I'll Love you to the Moon and Back

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Chapter 1

“Vega? Earth to Vega? You ready for prom tonight”? Camryn’s voice shook Vega out of her thoughts. She snapped her golden eyes open, studying her surroundings rapidly before settling on Camryn.

“Sorry Cam. I didn’t mean to fall asleep” she apologized. Orange haired, green eyed Camryn shook her head. Her curly hair bounced around her shoulders.

“No probs Vega. Another nightmare last night”? She asked. Vega nodded, rubbing her sleepy eyelids. Her wavy silver hair tumbled around her shoulders.

“Yeah. I really need to tie my hair” Vega mumbled, pushing her hair out of her face. Camryn giggled.

“You sure you didn’t dye your hair Vega? Nobody’s born with silver hair”. Vega glared at her, her golden eyes seemingly glowing in the dark library. Camryn shivered.

“I don’t even know how I was born! Who I was born to” Vega said miserably. Camryn clicked her tongue.

“Well, everyone is born the same way. As for who...that I can’t say” she said. Vega shrugged.

“What does it matter. All I know is that they didn’t want me”.

“Teen parents”?


“Whatever happened, you can still find them and get an explanation. You have some things from them, don’t you”? Camryn asked. Vega nodded.

“Yeah. Apart from the pod they found me in, just a ring a boy gave me” she said, twirling the ring on her finger. Camryn smirked.

“So...you say a boy gave this to you”? She asked. Vega blushed.

“I-I said maybe! I don’t remember! I was only five”! She exclaimed. Camryn rolled her eyes.

“Sure. I bet you just don’t want to explain the deets of your wedding” she said. Vega bit her lip.

“I told you! All I remember are his eyes” she said. Camryn perked up.

“Eyes? What kind”? She asked.

“Blue. Icy blue eyes. Like the ocean”.

“Girl. Oceans aren’t icy. Maybe glaciers”?

“No. Oceans”.

“Okay. What else”?

“What does it matter”? Vega slammed her book of astronomy shut. “They didn’t want me. I’d bet that boy doesn’t even remember me. I’m just the weirdo with some guy’s blood in my system”.

“What did the doctors say about the blood”? Camryn asked.

“They don’t know. My blood tests is mine, but it has a man’s blood mixed with it. Not to mention it’s green” Vega said, wrinkling her nose.

“Maybe you’re an alien. That would be cool” Camryn said. Vega shrugged.

“Not when I’m the joke of the school. Every day it has to be ‘Look! She’s the man!’ or ‘Weirdo’. And that boy...he said he’d find me”. Vega curled her fingers into tight balls “He said he’d look for me”.

“Well, men aren’t always honest” Camryn said. “Look at Jessie. Her boyfriend promised to stay with her after their baby was born, but he left her for Amanda”.

“Gee thanks”.

“Don’t mention it”. Vega slumped in her seat, her ring finger tapping the wooden table. She picked with her hair pin, one of her only reminders of her parents. It was silver with a red ruby in the center, along with a scribble of words. Camryn sighed.

“How about we go to the movies? Huh”? She asked.

“Any good movies playing”?

“Let’s check”. Camryn took Vega’s hand and led her out of the large brick library and into the humid California air.

“Now I can use my phone” Camryn said. She took her phone out and began scrolling through the movie showings at the nearest AMC. Vega tapped her foot on the ground as she waited, twisting her ring and fixing her hair clip.

“Hey look”! A voice yelled. Vega turned and met the beady red eyes of Haven McAllister, her primary bully.

“What do you want Haven”? Vega asked. Haven smirked.

“You shouldn’t be talking Cortez. No wonder your parents didn’t want you...or that man for the matter” Haven taunted, pulling the fish out of the water immediately. Vega flinched.

“I-You don’t know that”! She said. Haven smirked.

“Like you do. You spend all your time as a Damsel in Distress. Waiting for a Prince Charming that’s never gonna come. Suck it up Cortez”. In a swift motion, Vega was up in Haven’s face, her eyes glowing a murderous gold. Haven gulped. Though Haven was older than Vega, she was also shorter, which gave Vega an advantage.

“Never. And I mean never, talk about my loved ones like that” Vega growled, her cheeks turning slightly pink when she realized what she’d called that mysterious boy. Well, what did it matter? She loved him anyway.

“Got it”? Vega snarled. Haven gulped and nodded.

“Good” Vega pushed Haven backward and watched as she scampered away. Behind her, Camryn whistled.

“Woohoo. Finally sticking up for yourself Vega? What changed? Was it the boy”? Camryn asked. Blushing, Vega nodded.

