I'll Love you to the Moon and Back

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Twenty-two year old Vega Cortes knows she doesn't belong on Earth. She can feel that much. All she has of her life before is a dark ring and an empty promise. Add in some unknown man's blood in her body and you've got the perfect combination for a bullied girl. When an unexpected night at prom leads Vega to her mystery man, it also leads her to trouble. Will Vega be able to solve the troubles in and out of her save haven of a ship? Or will the war be the end of her days?

Romance / Adventure
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If there was one planet every creature in space did not want to be on, it would be Eris. Ironic, right? Eris, the goddess of misfortune, and misfortune on her planet. It seemed to fit perfectly.

Eris was the planet of space outlaws. It was the black market of the galaxy. A murky, black planet with swirls of green oceans. Maybe it was the natural color, or maybe it was the blood of the dead superhumans that caused the water to be as lime green as it was. Shady aliens and superhumans walked the dark planet, selling all their goods. As illegal as it was, it also had valuable weapons which the military desperately wanted.

There were two main bases. The Black Union, which wanted to take over the planets one by one, and the Red Sky, which were basically the rebels. The Black Union spent the most time on Eris, using most of their money (illegally acquired) to buy weapons. While the Red Sky did occasionally barter with Erisians, they didn’t do it often.

At one point, The Black Union decided to capture Eris itself. Making Eris a Black Union base could provide an ample supply of free weapons and extra army men. Unfortunately, not everyone on Eris was a criminal...

“Run Vega! Run”! Lillian cried.

“They’re coming”! Bradley called from behind them. Vega gripped her mother’s coat tightly as another laser shot past them, narrowly missing Vega’s cheek.

“Are you alright Sweetie”? Lillian asked, pausing briefly to check her daughter’s face. Vega nodded.

“Where are we going Mama”? She asked. Lillian smiled.

“You’re going someplace safe. Mama and Papa have to stay back”.



“Run”! Bradley cried from behind them. He grabbed his wife’s arm and scooped Vega up as he ran past them. Lillian ducked under a laser. Screams filled the air all around them, the shots firing all over the place.

“Where should we go Bradley? Where will we take Vega”? Lillian asked. Her brown hair covered her face and was stringy. Her dress was in tatters and her cuts oozed their green blood.

“Somewhere” Bradley replied, too focused on the Black Union guards coming their way to reply firmly.

“Papa-” Vega tried to warn him, but one guard had already noticed them.

“Look! Citizens”! She cried. The guards rushed to the family and Bradley pulled his gun out. It wasn’t the best model and he wasn’t sure how well it would shoot, but he did know that he would risk his life to protect his daughter and his wife.

“Make another move and I shoot” he snarled. The guard who spotted them cocked an eyebrow and took a step foreward. Bradley knocked the pistol up and pressed on the trigger.

“Shoot me you fool. I’m not afraid of dying” the guard taunted. Bradley growled angrily and pressed the trigger, but nothing happened. He stared at the gun, then slowly opened the hatch. It was empty!

“Ha! So much for that”! The guard laughed. They moved in on the small family. Behind them, Vega could see the hundreds of people lying dead on the ground. Houses were burning and on fire. The hover train was half gone. Flying cars were shot out of the air. It was a whole massacre.

“Enough”! A loud, authoritative voice roared. Everyone, including the Black Union looked up, to see a Red Sky ship looming over them.

“DAMN THEM”! The girl roared. Vega buried herself into her father’s arms, but in the commotion of the bullets, she was shoved out of the comforting cradle. She fell hard on the pavement.

“Ow” she moaned, rubbing her head. When she looked up, she was met with the concerned face of a ten year old boy in a Red Sky uniform.

“B-Bad guy”? She questioned shakily. The boy smiled and put a hand on her shoulder.

“No. I’ll help you” he said. Vega nodded and took his offered hand. It was warm. His pale skin contrasted with her light tan one. He had icy blue eyes, which held her deeper than the ocean current on Earth itself. Five year old Vega found herself blushing. She’d often dreamed of visiting Earth, and in that moment, she felt the whole planet flash before her eyes.

“Come on. This way”! The boy said. He ran with her to the nearest hover train station. They huddled against the rubble of stones, Vega’s small body pressed against the boys chest.

“You’re pretty. What’s your name”? The boy asked, looking down at her.

“Vega” Vega replied. The boy laughed and ruffled her hair.

“You’re cute Vega. I-I think I know who you are” he said.

“I’m a superhuman” Vega proclaimed proudly. The boy smiled.

“That’s cool. I’m a superhuman too” he said. Vega smiled.

“Are you immortal yet”? She asked. The boy shook his head.

“Nope. When I’m twenty-eight I will be” he said, puffing his chest out slightly. Vega giggled.

“You’re funny” she said. She reached up and un-clipped her hair pin. She pushed it into the boy’s hands.

“For me”? The boy asked. Vega nodded.

“Yes. So you remember me” she said. The boy smiled.

“I know we might not meet each other again soon...but-” the boy slipped a ring he was wearing off his Red Sky necklace and placed it gently in her palm. Vega gasped. It was a relatively black ring, but in the center was a large ocean in gold.

“For me”? She asked. The boy nodded.

“Uh huh. It’s so I can find you one day...uh-” The boy blushed.

“I’m Vega” Vega said. The boy smiled.

“That’s a beautiful name for a beautiful lady, Vega. I’m Ga-”

“There”! A girl’s shrill voice yelled. The boy was on immediate alert, his arms wrapping firmly around Vega. He reached behind his back and pulled an electric sword out. It’s metal sizzled with burning electricity.

“Ah”! Vega screeched. The boy looked back at her.

“Don’t worry” he said “I won’t hurt you”. The black sword fizzled and burned, hungry to kill. The boy narrowed his eyes, scanning the area for an escape.

“Vega”! Lilliane cried. She ran for her daughter, pulling her from the boy’s arms. Vega whined.

“I’m here Vega. It’s alright” she cooed, not understanding why Vega was so upset. There was a loud crash and screams reeked the place. The boy pushed Lilliane back, tapping the small golden watch on his wrist.

“Where are you Commodore”? He asked through his watch. He waited with a bated breath, and soon the Commodore’s rushed voice answered.

“Get Vega and Lilliane out of there! Bradley and I-” there was static after the next crash and the Commodore was cut from the coms.

“Commodore”? The boy asked. He shook his watch, then growled.

“He’s not coming” he snarled. He looked around, at the flying ships crashing overhead, to the Black Union soldiers surrounded them.

“We have to get Vega out of here”! Lilliane screamed. Vega whimpered, clutching the boy’s ring tightly.

“I’ll do it! You cover”! The boy yelled. He tossed Lilliane a gun and snatched Vega from her arms. Vega buried herself into the boy’s tight embrace as he ran, dodging missed shots and jumping over dead bodies.

“Mama”! Vega cried. The boy rubbed her back as he ran.

“You’ll see your Mama one day Vega. I promise” he said. He ran to the nearest Red Sky ship, his dark blue hair blowing behind him.

He set Vega into a small, discarded pod and stapped her in. Vega squirmed.

“Where am I going”? She asked. The boy pressed a button on his watch and a holographic screen appeared above it. He began typing coordinates into the screen.

“Earth” he finally said, shutting the watch off. He took the ring Vega was holding and slipped it onto her finger.

“I’ll find you one day Vega. And I’ll make sure you stay with me” he promised. Vega stared at him, tears forming in her big green eyes.

“But-“. She didn’t get time to finish, for the boy slammed the pod door shut and she began lifting into the air. Vega clutched the seat as the pod shot off the burning planet, flying through the solar system.

“-I never got to know your name”.

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