was old enough to be my grandfather, I knew the limits were crossed and I ran away from home and never returned to that town again.

I was afraid of returning back to that town, not because of my parents or my cruel past but because I knew that I won’t be able to control myself....

I moved my head, taking that thought out of my mind. I was normal....

I studied in one of the public schools and made myself worthy, I became a psychiatrist and lived my life.

After finishing my tea, I washed my cup and went to bed. I was moving out of my country due to work. I was asked to shift to America and work there. I agreed because living in this country was like hell!

Every single day I thought I would brust out and....

Being offered to work in another country with a promotion was not only a bonus but an escape as well.

I took my sleeping pills and fell asleep. I had more issues in me than my patients had.

Next Day

I applied the moisturiser on my face, staring at my reflection. I had light green eyes and natural black long eyelashes with pale white skin and long waist-length pitch black hair which went along with my white skin, making me look like snow-white. I had dark red lips. I had what they say the perfect figure with the perfect curves but I didn’t see it coming. I was tall.

I got out of my bathroom and wore a pair of black leggings and dark blue hoodie which was baggy and hid my body shape and reached my thighs. I let my hair dry off, I didn’t like to use anything on my skin or hair, like makeup and straightener etc.

I wore my black sneakers and grabbed my bag, throwing it over my shoulder. I grabbed my luggage and other bags, going downstairs. I got inside the cab that I called and we drove off.

When we reached the airport, I paid the driver and got out. He helped me take out my luggage from the trunk, I thanked him and walked inside.

I checked my phone and saw the time, just on time.

After I got inside the business class, I found my seat and sat down.

I was sitting next to the window, besides me sat an elderly woman. She was quiet and I was grateful.

After the plane took off, I grabbed my bag and took out my book and glasses, wearing them I opened the first page of my new novel.

After finishing the fifth chapter, I turned the page and started to read the sixth chapter when all of a sudden, I heard a person yelling,

“ Hello ladies and gentlemen, aren’t we all a little bored in here?” His voice was dark, sinister and alluring. It sounded like a beautiful yet dark melody.

When everyone turned their heads to stare at the person, I minded my own business and continued my reading,

“ Let’s play a game.” He said once again and I felt his voice coming closer,

“ What game?” A girl asked, her voice full of seduction and desperation of being laid. I turned the page and focused on the words,

“ A game of death!” The person exhilarated, I frowned, was he kidding?

“ You all will have two choices and you will have to choose only one. But let me warn you all, once you all have joined the game and made a choice, there is no turning back.” He said in a baleful tone,

“ So who’s in?!?” He asked being thrilled and not long after, he received a lot of excited “Me!”, almost everyone in the business class agreed, even the old lady besides me agreed, but I didn’t.

I continued reading, I’m sure this was just a friendly game,

“ Okay! Let’s start with you.” The guy said, coming to the seat besides us, his back faced us. His back seemed to be carved by the God himself because it was...perfect! I was curious to know how this mysterious man who had everyone’s attention in seconds looked like,

“ Death Or.....Oh! I know Death!” He said and I heard the girl laughing nervously, I couldn’t see her face as it was blocked by the man standing in front of her,

“ W-What?? How can I choose between death or death? I will die either way...” she spoke uneasily, the guy laughed darkly,

“ I told you, there is no turning back after you join.” He said in a low yet deadly tone before taking out his gun from his back and shooting the girl in her forehead, the plane was filled with terrified screams but as he looked up, everyone quiet down instantly.

I turned to look at the air hostesses and they all had fearful expression on their faces, none of them tried to stop him.

The guy walked forward while humming a melody and swinging the gun in is hand. I saw blood oozing out of the girl’s wound, I was losing it....

I got up from my seat and went towards the bathroom, catching everyone’s attention.

I closed the door and inhaled deeply while closing my eyes and leaning my body on the door.

I opened my bag and took out my pills, gulping them down. I splashed some water on my face before leaving the bathroom.

When I walked back to the place, everyone who joined the game were dead. The sight was terrifying. That guy was inhuman. He was a satan!

To Be Continued

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