“Y-Yeah, I guess. Anyway, did you find any movies”? She asked. Camryn nodded.

“Yeah. You’re gonna love it”.


“Empire Lover? Seriously”? Vega asked, staring up at the graphic poster. It showed a man and a woman about to kiss with a spacey background behind them. The man wore a blue visor and had a blue uniform on, and the girl had her head thrown back, her white shirt slipping off her body.

“Yeah! Isn’t it cool”? Camryn asked. She handed Vega a poster she had bought from a nearby stand. Vega eyed the poster, then stared at the one in her hand, looking for the differences.

“Just wonderful” she murmured. Camryn took her inside the theater and bought two tickets to the movie, ignoring Vega’s complains.

“I’ve never seen this movie before. Have you”? Camryn asked. Swallowing a handful of popcorn, Vega nodded.

“Yeah. I was watching it with Emily and Jessie last week. I’m surprised Jessie brought Hestia along. That movie is definitely rated R” she said. Camryn sat up in her seat.

“I’m listening”.

“Ugh. Do I have to”? Vega asked. Camryn snatched the popcorn out of her hands, nodding.

“Yes, yes you do” she said. Vega made a face, but complied.

“It’s about this girl, Dahila. She gets kidnapped by this space pirate called Hunter. At first, Hunter’s kinda a jerk to her. He treats her more like a prisoner. But later when Dahila saves his life, he begins to fall in love with her. There’s a ton of kissing. And everytime after he makes her a part of his crew when they go to his room, they make out. It’s a good movie, despite all the kissing”.

“I thought you loved romance”? Camryn asked.

“I do! I just don’t like watching it. I prefer to read it” Vega said. Camryn smiled.

“You love reading, don’t you”? She asked. Vega nodded.

“I do. Actually, Empire Lover was originally a book. I think I still have a copy” she said. Camryn looked like she wanted to say something, but then the movie began playing. She shushed Vega and snuggled into her seat, throwing popcorn into her mouth as she watched Dahila and Hunter meet.

“Bleh” Vega groaned, sinking into her seat. She looked every now and then...only to look at the love scenes. Vega would never admit it to Camryn, but she enjoyed watching people love each other. It filled her with pulsing warmth. It reminded her of...him.

She didn’t even know his name, didn’t know if he kept his promises or not, but she did know the feeling she felt for him. Love. Desire. Passion. Hope.

“Vega? Earth to Vega”? Vega blinked when Camryn waved her hand in front of her face. She hadn’t even realized she’d zoned out.

“Sorry. Were you saying something”? She asked.

“I was saying we should go shopping for our prom dresses. It’s still early” Camryn repeated. Vega fished her phone out of her pocket.

“But it’s three. Shouldn’t we head back to the dorms”? She asked.

“Nah. We’ve got time. Besides. I wanna see Leo’s face when he sees me in this cute dress in Target that I saw yesterday” Camryn pleaded. Vega sighed and slipped her phone away.

“Alright. Let’s go” she said. Camryn jumped up and down and tugged Vega.

“You’re the best Vega”.


“Okay, so this one or this one”? Camryn asked. She held up a simple black dress with golden lace straps in one hand, and a long sequin pink dress in the other. Vega glanced back and forth between them.

“Uh...the black one, I guess? It seems more...modest” she said, her eyes glued to the deep V neck in the sequin dress. Camryn giggled.

“Yeah. Coach Jemison would probably kill me if I wore the sequin one” she said. She hung the dress back on the rack an headed to the self check-out.

“Why do you like spaghetti strap dresses anyway”? Vega asked. Camryn shrugged.

“They’re easier to take on and take off. Besides, there’s a zipper. It’s much more comfortable than being drunk and trying to pry a dress off”.

“True” Vega admitted. She watched Camryn pay for her things, noticing an extra lump in the bag, but she didn’t say anything. The two girls walked back to their cramped dorm. When they got home, Abbie, their roomate, was lounging on a couch with a bright red dress, like a greek goddess. It had green edges and a pinned golden necklace.

“I see you’re ready for prom tonight Abbie” Camryn said. Abbie nodded and Vega waved.

“You going Vega? I know Camryn already is” Abbie said, jerking her head to the large Target bag. Vega snorted.

“Probably. I don’t really have any tests to study for”.

“It’s the end of the term! Nobody’s giving tests anymore”! Camryn exclaimed. Then she paused “...well, except maybe Mr. Vyking. But that’s probably all”.

“Then you’re good to go” Abbie said. She took Camryn’s bag and dumped the contents on the coffee table.

“Nice dress” She murmured, picking at Camryn’s dress. She draped it over the yellow couch and picked the next one up. Vega all but choked on the apple she was eating. It was a black knee length dress with net leggings and red stripes. It reminded her of...him.

“Who’s dress is this”? Abbie asked, inspecting it’s thin net. Camryn smirked.


“Vega? Wear something this provocative? No way. You didn’t pick this, did you Vega”? Abbie asked. Vega swallowed hard and shook her head.

“No...I didn’t even know Cam bought a dress for me” she said. Camryn blushed.

“What can I say? I’m a good friend” she said. Vega took the dress from Abbie’s hands and ran her hand over the fabric. It was smooth and papery, like it was made out of cupcake wrappers. The top of the dress dipped down a bit, but not too much that it’d be inappropriate.

“Do you like it”? Camryn asked. Vega blushed.

“It’s not bad” she admitted.

“Great. Then let’s get ready to go cause I told Dennis and Leo that we’d be waiting for them at the steps of the gym”. Abbi said, returning to her phone. Vega and Camryn shared a look before shrugging and taking their dresses to their rooms to change.


“Did we really have to come”? Vega whimpered as she and her friends entered the gymnasium. Balloons and heavy music filled the air. Streamers and banners hung around the walls. A disco ball lit up the dark room and tables filled with drinks and refreshments stood idly in the corner. Many of the students were already dancing in the middle of the gym.

“Why? Do you no like it”? Camryn asked.

“No! I do...but you know. I’ll just feel out of place here” Vega said. Camryn raised her eyebrow.

“You do know you’re human, right? Not some stupid alien creature everyone takes you for”? She asked. Vega slumped.

“Sometimes I think I am” she mumbled. Abbie sighed.

“Look, guys. This is our last night to party as a group. Can we just...enjoy”? She asked. Vega and Camryn looked at each other, then nodded.

“Alright”. They said. The girls walked to the table filled with food and munched quietly on some snacks until the boys arrived.

“I never thought I’d live to see the day Dennis wore a suit and tie” Camryn mumbled to Vega. Vega snorted and put her hand over her mouth.

“Me neither”. Then, she spotted Leo by the DJ, whispering something to him. Vega paused, then suddenly-

Yeah. Perfect by Ed Sheeran.

You sure dude?

The girls go crazy for that. Trust me

Sure. Proposal ready?

Yep. Just gotta ask the girl.

Vega sucked a deep breath. She looked back at Leo and the DJ. Their words echoed in her head, voices matching lips perfectly.

“What’s wrong with me”? Vega murmured to herself. Camryn looked at her.

“Did you say something”?

“...No. Nothing”.

“Oh. Look! Leo’s here”. Camryn ran to her boyfriend, hugging him tightly. Leo smiled, but it didn’t really meet his eyes. He looked nervous.

“I can’t believe he’s gonna propose to her” Vega mumbled under her breath. Sure enough, once Leo and Camryn were on the dance floor, Perfect by Ed Sheeran began playing.

“Great. A love song” Abbie said bordley from next to her. Vega blinked.

“You don’t like Ed Sheeran”?

“He’s okay. I meant that a love song is playing. We’re at prom for gods sake! Not a wedding”!

“Oh. Do you-” Vega was cut off by a loud squeal of excitement. She and Abbie looked at the dance floor, where Leo was on his knee with a ring in his hand.

“Damn! I didn’t know Leo was gonna propose! Did you”? Abbie asked. Vega coughed,

“N-No” she said. Abbie seemed suspicious, but shook it off to go look at the happy couple. Vega smiled at the scene for a moment, flashing back to when she met her mysterious boy, but sadness overtook her thoughts.

Monster she thought Weirdo. A girl who can read minds and has green blood. Not to mention some mystery man’s blood in it.

Vega took one last glance at the gym and walked away, stepping into the University gardens instead. She gazed up at the moon, the hazy wind blowing her silver hair. Her golden eyes glowed in the sharp moonlight, as if something in space called out to her. It made her want to reach out and touch the moon.

“Oh”! Of course, with her being clumsy, Vega tripped over the nearest pot plant and stumbled to the ground, her ring slipping off her finger.

“Damn it” she hissed under her breath. She brushed her dress as she got up and began to reach for her ring...but something made her stop. Under the light glow of the moon, the black ring began to shine. The golden ocean began rising from the ring and swirling around her.

“Whoa! Help! Abbie! Camryn”! Vega cried, but her voice was hoarse under the noise of the cheering and the swirling golden tornado around her. The wind slapped her eyes, forcing Vega to close them.

And so she did.

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